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Do you want to know how to answer jamb questions like a pro without jerking in the exam? If so, this article is a secret guide on getting that done.

By reading through this article, you’ll know the basics you require and answer jamb questions accurately.

Yes, multiple-choice questions are the base of JAMB Questions. If you are currently using our free utme past question website modeled after the main JAMB UTME, you will notice that the UTME questions are objective or multiple-choice. So we want to reveal the biggest Secrets On How To Answer JAMB UTME Questions Like A Pro.

So, you must discover your strategy for answering JAMB UTME questions; this can only be done through hard work and intensive study of your book. But let’s show you the secrets that will facilitate your success.

Understand the question

This is the first secret, but many students hardly pay too much attention to the question itself. It is the most difficult thing for UTME candidates to do during the exams.

The two possible ways to fail JAMB UTME is number one is when you fail to prepare because if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. So it would help if you studied adequately using all the materials and tools available.

The other way in which you can flop in the JAMB UTME is because of sheer carelessness. This is even more dangerous and largely affects many candidates than inadequately prepared.

Understand what the question is before picking whatever you know is the answer; read the question very well. Failure is when you give the right answer to the wrong question. See?

Here are some important things to look for to make sure you’re answering the UTME question:

  • “Which is NOT…”
  • Questions with more than one possible answer
  • “All of the above” as an answer
  • “None of the above” as an answer
  • “All of the following EXCEPT…”

Make sure you pay attention to these common tricky UTME questions.

Analyze each answer to the UTME question

After you’ve correctly identified the right type of question, you always want to do a quick analysis of the answers. Often the types of answers given will suggest which is right. If you are surprised by the answers, you want to double-check that you read the question correctly.

If you’ve been studying effectively using tools like the free utme practice website or software, JAMB UTME questions and answers should be familiar. It’s a very rare question that will have answers you’ve never studied.

And keep this in mind: in this stage of the examination, your goal is simple. Ensure that the answers you’ve given match the question you think you’ve been asked.

Eliminate each wrong answer

This phase more or less blends with the previous step. As you go, some answers will be so wrong that it’s not even funny.

If you’re asked who was Nigeria’s first executive president and “Nnamdi Azikwe” is an answer… well, hopefully, you see what’s wrong with that answer. If not, I’ve got nothing for you.

Often this phase of the process will eliminate all but one answer. At that point, by simple elimination, you’ve answered the question.


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