Spectranet Data Plans 2021: Everything You Need to Know About

Spectranet Data Plans 2021: Everything You Need to Know About- See the updated Spectranet data plan; how to contact the self-care portal; new prices of data bundles, validity, and extended bonuses. It’s everything on one page.

Spectranet Data Plans 2020: Everything You Need to Know About

Spectranet is a major internet service provider in Nigeria, founded by Punj Lloyd in 2000 with the aim of providing internet services to small and medium-sized businesses in Delhi/NCR and Bangalore.

In June 2008, India’s Shyam Group bought the business from Punj Lloyd. Just like Ntel and smile, Spectranet is also a portable broadband provider that provides internet to both business firms and individual residences.

In 2009, Spectranet was awarded a License from the Nigerian Communications Commission in order to promote Internet services across Nigeria.

It, however, happened to be the first Internet Service Provider to launch 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria and aims to be a leader in the Internet Services space.


New Spectranet Data Plans And their Prices

Note that: All Nite Plans have 24 hours access on weekend and Public Holidays

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Plan Name Plan Cost Plan/Data Additional Bonus Validity Access
Unified Value 4GB N3,000 4GB Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 5GB N3,500 5GB 1GB Monthly 24 x 7
Excess Value 10000 10,000 Monthly 30 24 X 7 Unlimited Burstable 333
Unified Value 7 GB

Unified Value 15GB

Good Morning 15GB


Unified Value 25GB









7 GB







Free Unlimited Morning Browsing

Free  Unlimited Night browsing

Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 40GB N12,500 40GB Free  Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 60GB N15,000 60GB Free  unlimited night browsing Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 50GB N13,000 50GB Free Unlimited Night browsing +

Always on @ 512kbps Speed

Monthly 24 x 7
Unlimited Gold 100GB N18,000 100GB Always on at 512 kbps speed post 100 GB Monthly 24/7
Freedom Prime Plus 200GB


Freedom Elite 300GB








Free Unlimited Night Browsing + Always on @ 512kbps Speed Post 200GB



Monthly 24/7
Free Night means Unlimited Free Night browsing between 1 am – 7 am
All Nite Plans have 24 hours access on weekend and Public HolidaysOTHER DATA PLANS

  1. MAGIC VALUE: 10GB Plus  up to 10GB Magic Data – N6,000/Month
  2. UNIFIED VALUE NITE: 40GB Night Data (7pm-7am) – #11,000/Month
  3. DATA TOP UP: 1GB Valid as per Base Plan – #500
  4. MINI PLAN: 15GB (9GB Bonus) – #4,000/week


Spectranet LTE Connect Data Plans 2021

These are basic plans you might want to consider for your personal use. They work 24×7 all through the month.

Plan Name Time DL Speed Validity
Data Volume
LTE Connect 7000 24×7 Up to 2MBps 30 Days 7GB N7000
LTE Connect 8500 24×7 Up to 2MBps 30 Days 15GB N8500
LTE Connect 10500 24×7 Up to 2MBps 30 Days 17GB N10500
LTE Connect 12500 24×7 Up to 2MBps 30 Days 20GB N12500
LTE Connect 15500 24×7 Up to 2MBps 30 Days 25GB N15500
LTE Connect 18500 24×7 Up to 2MBps 30 Days 30GB N18500


Spectranet LTE Business Data Plans 2021

Plan Name Time DL Speed Validity
Data Volume
LTE Business 37500 24×7 Up to 2MBps 30 Days 65GB N37500
LTE Business 56000 24×7 Up to 2MBps 30 Days 80GB N56000

Spectranet LTE Nite Data Bundle Plans 2021

Plan Name Time DL Speed Validity
Data Volume
LTE Nite 5000 8pm to 8am Up to 2MBps 30 Days 15GB N5000
LTE Nite 7500 8pm to 8am Up to 2MBps 30 Days 25GB N7500

Spectranet LTE Top Up 2021


Plan Name Validity
Data Volume
LTE Top-Up 1000 Till Expiry Date Of Your Primary Plan 2GB N1000

Spectranet Data Plans FAQ

What are the benefits of using Spectranet’s 4G LTE services?

Spectranet has the most sophisticated wireless communication technology in Nigeria, namely Long Term Evolution on 2.35 GHz, in direct comparison to other internet providers.

You’ll get the following benefits with Spectranet 4G LTE:

  • Access to the Internet at high speeds without the hassle of messy wires and cables.
  • A higher level of operation and fewer interruptions.
  • Uninterrupted Internet access.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I am not a Nigerian. Can I still sign up for Spectranet’s 4G LTE services?

A: Of course! You can use our Spectranet 4G LTE services if you qualify. You must request a copy of your valid passport and visa, as well as a passport photograph and your residency permit.

Is it possible to carry forward unused data from one month to the next?

A: On some of Spectranet’s data-capped plans, balance data can be rolled over. If a user renews on or before the GRACE PERIOD expires, any unused data may be rolled over.

What do I need in order to take advantage of Spectranet’s 4G LTE services?

To use Spectranet 4G LTE, you must meet the following three requirements:

Minimum System Requirements on a desktop/laptop, iPad, or Smartphone
The Spectranet 4G LTE Access Device (WiFi CPE, MIFI, or OUTDOOR DEVICE) must be located within the Spectranet 4GLTE Coverage Area.

What are the options for making payments to my Spectranet 4G LTE account?

  1. Using Quickteller: To pay for your subscription, go to https://www.quickteller.com/spectranet.
  2. Using Payoutlet: To pay for your subscription, go to www.Payoutlet.Net/Spectranet.
  3. Using MyPaga: To pay for your subscription, go to www.Mypaga.Com/Spectranet.
  4. Open Https://One.Jumia.Com to use Jumia One.
  5. for your subscription payments, using Self Care: Use WEBPAY services to make renewals from your Self Care account.
  6. Use Recharge Vouchers: You may load recharge vouchers via the self-care portal at selfcare.spectranet.com.
  7. Payments may be made by POS or cash at any Spectranet Shop or customer office.
  8. Payments/transfers to Spectranet’s bank accounts are also possible (available on our website).

Spectranet Self Care

Need help with something?

You can easily access the Spectranet self-help platform by clicking here

Spectranet Contact Details

Here is how to easily reach Spectranet.
Phone: 07002345678, 08002345678, +23415010000
email: [email protected]

Check Spectranet Data Balance

This is how you check your data balance on Spectranet.

visit https://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng

insert your login id and password and then click the login button

Your dashboard should load up. Scroll down to the Data Rank line.

The figure on your right-hand side is your remaining data.

Spectranet Objectives, Mission and Vision

The following reports in quotes are the objectives, mission, and vision statement of the company dubbed from their official site, take a look at them


Our principle is to connect you to what matters most to you. We strive tirelessly to achieve this objective by giving you an Internet experience that’s better than the industry standard”

We are also committed to continuing to deliver on our promises to you by providing a better, faster, more reliable broadband Internet at unparalleled value for money.

Our commitment to you is evidenced by the high standards of our work processes and the high quality of services we deliver to our esteemed customers.

As we deliver our unique services across the country, we continue to empower Nigerian families to connect to their world. Our esteemed customers will continue to enjoy smart connectivity, affordable high-speed internet service, 24/7 access, and paying Light to download Heavy.


At Spectranet, our vision is to be Nigeria’s most respected broadband internet and broadband service company.


Our mission is to be Nigeria’s premier Internet service provider, most admired for its Customer experience, Professionalism, Reliability, Flexibility, Responsiveness, Innovative products and services, and Exemplary corporate citizenship

Note that Spectranet has been in operation in Nigeria since the year 2010 but, it is currently only available to Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and Port Harcourt residents.

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