Dreamworld Africana: Location, Things to Do and Prices

Are you looking for a cool and interesting place for your family to hang out? Why not consider visiting Dreamworld Africana.

Dreamworld Africana is an amusement and theme park situated in Lekki, Lagos State. Established in 2018, Dreamworld covers an area of 10 acres and re-opened to the public in 2013.

Believe me. This park is one of the main amusement parks because it provides many attractions to keep its visitors excited.

dreamworld africana

The park is located in Lagos, and it offers the entire family a day filled with fun, leisure, and adventure from exciting scenes in Africa. The park is spacious, clean, safe, and can be used for excursion by schools, corporate events, private parties, and group events.

There is a Bumper Car Pavilion at the park that creates star attraction with the boys, teenagers, and adults presenting a unique driving, dodge, and crash experience that leaves visitors craving for more. Also, there is a roller coaster ride ideal for the entire family. The Family Coaster’s thrill is full of ups, downs, turns, and twists and is a clear favorite for children and teenage girls.

There is also a Toddler Play Zone, which is safe, educative, and intriguing for toddlers as it can get.

If you don’t know the exact place that this park is located at, the park is located on Km14, Epe Expressway. Take the first turning to the right after the second toll gate opposite Eleganza house Lekki.

Note that there is a gate fee of ₦3,500 (subject to change) before you will be permitted to enter the park.

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Interesting Things to Do at Dreamworld Africana

At Dreamworld Africana, there are many exciting things that you can do at the park such as;

  • Taking a ride on the roller coaster with your kids
  • Allowing your kids to play around in the ‘Kiddies Playland’ designed for young children.
  • Organizing picnics with friends and group hangouts.
  • Enjoying all manner of games and fun equipment available at this thrilling park.

Dreamworld Africana Prices

Normally, if you want to access any facilities at the dreamworld, it will cost ₦2000 per person, though the price can be changed anytime.

Dream World Africana Contact Info

Address: First Right Turn After The 2nd Tollgate KM 20 Lekki-Ajah Expressway, Lekki Penninsula II, Lekki

So, if you want to get more information about prices at Dreamworld Africana, kindly call these numbers: 01-2952805, 01-2952807

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