How to Start Airport Shuttle Business in Nigeria (2022 Guide)

How to Start Airport Shuttle Business in Nigeria.

Do you know that the Airport shuttle business in Nigeria is highly profitable if you know the nitty-gritty of starting the business in Nigeria? Yes, that’s it.

How to start an airport shuttle business in Nigeria

A lot of airport business owners make between 7 million Naira yearly, while others report having as high as 15 million Naira each year.

The post will explore all the details of setting up an airport shuttle business in Nigeria, so you can begin making profits and managing the business without any hassle.

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What Does the Airport Shuttle Business Involve?

The airport shuttle business in Nigeria involves the transportation of persons. This transportation takes place between airports and either their place of residence, hotel lodge or any other place.

Anybody who wants to travel by airplane may use an airport shuttle. Business personnel, individuals, and tour facilities may decide to use the shuttle service.

The customer is picked up by the driver at an arranged location, and he is dropped at his destination, but the limit of stops the shuttle makes at each route is no more than two. The shuttle vehicles are very spacious, with enough room for storage of the rider’s luggage.

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Is Airport Shuttle Business a Good Business for Me?

Years ago, the shuttle business was said to be for persons that enjoyed the life of driving all day long on the road. But today, that perspective is untrue mainly because of the influx of digitalization and automation.

An advantage of starting up an airport shuttle business is that you, as the business owner, can establish the business from your living room, and not a single vehicle is even needed to be procured. You can have drivers sign up with your business like Bolt and Oride.

Whether you have experience or not, in the transport industry, you can begin an airport shuttle service.

Easy Steps to Starting up an Airport Transport Business

Here are the complete steps to start up your airport shuttle business:

  • Carry out research. For your business to succeed, you will need to do market research and competitive analysis. You must know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your business.
  • You also have to discover where your target market is. The city you plan to start your airport shuttle business in should be considered. If where you want your business to be based is a commercial city, then you should expect that your business patronage will come mostly from business people. Meet hotels, lodges and airport workers and advertise your service with them.
  • Register your business with the government through the corporate affairs commission. This will give your business a legal entity that will enable your business to be recognized and respected.
  • You can also purchase a car, van or bus if your plan is not to go the uber route. Get a bus or van that is highly spacious, with ample legroom for the comfort of the passenger.
  • In the beginning, you will be able to cater to the accounting and clerical work of the airport shuttle business to save expenses. But you need to expand in the future and employ more staff as your company grows.
  • The world is fast digitalizing, and the internet is the new community. Your airport shuttle business must have a presence on the web. A website and app for your business will increase your customers and profit dramatically.

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Is it profitable to run a shuttle service?

Owning and operating an airport shuttle service can be a very profitable business. Building alliances and collaborations with enterprises and local businesses that can supply you with consumers, such as hotels, tour operators, travel agents, and large corporations, is the ideal way to market a shuttle service.

How does a company that provides airport shuttle services make money?

Customers pay a fee to be transported from point A to point B via shuttle services. Some companies charge per mile, while others have a set rate. Consider whether you want to transport individuals or large groups that are all going to the same hotel, terminal, or other location when writing your business plan.

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