20+ Aesthetic Christmas Wallpaper

It’s that time of year again: Christmas! Here are some beautiful Christmas wallpapers to brighten up your smartphone this holiday season.


We’ve found 50+ free aesthetic Christmas wallpapers and screensavers for your smartphone to help you get in the holiday spirit.

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Wallpapers for Christmas

You are free to download as many wallpapers as you want. To save the image as your screensaver or background, follow these steps:

Mobile Phone: When using a mobile device, you can save an image by pressing and holding the image while taking a screenshot.

Desktop: Right-click and click “Save Link As”; you can then airdrop or email it to yourself to have it saved on your phone.

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Final Notes

Making a holiday-themed home screen is a great way to turn your phone into a festive escape every time you open it. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with so many alternatives, but that doesn’t have to be the case. First and foremost, choose the most colorful wallpaper to complement the Christmas theme. Our wallpaper images allow you to have your perfect holiday aesthetic, whether you want something classic and timeless or something thrilling and joyful.

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