Best Netflix Movies to Watch in 2022

Best Netflix Movies to Watch: There’s nothing more tasking than finding the best Netflix movies to watch. It is challenging. At some point, you have in your possession the entire Netflix catalog, and your mood is geared up to select an interesting movie to watch on Netflix but you begin to browse for long hours for that great movie.

Don’t be despair because we have compiled some of the best Netflix movies to watch this year. The post will reveal to you movies that are sure to captivate and intrigue you and keep you glued to your seat throughout the entirety of the movie.


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List of Top Netflix Movies to Watch in 2022


Interceptor is an American action drama film released on 3rd June 2022.

It’s about terrorists planning to launch 16 stolen nuclear weapons in the United States. When terrorists attack a remote offshore missile interceptor platform that could stop their missiles, a brave and resourceful officer (Pataky) defends the facility. Interceptor is one of the best Netflix movies to watch in 2022

The Man from Toronto


This is an American action comedy film released on June 24 2022. Although Critics gave the film largely unfavourable reviews. it is one of the best movies to watch in 2022

The movie is about a bumbling entrepreneur who is forced to work with a notorious killer known as “The Man from Toronto” in order to survive a case of mistaken identification.

The Wicker Man

Best Netflix Movies to Watch 2020

The Wicker Man is a British movie released in 1973. The movie drew its inspiration from a book entitled Ritual, the plot revolves around the search for a missing girl.

It explores paganism in its entirety. The movie was considered a classic in its time and was nominated for multiple awards. The movie was greatly researched and perfectly acted to the core.

The plot is also highly memorable. It has a review rating of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Because of its timelessness, it is one of the best Netflix movies to watch this year.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Best Netflix Movies to Watch 2020

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a  2011 movie. It was adapted from John le Carré novel. The setting of the movie is centred in Britain, the plot centres around the activities of the British Secret Agency.

The movie was universally acclaimed at the time of its release and won many rave reviews for its brilliant script and intelligent plot. The movie was nominated for three Oscar Awards, a testament to its finesse. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is absolutely one of the best Netflix movies you will watch this year.

Air Force One

Remember when Harrison Ford was the country’s fictional president? Revisit those simpler times with 1997 ‘s Air Force One, starring Ford as the leader of the free world whose titular plane gets hijacked by a team led by Gary Oldman. It’s a great reminder of a time when blockbusters weren’t the exclusive property of comic book fans.

There Will Be Blood

Best Netflix Movies to Watch 2020

If you a fan of epic drama, then There Will Be Blood is a great Netflix movie to watch. Released in 2007, the movie has garnered universal praise and has topped many ‘greatest movie lists’.

The movie portrays greed and an insatiable quest for wealth. The movie is a mesmerizing masterpiece that you won’t regret watching.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Best Netflix Movies to Watch 2020

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is an animation flick that is unlike any animation flick. It has stellar voicing, fine characters, fantastic plot and beautiful lessons.

Its soundtrack and humourous dialogue are entertaining as well. It is a unique movie that has a great visual style. This is why it is one of the best Netflix movies you need to watch.

A Ghost Story

David Lowery’s experimental film is one of the most unusual movies you could watch on Netflix tonight. It stars Rooney Mara as a grieving widow after her husband, played by Casey Affleck, suddenly dies, but it becomes something much strangers and more ambitious when it becomes a decades-spanning look at a lost soul in a world filled with grief and trauma. It’s a beautiful movie about loss.

Baahubali: The Beginning

Best Netflix Movies to Watch 2020

Baahubali: The Beginning Is an Indian Epic movie which explores the theme of love and desire, in a well-choreographed and breath-taking plot.

It is one of the most expensive Indian movies ever made. The magic and war in the movie make it even closer to classic status, as the fantasy and actors’ performance will captivate and hold you spellbound. The movie is one Netflix movie to watch.

The Other Guys

The Other Guys is a comedy that stars Will Ferrell. It is a very hilarious movie, filled with witty dialogue and farcical action that will keep you giggling all through. It is an extremely good police movie worth watching on Netflix.

At Eternity’s Gate

A dramatization of the final years of the life of Vincent Van Gogh, Julian Schnabel’s 2018 drama is not a typical biopic, finding the artistic register of its subject more than chronologically detailing his life. It’s anchored by a phenomenal performance from Willem Dafoe as the troubled painter, a turn that earned him his fourth Oscar nomination.


Best Netflix Movies to Watch 2020

Inception was released in 2010. The movie explores reality and dreams, as well as theft and the subconscious. One word that describes the movie is ‘intellectual’, another is ‘visceral’.

The movie has a way of drawing its viewer in the depths of their own unexplored mind. It was widely regarded as the best movie of 2010. It won three Academy Awards, in addition to its rave reviews and universal acclaim.

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