Cheapest Medical Schools in the World

If you want to become a doctor or a health professional, then our article on the cheapest medical schools in the world for international students may interest you.

As you know, the expenses associated with most medical schools abroad are usually on the high side, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams.

In this article, we will explore a number of the best study destinations where you can get a medical degree. Their medical schools have quality facilities, experienced instructors, and a serene environment, and their study costs are very affordable for international students.

Cheapest Medical Schools

This compilation will guide you through the rankings, costs, and living expenses. This will help you plan your medical education correctly.

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These are the cheapest medical schools in the world for international students in 2022.

Cheapest Medical Schools for International Students

1. Medical Schools in Russia

Russia is a very affordable country to study for an international student. It is home to some of the best and cheapest medical schools for international students.

The standard of Russian universities can be compared to those of the UK, USA, China and Germany.

There are also lots of scholarship opportunities for international students sponsored by private donors and the Russian government.

The cost is breathtakingly affordable. Studying in Russia as a medical student can cost you as little as two thousand to six thousand dollars per annum.

Some of the cheapest medical schools for international students in Russia include:

Russian medical schools have some of the world-best medical experts and scholars like Leyla Vladimirovna Adamyan, Yevgeniy Chazov and Leonid Roshal.

Also, Russian hospitals are well-equipped and beefed up with world-class facilities.

2. Medical Schools in China

China is the most technologically advanced and economically progressive country on earth. In addition to that, Chinese institutions are acclaimed and well-regarded worldwide.

Some of the best educational institutions in Asia are located in China.

China has the cheapest medical school for international students. All the medical schools in China are of highest international standards.

As a result of extensive research, we found that the tuition fee for medical schools in China is as affordable as two thousand to six hundred dollars per annum.

Some of the most popular medical schools in China are:

China also has a vibrant traditional medical system, including acupuncture.

As a medical student in China, you will be exposed to various trado-medical skills and techniques.

Sounds interesting, right? Consider Medical Schools in China today!

3. Medical Schools in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government has made its immigration system and educational industry attractive to international students.

There has been a steady increase in the number of international students studying in Ukraine.

In 2018, it was reported that there are more than 70,000 international students in Ukraine. The majority of them are medical students.

Ukraine has some of the cheapest medical schools globally for international students.

One perk of studying medicine in Ukraine is that their medical colleges are some of the best in the world. Another is that their admission method is not as stringent as what is obtainable in other Western countries.

Studying medicine in Ukraine can be as low as four thousand dollars per annum.

Some affordable Ukrainian medical schools that have attracted a large crop of international students include:


4. Medical Schools in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan may not be easy to spell and pronounce, but it is a beautiful and exhilarating place to study.

It has fantastic topography and tourist centres and rich and well-cherished culture.

In recent years, the country has become a great place to pursue a medical degree. Its medical schools are the cheapest, and its facilities are top-notch.

Some Kyrgyzstan medical schools include:

5. Medical Schools in Germany

Germany is a major foreign student destination. Not only is their tuition rate lower than that of most European countries, but their education standard is excellent, and numerous scholarship opportunities are available to all students.

Germany’s cost of living is also lower than most other European countries. Housing will be your largest monthly expense, accounting for approximately 34% of your budget. Residence halls and shared private apartments are less expensive options for international students. Living alone will typically cost you 360 EUR per month, whereas living on-campus will cost you between 150 and 240 EUR per month. Rooms in student residence halls are difficult, with only 11% of international students finding on-campus housing. 55% of students are satisfied with the quality of student housing. For students living alone, utilities can cost around 200 EUR per month, and internet costs 27 EUR per month.

You can spend up to 170 EUR per month on meals as a student. Cheaper supermarkets will save you a lot of money. A restaurant dinner will cost around 10 EUR, while a three-square lunch will cost around 45 EUR. According to a DAAD study, transportation will account for 10% of your expenses. Public transportation costs between 30 and 60 EUR a month, but you can buy or hire a bicycle for much less.

In total, you should budget between 600 and 1000 EUR every month. Not bad for such low-cost universities with high standards. Personally, I choose Germany.

6. Bangladesh Medical College



Bangladesh Medical College is the country’s oldest medical school and one of the best medical schools in the world.
It is in Dhaka and offers a five-year program that culminates in a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree.

A one-year internship following graduation is not required for all graduates. Bangladesh Medical College Hospital is linked to this college. Any international student can afford to study in Bangladesh.


7. Medical Schools in the Philippines

The Philippines is also known for its low-cost medical degrees! It has been consistently ranked as the cheapest country to get a college education. Their tuition fees are incredibly budget-friendly; however, the standard of education is high and is on par with most western countries.  The cost of living in the Philippines is also low.

Popular medical universities

Our Lady of Fatima University

Bicol Christian College Of Medicine Philippines

Manila Central University – F.D.T.M.F. College of Medicine


8. Medical Schools in Poland

Poland is an excellent alternative to the UK and Germany. You get a high standard of medical education without much expense. The country is very hospitable, and most of their medical colleges have academic partnerships with ivy-league universities which can add value to students. Tuition can cost as little as $7400 a year. This is why Poland is one of the best countries to get a medical degree at an affordable cost.

Popular Universities:

Wroclaw Medical University
Medical University of Silesia


9. Medical Schools in the Caribbean

This list of affordable medical schools wouldn’t be complete without the Caribbean. It is a great place to be if you want to acquire or advance your medical education. They have a diverse range of programmes, including dentistry, pharmacy, medical laboratory science, and other medical-related fields. Their fees can cost as little as 8000 dollars a year. The unique thing about schooling in the Caribbean is that you get to indulge in their beautiful culture, lovely natural scenery and robust student community.

Popular Universities:

All-American Institute of Medical Sciences
All Saints University


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