Online Colleges that Provide Laptops to Students

The usage of technology in colleges has risen dramatically since the late 2000s. Most college courses now require laptop computers.

Online courses require the use of a computer, however several universities have gone further to compel students to bring a laptop with them to class. Unfortunately, some students are unable to enroll because of this condition.

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Several colleges now provide free laptop computers to students who take online programs to assist them to enroll for lectures and reduce living expenses.

Laptops are frequently added to tuition fees or charged separately as a one-time or recurring payment.

Some colleges let students use school laptops to be returned after graduation. This enables learners to own a laptop and undertake online college classes.

Regardless of the arrangement, students can save $300-$2,000 by selecting a college that provides laptops.

Using a laptop is no longer a barrier to getting quality education at any of the colleges explored below.

The cost of a laptop computer shouldn’t deter you from pursuing a college degree, regardless of whether the online colleges are providing cheap, free, or rentable models.

16 Online Colleges that Provide Laptops to Students

The following is a compilation of the most well-known online colleges and academic institutions that offer laptop packages.

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Wentworth Institute of Technology is a reputable college in Boston, Massachusetts. It was established in 1904, and made it to the list of the Best Value Schools in United States.

In this institution, every full-time college student is supplied with a completely new well-equipped laptop. Each student gets a laptop and applications tailored to their program of students.

The laptop is included in the tuition and there are no extra charges. Wentworth provides students with a laptop to use throughout their stay in college.
The laptop is the student’s to keep after graduation.

Independence University

You get an iPad within your first session (four-week term) as well as a laptop computer during your fourth session, regardless of whether you take online or on-campus courses.

Master’s degree programs are exempt from this policy.

Saint Leo University

With a $250 payment, Saint Leo University provides a laptop for students.

This scheme is open to full-time, part-time, exchange, and off-campus students.

US News has ranked Saint Leo #14 in Best Value Schools and #69 in Best Online Bachelor’s Programs.

Indiana State University

Indiana State University sponsors the Sycamore Technology Prize, which funds the total cost of a laptop computer for undergraduate students who are Pell-eligible.

This award is not offered to foreign, old Indiana State, or online students.

Transfer students will need to apply for the prize, which is given to all new freshmen without exception.

Rochester College


Rochester College provides all full-time undergraduate freshmen with a free MacBook or iPad.

Transferring students with 29 credits or less are eligible for a free MacBook or iPad. US News & World Report placed Rochester #59 in Regional Colleges Midwest.

Graduates will net $59,800 over 20 years. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees online.

Colorado Technical University

The Patriot Scholarship fund at CTU provides free laptops to military veterans.

The U.S. News & World Report has rated CTU the #115 top online college in America

Full Sail University

Last year, Full Sail University partnered with Apple to supply students with the latest MacBook Pro laptop and essential software.

Only students of Game Design, Systems Engineering, and Modeling & Graphics courses get an HP laptop rather than a MacBook Pro.

The Launchbox itself costs $3,000, however students with a 1.0 GPA or above earn a $3,000 stipend.

Centenary College

For their first laptop, all prospective on-campus students can choose between a 5.3-lb Toshiba Satellite C55 with 15.6-inch screens or a 4.5-lb MacBook Pro with 13.3-inch screens

After they graduate, students at this college are free to keep their computers. This college provides online, bachelor, and postgraduate programmes.

Widener University

Widener University exclusively provides laptops to engineers.


CollegeAmerica gives students with a free laptop loaded with educational applications. Students get to keep their new laptops after they leave school.

Stevens-Henager College

Stevens-Henager College offers laptops for a very small fee. Master’s degree students are excluded from this scheme.

St. John’s University

SJU is a privately owned Catholic university in Queens, NY. St. John’s provides 3 laptop selections. Graduates who have earned a Bachelor’s Degree or higher may keep their laptop.

This school offers 26 online courses. Notable courses include Sociology and Biochemistry. US News has ranked St. John’s #31 for online masters degree and #35 for online postgraduate administration courses.

Student reviews are overwhelmingly positive, particularly in regards to distance learning benefits and captivating lecturers.

University of Minnesota-Crookston

Every college student at U of M Crookston gets a laptop right away. On-campus students at UM-Crookston can borrow an HP laptop.

US News currently ranks this school #2 Top Public School and #36 Regional College in the Midwest. says UMN-Crookston alumni have a 20-year Net Return on investment.

Bethel University

The U.S. News ranks Bethel University #22 in Best Affordable Schools, #11 in Top Colleges for Vets and #17 in Regional Universities in the Midwest.

Bethel University provides 35 online courses, including bachelor, postgraduate, and theological degrees. Each year, Bethel offers “fully online, partially online, or hybrid” programs, depending on the course and specialization.

Wake Forest University

It is a modest private university rated #27 by USNews Best Colleges for 2019.

WFU graduates had a 20-year net return on investment of $476,000. The most popular degrees are Finance and Philosophy.

Students commend Wake Forest’s small-sized classes, excellent lecturers, and outstanding marketing, mathematics, journalism, and political science degrees.

Northwest Missouri State University

Northwest Missouri State is a Public research university that was placed #86 in Best Colleges in Regional Universities Midwest in 2019.

There are a number of popular courses, including primary education, media, and accountancy.

Students appreciate NMSU’s pleasant, sincere lecturers who push them to succeed. In-state graduates can expect a 20-year net ROI of $161,000 on average.

Laptop Package Types

Colleges provide many laptop packages to their students. Listed below are the three most popular types.

Loaner Laptops

Every student gets a laptop for school. When graduating from college, transferring or passing out, laptops must always be returned to the school. The laptop computer is free to use, but not owned by the student in the strict sense.

Graduation Gifts

In this case, the student may use the laptop computer while he/she is enrolled at the college. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive full ownership of the laptop. Students are required to return their laptops if they withdraw.

The free laptop is the property of the school until the student has completed his or her academic tenure in that college.

This is a reward for graduating.

Payment Plans

Some colleges offer payment options to help students purchase their laptops.

This helps students to manage their finances throughout college. Payments may be included in college tuition or billed separately. In essence, it’s a laptop rental program.

Once the student has completed their studies, they will be the sole owners of the laptop computer.


A student who owns a laptop has the ability to research and complete homework no matter where they are.

Students require a laptop or PC to conduct any research online. Because all of the courses are online, it’s only natural that the school would offer this necessary tool.

Students don’t have to stress about yet another major out-of-pocket payment expense when they get a free laptop.

Online colleges eliminate the cost of purchasing laptops to level the playing field for every prospective admission seeker.

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