Sample Letter to Judge to Remove Warrant

Sample Letter to Judge to Remove Warrant

This article will show you how to write a Sample Letter to Judge to Remove a Warrant. These samples will assist you in understanding the best way to write a letter to a judge to remove a warrant. This letter is a short statement usually crafted and delivered to a judge to squash a bench warrant.

The letter is also referred to as a “Quash Warrant Request.  When submitted to the court, it requests the judge remove an arrest warrant due to a legal loophole or other grounds.

Sample letters to Judge to Remove Warrant

Sample Letter to Judge to Remove Warrant


1. I am the defendant in this case.

2. There is an outstanding warrant for my arrest.




I ask that this warrant be quashed because:  {Give Explanation}


3. I understand that: 

A summons or notice for my next hearing may be sent to the address I give on this form, and/or I may be given a court date by the clerk at the counter when I file this.

I must notify the court immediately if my contact info changes 

I promise to appear at the next scheduled court hearing in my case. If I do not, a new warrant will go out for my arrest.

My right to a speedy trial will be tolled by this request from the date of the warrant until my next appearance.

The warrant will remain outstanding, and I will be subject to arrest under the terms of the warrant unless and until this motion is granted by the judge.


Other letters to Judge samples

Here are some other samples of letters to the judge:

Letter to judge character reference


Dear Honorable Judge Black

It is with great enthusiasm that I’m writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Tony Andrew, the defendant in the Drunk Driving Case number 2022/00001 before you.

I have been a close friend of Tony for thirty (30) good years. In all time, Mr. Tony has been proven to be a man with strong integrity. He is well known to be a person with a fine character, a responsible husband and father, and a reliable member of the community, As a result, his offense is extremely unexpected.

Mr. Tony confessed to me that he had displayed a major lack of judgment and showed remorse as well as a great desire to resolve the personal problems at the crux of the matter.

I was aware of some personal challenges in Mr. Tony’s marriage and career life as a friend. This had to have completely overwhelmed him and significantly harmed his capacity to deal with life.

Mr. Tony has already enrolled and begun attending counseling Meetings, so I believe he has every intention of improving. Tony has always had a strong personality and a desire to improve himself.

Regardless of the difficulties, he will face, I am confident that Tony Andrew will acquire the necessary abilities to avoid repeating such a terrible decision. Tony will, without a doubt, make the most of the therapy he is receiving and will return to being a stable, exceptional person in this neighborhood.

Thus far, Mr. Tony has demonstrated a persistent and determined attitude in overcoming this mistake productively and successfully.

I believe this letter, contains useful insights worthy of your consideration when deciding on Tony’s case.



Sample declaration letter for child custody

Dear Honorable Judge 

I’m writing this letter to declare my intent to seek custody orders against James, my Husband regarding our child Jane.

James Allen and I were married in 2000. Our marriage is blessed with only one child, Jane who was born in October 2002. I’m seeking sole legal custody and primary physical custody of Jane, with alternating weekend visits. I’m also demanding the standard child support amount, plus additional costs for our children’s school tuition.

Our marriage has broken down irreparably and in 2022 we decided to divorce. My Husband decided to move out of town and I remained to stay in our house with our child who has an average of two visits per week with James. Despite this, he is seeking majority custody and refuses to pay the entire amount of child support. His custody requests, in my opinion, are not in the best interests of our children.

I’ve been the primary caretaker for our child since she was born. I look after her hygiene, plan and prepare all of her meals, shop and clean her outfits, make and transport them to doctor’s and dental appointments, transport them to school, assist her with her schoolwork, coordinate their activities, and so on. I’m also the parent she goes to when she has a problem.

I’m working 30 hrs per week as a nurse. Jomes is an attorney who works 55 hrs per week. He only extended parenting time on the weekends when I am at work.  Jane has had parenting arrangements her entire life, and my suggested parenting schedule largely maintains the existing arrangement. She’ll live with me full-time and visit John every other weekend from Saturday am through Monday morning. I’m also asking for sole legal custody because James has always deferred to me when it comes to Jane’s schooling and medical treatment.

I feel James is demanding majority custody not because he believes it is in Jane’s best interests, but because he is attempting to use our daughter as a weapon against me. “You can’t degrade me like this, I’ll see to it that you don’t receive custody,” Jamie stated in an email on January 31, 2022 (Exhibit A) after I told him I had visited with an attorney about filing for divorce and demanding primary custody.

[add more paragraphs that contain facts and evidence regarding parenting time and legal custody that persuade the court that it is you who deserve the orders and not your opponent]

On the child support issue, James earns roughly five times as much as I do as a real estate attorney. Throughout our marriage, he has been the primary earner, and his high earnings have allowed us to send our daughter to the city’s top private school. I’m requesting that he pay the guideline amount as well as their school tuition so that Jane can continue to enjoy the same high standard of living and education that she has had her entire life.

[add more paragraphs that contain facts and evidence regarding child support that persuade the court that your opponent is capable to provide the support requested]

For the reasons stated above, I am requesting the court to grant my proposed parenting plan and parenting schedule, giving me sole legal custody and primary physical custody with alternating weekend visits for James. I am also requesting that James be ordered to pay the guideline child support amount, plus pay our daughters’ school tuition.

I declare, under penalty of perjury of the laws of the State of …………….., that the above is true to the best of my knowledge.



Sample letter to judge for leniency


Dear Honorable Judge

It is with great enthusiasm that I’m writing this letter to ask for your lenience on behalf of Mr. Simpson Gate, My husband, the defendant in the Drunk Driving Case number 2022/00001 before you.

Simpson Gate and I were married in 2010. Our marriage is blessed with three children, Kane, Kate, and Kite.

Throughout our marriage, Simpson is stand to be our caregiver, responsible father, and lovely husband.

I have known my Husband since our childhood because we lived in the same neighborhood. At all times, I’ve known My husband to be a trustworthy, caring, and devout friend and husband. He is a very hardworking person.  He is well-known for being a person of good character, a respectable husband and parent, and a trustworthy community member. As a result, his offense comes as a complete shock.

My husband confessed to me that he had committed the offense and expressed regret as well as a strong desire to fix the underlying personal issues.

As a wife, I was aware of some personal difficulties in My Husband’s professional life. This had to have overwhelmed him, severely limiting his ability to cope with life. He has already enrolled and begun attending counseling meetings, so I am confident that he is serious about getting better. Simpson has always had a confident demeanor and a desire to better himself.

Recently my Husband has shown a tenacious and persistent attitude in overcoming this mistake efficiently and successfully and I believe that severe punishment will be detrimental to us as he is the family’s sole source of income and support, I ask for your lenience.

I hope you will consider my request.


Tips for writing a letter to a judge

A letter to the judge is a valuable and strategic tool. It may have some influence, good or bad, over the outcome of a case. This is why you have to pay attention to some aspects of the letter to make it effective.

Here are some helpful tips for crafting a letter to a judge.

In your to the judge, be sure to add the following key pieces of information:

  • Your full name -Legal name
  • Your affiliation or your relationship with whoever you are writing the letter for.

Enumerate only the positive qualities of the person- don’t criticize or paint the person in a negative light.

Inform the judge on how you will assist and work with the person even after judicial pronouncements have been made.

Another crucial factor is to ensure you are contacting the right judge. Apparently, the judge who will be delivering the sentence has to see the letter. Don’t forget to be polite and very formal to convey respect.

Never do the following:

  • Criticizing or condemning. If you have had some unpleasant encounters with law enforcement agencies, lawyers or even the sentencing judge, do not include them in your letter.
  • Avoid insulting or degrading the person you are writing the letter to on their behalf. Even if that person has conquered or accomplished something, don’t include it. Maintain a hopeful and positive tone in the letter.
  • Avoid requesting something the judge can’t provide. Be sure of the request you are making.

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