First Bank Mobile Banking App: Everything You Need to Know


First Bank Mobile Banking App – Do you have an account with First bank Nigeria? If yes, Do you have the first bank mobile banking app? If yes, do you want to know the range of activities you can conveniently carry out with your first bank mobile banking app? If yes again, then read on.

This article seeks to explain in simple terms, everything you need to know about the first bank mobile banking app, so that you can take the full advantage of banking with one of the most innovative banking industry in Nigeria-first bank.

first bank mobile app

Gone are the days when one must have to go to the banking hall in order to carry out simple banking transactions like the payment of utility bills, transferring money to different people and the likes of it.

With the increasing rate of innovations in the banking industry today, one need not necessarily go to the banking hall again for him to do some banking transactions. This is where the first bank mobile banking app comes in.

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What Is First Bank Mobile Banking App?

According to first bank Nigeria, “firstMobile is the official banking app of first bank for smartphone users. This firstMobile app provides great convenience for both financial and non-financial transactions”. With the first bank mobile banking app, you can:

  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Buy airtime
  • Make flight reservations amongst other kinds of stuff.

The firstmobile services listed above are available for first bank account holders with Naira master card or verve cards. But before you can enjoy these services, you need to download the first bank mobile app first.

Features of First Bank Mobile App

  • Fast, reliable and secured transfer to other First Bank account.
  • Quick, dependable and secured transfer to other Bank accounts in the country.
  • Easy Requesting for bank statements and checking of your account balance.
  • Easy paying back of credit card charges.
  • Easily top-up and recharge your mobile phone instantly.
  • Pay for your GOtv, STARTIMES tv and DStv subscription without hassle.
  • Swift and secure water and light bill payment.
  • Chequebook request.

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How To Download First Bank Mobile Banking App

Just like I said earlier, this mobile banking app is available on various mobile platforms, from android to iPhones and windows phones. To download this app, follow the instructions below:

  1. For the android users, you can download the app via the google play store here
  2. For iPhone users, you can download this app from iTunes store here
  3. The same applies to windows phone users, simply click on this link here to download it

If you have followed the above links to download this app to your mobile phones, then you should activate it, following the instructions that comes next.

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How To Activate first Bank Mobile Banking App

  1. Once you have downloaded the app, click on the app’s icon to launch it.
  2. Once launched, click on the register
  3. Now enter your MasterCard or verve cards details and your unique password
  4. After which, the first bank will send you an OTP code via your mobile phone number, enter this code.
  5. Create a 5 digit code as your new login password
  6. As a means of further security, answer two questions like what is your mothers maiden name, etc.
  7. After which, you can create your unique 4pin transaction digits that will be used for your transaction confirmations.

Once you have followed these processes above, your first bank mobile banking app will be set up and ready to use. With it, you can then carry out all your financial and non-financial transactions from the comfort of your home.

But then, a comprehensive description of this first bank mobile banking at this juncture becomes pertinent, so that you can understand the limits that you can go with the app.

FirstMonie Mobile Banking Description

This app is totally free to use. However, for some security reasons, there are certain limits as to the amount of money you can transfer per day via this app. This limitation is captured under three headings, vis:

First Money Classic: With this account, the maximum that an individual can transfer is N30,000 per day.

First Money Gold: The users of this account can only transfer a maximum amount of N100,000 per day

First Money Platinum: with this account type, you can make a maximum daily transaction of N1,000,000. Like i said earlier, the essence of these limitations is for security reasons. To upgrade your account from the classic to platinum, you would need to provide your ID like a national voters card or International passport to any first bank branch nearest to you.

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