UberBoat Booking Guide in Lagos State

UberBoat Booking Guide in Lagos – In addition to the already existing services offered by Uber in Lagos state, the company has introduced a new service called “UberBoat”. 

What is Uber?

Uber Technologies, Inc. is an American mobility as a service provider. It is based in San Francisco with operations in over 900 metropolitan areas worldwide. Wikipedia

This innovation is the result of a collaboration between Uber, the Lagos State Waterways Authority, and Texas Connection Ferries to alleviate traffic congestion in Lagos.

UberBOAT Booking

UberBoat Available Routes and Schedules

  • Ikorodu – Falomo in the morning. (N500 per Trip)
  • Falomo  – Ikorodu in the evening. (N500 per Trip)

The journey schedule below will help you plan your trips:

Schedule Departure
(From Ikorodu in the morning)
(At Falomo)
(From Falomo in the evening)
(At Ikorodu)
Boat 1 7.00 a.m 7.35 a.m 5.00p.m 5.35p.m
Boat 2 8.00 a.m 8.35 a.m 5.30p.m 6.05p.m


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UberBoat Booking Guide

Follow the guidelines below to book a ride with Uberboat successfully

  • Click on t.uber.com/bookuberboat to reserve a seat on the boat; bookings need to be made 24hrs ahead
  • Ensure it is your Uber signup details that are used to complete the booking
  • You will get a confirmation email, and Uber riders also get a 50% discount to take a ride to and from the jetty 

What to Do on the Day of the Trip

  • Take an UberX to your pick up Jetty (LASWA Boat Jetty, Falomo Ikoyi or Ikorodu Ferry Terminal). Quick tip – Arrive at the jetty 30mins before cruise time to settle in for your Trip!
  • Open your Uber App and select UberBOAT. Quick tip – Boat view will only be available at the Jetties
  • Input either of the pickups and drop off points (LASWA Boat Jetty, Falomo Ikoyi or Ikorodu Ferry Terminal)
  • A PIN will be generated which can be used to secure your spot on the boat.
  • Uber support staffers will be at the Jetties to help with Boat booking

Safety Tips for UberBoat Passengers

Seating on an UberBoat is comfortable, and an UberBoat ride can be memorable and worthwhile. However, if safety is your primary concern, here are some important tips for UberBoat passengers:

Before Boarding UberBoat

  • Ensure your car is properly locked and all your valuables are safely hidden.
  • Make sure you have enough time to boar the UberBoat before departure.
  • Don’t be tempted to climb over barriers such as railings.
  • Ensure kids do not play in the docking area.

Whilst on UberBoat

While boarding UberBoat, ensure you follow the instructions below:

  • Do not move around when the boat is sailing. Leave your seats only when you need to make use of the facilities onboard.
  • Never access the front deck of the boat when the boat is sailing. Stay at the back deck if you want to enjoy the breeze.
  • You are not permitted to smoke on board. Even E-cigarettes are banned. Do not smoke at the back deck.
  • To prevent covid-19 transmission, please follow the safety measures.

Why uberboat is safe for your sea transport

Uberboat is not only safe and efficient but intricately designed to guarantee your comfort.

  • Uberboats is equipped with the best safety and navigation systems.
  • Uberboat policies and facilities are regularly audited and reviewed to ensure that the company is channelling funds to improve safety and technology.
  • We continually audit and review our policies and systems to ensure that we are investing in our training, technology and safety.
  • Boats are inspected frequently to ensure that they are of superior standards.

UberBoat crew

At the heart of uberboat’s objective to provide safety sea ride is the crew.

  • All Uberboat crew are well-trained to global standards.
  • In case of an unfortunate event, you are expected to remain seated, be calm and adhere to the instructions of the crew.
  • Every passenger will be provided with a lifejacket.

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