17 Best Haulage Companies in Nigeria | 2021 Review

Haulage Companies in Nigeria…

Check out the list of 17 top-notch Haulage Service providers in Nigeria below including their contact information.

Haulage Companies in Nigeria

The term “Haulage” refers to the business of transporting goods by road or rail. It includes the horizontal transport of ore, coal, supplies, and waste, also called cartage or drayage. The vertical transport of the same with cranes is called hoisting.

In Nigeria, there are many haulage service providers (Companies), and these services are mostly used by business personnel who have their businesses located in other countries.

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The haulage service providers will help them to transport their goods from one place to another and believe me this service is one of the requirements for a successful business.

Nonetheless, you will see the list of various (Top-notch) haulage service companies that you can deal with within Nigeria.

Top 17 Best Haulage Companies in Nigeria

1. Westrend Nigeria Limited
2. BHN Logistics Services
3. BAP Resources
4. Haulage & Logistics Magazine
5. MDS Logistics
6. Global Haulage Resources Limited
7. Joza Global Logistics Limited
8. Ekili Haulage
9. Nigerian Association Of Road Transport Owners (NARTO)
10. Goshen Services Group NA Inc
11. Larrymovers & Co Ltd
12. Chevix Haulage and Movers
13. Datrans Nigeria Limited
14. Promovers Limited
15. Hammsville Logistics Limited
16. Paragon Shipping & Aviation
17. Broad Haulage


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