DSTV Nigeria Guide…

Here is the DSTV Nigeria guide. feel free to ask any questions at the bottom of this page.

Looking at setting up a dstv satellite TV in your Nigerian home or office?

You need to buy a device plus a package.

Your device is the hardware.

Your package is the subscription.

Payment for the device is done once.

And the subscription? – You pay every month.

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If you looking at upgrading to DSTV Nigeria for the first time… You may wanna go for something inexpensive.

Here it is:

Cheapest DSTV Nigeria Set Up

The cheapest most inexpensive option is:

HD Decoder + The Access Package.

The HD Decoder cost 13,500

The Access Package is 1800.

Those amounts are in Naira by the way – Nigerian Naira.

This implies that the least cost for setting up dstv cable in Nigeria is N15,300. They call it the Total Initiation cost. Gotv Nigeria is cheaper though.

As you’d expect; there’s a lot of channel restriction in this package…

In the course of this post – I will show all the available DSTV Nigeria package Device combination and prices plus all the available channels.

DSTV Explora Vs DSTV HD Decoder

Here is a quick side by side comparison of the two DSTV Devices.
The Explora cost N30,000 (for good reasons)
The HD Decoder goes for just N13,500.

NB: Please know that any of this devices works perfectly all the available DSTV Nigeria packages(See comprehensive list of all DSTV Nigeria bouquets below)

SO here is the Explora Vs HD Decoder comparison…

HD Decoder
dstv explorer
dstv hddecoder
Video on Demand
Xtra View
HD Capable
Recording Environments
Recording Duration (HD)
Recording Duration (SD)
Dolby Digital
Front Panel Controls
Interactive Guide
My Favourites
Parental Controls
Pause Live TV
Audio Connections

DSTV Nigeria Packages / Bouquets

Here is the complete list of DSTV Nigeria packages and their updated prices.

These DSTV Bouquets and prices was last updated on 13/05/2016.

DSTV FTA Plus 1600 per month

1600 per month.
Mind you it’s no just Free to Air.
it’s free to air PLUS.
This bouquet launched recently. It consist of just 6 channels.
6 local channels.
The channels are Lagos TV, MiTV, Channels, AIT, Silverbird
and NTA.

DSTV Access: 1800 per month

The next on the list is Dstv Access which cost N1600 per month.
This used to be the cheapest package from multi choice.

It has over 60 Television channels and some good audio channels.

Channels like Nat Geo Wild, Ed, Nickelodeon, Disney Junior, Trace Urban, One Gospel.Day star, Islam Channel, SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport Select 2, Sound city, Hip tv etc. see full list

DSTV Family 3600 per month

DSTV family – just as the name suggests is the recommended bouquet for families.
It has the right amount of everything.
Sports, Entertainment, News, Drama, Religion et al.
The DSTV Family bouquet has a whooping 22 entertainment channels.

dstv family entertainment channels

Entertainment channels on the DSTV Family bouquet

Other channels are SuperSport Select 2, SuperSport 9, Mindset, JamJam, Sony Max, Africa Magic Movies, Boomerang, MTV Base, One gospel, B4U Music, CCTV Documentary, CNN International, Etv Africa, Al Jazeera, IQRAA, Y=TV Mundial | see full channel list here

DSTV Compact 6000 Per month

The DSTV Compact bouquet offers access to some more premium channels.
It offers 10 News and commerce channels, 6 specialists channel, 4 documentary channels, 7 religion channels, 6 sports and 37 general entertainment channels.

dstv compact entertainment channels

complete list of general entertainment channels for dstv compact

Other premium channels available are M-Net Action and M-Net Series.
Animal Planet and National Geographic channel | See full list

DSTV Compact Plus N9,420 per month

The DSTV Compact plus bouquet has a variety of entertainment channels plus and lots of value added services on request.
Did I mention this is where you get all the European soccer?
It is.
It has 8 sports channels.

sports channels in dstv compact plus

sports channels in the dstv compact plus bouquet

There’s also 11 channels for children. 5 cool music channels. 4 documentary channels. 6 lifestyle and culture channels and 37 general entertainment channels. See full list here

DSTV Premium 13980 per month

This the best package on the Dstv bouquet.
Not surprisingly, It’s also the most expensive.
It has 51 general entertainment and movie channels.

dstv premium entertainment

entertainment channels for dstv premium

There are 13 sports channels.

dstv premium sports channels

sports channels on dstv premium bouquet

see complete list of channels on dstv premium here


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