Do Jehovah Witnesses Vote

Jehovah’s witnesses do not vote in elections, they do not participate in elections or enter politics. Jehovah’s witnesses neither campaign nor engage in any political effort to support a change of governments.

Jehovah’s witnesses tow the path of non-partisan and politically neutral, with the belief that the bible supports such action.

Do Jehovah Witnesses Vote

Why Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Not Vote?

  • Jehovah’s witnesses imitate Jesus, who declined to enter politics. 6:15. He told his followers to be “no part of the world” and stay neutral in political disputes. 12-13, 16; 18:36 Mark 12-13, 17


  • “This good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all inhabited earth,” Jesus stated. (Mt 24:14) As ambassadors of Heaven, Jehovah’s witnesses are authorized to announce its arrival, members stay nonpartisan in all political affairs, including their country of residence.


  • Political neutrality enables Jehovah witnesses to openly share the gospel with people from all political backgrounds. To tackle the world’s issues, they aim to convey that they rely on God’s Kingdom. —Ps 56:11


  • Jehovah witnesses are a global community because they shun political differences. ( 1 Peter 2: 17) Unlike other churches that political faiths split their followers. 1 Cor. 1:10.

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Do Jehovah Witnesses Respect Government Institutions?

Jehovah Witnesses do not participate in the political process, but they respect the governmental institutions that govern them. That’s in line with the teachings of Jesus: “Submit to superior authorities.” (Ro 13:1) They uphold the constitution, pay income tax, and support the government in providing for the needs of the citizens. The Bible instructs everyone to pray for “rulers and those in leadership positions,” particularly when they decide things that could impact religious freedom.

Jehovah witnesses also recognize other citizens’ political decision-making privileges. For instance, they do not disrupt with voting or stop those who intend to vote.

Are Jehovah Witnesses the Only Christain Sect that Abstains From Voting?

The Old Order Amish, Christadelphians, and Rastafarians are all religious groups that have long avoided politics. Religious factors account for around 2% of nonvoters nationwide (however opinions toward both Amish and Rastafarians have shifted in recent years). Even if they did vote, Jehovah’s Witnesses make up less than 1% of the Nigerian population and are scattered all across the country.


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  1. When “leaders” in government FAIL your needs and your loved one’s needs, do you still follow them and their rules? What about the “leaders” in your personal family unit… When abuse and/or incest rears its ugly head, do you still follow their rules? ….And do NOTHING to intervene with the “governing power” that directs influence in your Life?

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