7 Sites to Download Full Albums for Free

In this post, you’ll see how you can download a full music album without paying a dime by simply using any of the following websites outlined below.

If you are a music lover who continually searches for the best sites to download full albums, you have found the right page. Over the years, the format of album production has evolved. Cassettes have come and gone, and then the compact discs’ era passed.

Of course, music today can now be streamed through computers and mobile phones, which is why many platforms, including iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Music, Boom Player, and Spotify, exist. While these music-listening platforms are innovative and groundbreaking, they are freemium.

Also, they can be accessed on a limited number of devices. Those who may not be financially viable would prefer to convert Youtube music, though music files through audio files can be inferior in quality.

Below is a List of Sites to Download Full Albums

1. Jamendo: www.jamendo.com

Best Sites to Download Full Albums

It is among the oldest websites that permit everyone to download entire albums. With Jamendo, you can access over 40,000 music albums. Jamendo has long served as a platform where music lovers can come together and listen to beautiful music.

The music in Jamendo can be downloaded in mp3 and Ogg format and streamed via Android, Windows, or iOS. The website also possesses a user-friendly UX that will allow visitors to create accounts and playlists without being hampered by bugs.

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2. DatPiff: www.datpiff.com

Best Sites to Download Full Albums

Datpiff has, across the years, been a go-to site for hip-hop and urban music lovers. Datpiff has a massive repertoire of mixtapes and albums.

On this site, you will come in contact with freestyles from upcoming rappers and also popular songs from famous musicians. Mixtapes are free to download. A lot of compilations made by fans can be explored. Paid membership will provide you with additional features.

3. MP3 Clan: mp3guild.com

Best Sites to Download Full Albums
Mp3 Clan

Mp3 Clan is one of the best sites to download full albums. It may not be trendy, but it has a vast catalogue of many genres like Blues, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, etc.

Music on the site is downloadable for free, but users will have to put up with many ads. For ad-free downloads, subscription costs are as less as 10 dollars monthly and 50 dollars yearly.

4. SoundClick: www.soundclick.com

Best Sites to Download Full Albums
Sound Click

For every list of the best sites to download full albums, Soundclick should be there. It can be likened to a social media site for people who love quality music.

It also has a streaming platform where music can be streamed and downloaded in MP3 format. You can also search for friends and view their profiles, blogs, etc. There’s also a bio available for every music artist.



5. Last.FM: www.last.FM

Best Sites to Download Full Albums
Last. FM

The aim of starting last FM was to become a leading radio station online, just like Pandora. But today, it is a site where music can be streamed and downloaded. The site optimises AI to analyse the music taste of each music listener on the platform.

That is done by actively monitoring the preferences of every music user. The site has an interactive layout with features like charts, new releases, and top tracks. It is among the best places to download full albums.

6. PureVolume: www.purevolume.com

Best Sites to Download Full Albums
Pure Volume

Formerly known as ‘Unborn Media’, the site has emerged as a significant platform where musicians can upload their music for free.

So any music user who visits this site will have access to thousands and thousands of songs. Users can also connect with their favourite artists by creating profiles. Over the years, labels have scouted the site to sign talented musicians.

7. SoundCloud: soundcloud.com

Best Sites to Download Full Albums
Sound Cloud

Soundcloud is among the most famous music sites in the world. On SoundCloud, both upcoming and well-established musicians can share their music with fans worldwide.

The site also has a creative standard licence that permits users to tweak whatever track they want. Thousands of music files can be downloaded at no cost.

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