10 Ugliest person in the world

While it can be superficial, it is true that there are less attractive or ugly people in the world. Nature can play a cruel joke on us. Having the misfortune of being called “ugly” is something no one wants to deal with. However, you should note that some people on this list are victims of “cosmetic surgery gone wrong”; others are born with an unattractive look.

Even though beauty does attract people, there are some advantages of being ugly; they include:

Being loved for your personality – This is true because most beautiful people are only valued and liked because of the way they look. It is possible to be beautiful and still have an ugly personality, which is worse than being physically unattractive.

Ugly is low maintenance and easy — While I’m not implying ugly people are tawdry and bland, the fact is that being ugly won’t incur your expenses. You won’t have to obsess about facial surgery, expensive cosmetics and dental procedures.

Ugly people are highly successful — Beautiful people have privileges and an upper edge. The world is fair to them. However, ugly people have to work a bit harder to achieve. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, David Cheriton and even Jeff Bezos aren’t known for being good-looking. However, they are highly successful. If they had the looks of a model, chances are they’d chase something else other than making billions.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the ugliest people in the world.

8 Ugliest persons in the world

Here are the top contenders for the title “ugliest person in the world.”


Pauly Unstoppable

Ugliest persons in the world

Paul Unstoppable is widely known for his extreme body modification, leading the field with his unorthodox looks. He is also believed to be the world’s ugliest man, with surgical implants, several brandings, scarring, ink tattoos (which include one on his eyeball), nullification, piercings, a split tongue, and a lot more on his body.

Steven Tyler

Ugliest persons in the world

Steven Tyler (full name: Steven Victor Tallarico) is from New York, United States of America. He is a rock singer and vocalist in the band, Aerosmith. He has also made a brief cameo in some movies and TV shows. Tyler is regarded as the ugliest male figure in show business. He also has a flurry appearance and chubby lips, making him an unattractive musician.

Michael Berryman

Ugliest persons in the world

Born in 1948, Michael Berryman is a resident of Los Angeles, United States. He is known for his film roles in television flicks like The X-Files and Star Trek.

He suffers from a medical condition known as hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. He cannot grow hair, fingernails, or sweat glands because of the illness. He is considered to be one of the most ugly celebrities in America because of his strange face. Thankfully, it has also given him the opportunity to play terrifying roles in B and horror films.

Maison Sere

Ugliest persons in the world

In 2015, Maison Sere took part in Zimbabwe’s annual contest to find the ugliest man in the whole country. The contest had thirty-five participants, including the incumbent, who had taken the title three consecutive times.

Sere defeated the other men to take home the $500 prize and the coveted position of Mr. Ugly. Because of his toothless smile, Maison Sere climbed to the status of being among the world’s ugliest persons. Sere is now living in Harare, Zimbabwe, and is 48 years old.

The Mr. Ugly competition was initiated in 2012 to spotlight and acknowledge the beauty in ugliness.

Etienne Dumont

Etienne Dumont, who resides and works as a reviewer of art in Switzerland, is among the world’s ugliest persons. He has worked as a critic for more than 40 years since he is devoted to culture and the arts.

This man has tattoos all over his entire body, from top to bottom, and has become a hideous figure because of this. He is also famous for having a bull-like look that was made possible by implanting silicone under the skin.

Kala Kaiwi

This dude is truly strange because he has a lot of glasses carved close to his ears and horns. He deserves to be on this list of the ugly people in the world for these reasons. He has a full-body tattoo that covers nearly every inch of his body.

Later, after getting all of these tattoos, he decided to get a snake-like tongue, silicon-planted horns, and metallic horns on the top of his head. His erratic look frequently leads people to think he is an apparition of Satan, carrying darkness and lust with him.

Versace Donatella

Ugliest persons in the world

Despite not being born ugly, this woman is now considered the world’s ugliest lady. She was a beautiful lady when she was born, grew up and became famous, but due to her unsuccessful plastic surgery, her appearance took a negative turn, and she now occupies this position.

Because of the failed surgery, she now has incredibly big lips and an enormous nose. This makes her appear awkward, and she has become recognized as the world’s ugliest lady.

Godfrey Baguma

Ugliest persons in the world

Godfrey Baguma has the ugliest face in the world. The 53-year-old Ugandan man has a malformed face as a result of a mysterious illness, giving him a hideous appearance.

Baguma became popular in 2002 after he entered a contest to find the ugliest person in Uganda since he desired to make cash for his loved ones. He came out on top in the contest and has continued to hold the title.

Godfrey Baguma has eight children from three marriages. Baguma currently earns a living as a comedian, musician, and talk show host. Ssebabi is his stage name.

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