Secret Behind Scoring 280+ in JAMB 2021


Scoring 280+ in JAMB 2010 – So many candidates are preparing for the JAMB 2021 UTME, which is only a few months away. But an undisputed tragic truth is not all candidates preparing for the examination will pass convincingly.

This article is to give you the Secret Behind Scoring 280+ in JAMB 2021 and a brief insight on how to score better than your competitor.

Scoring High in JAMB 2020

Keep a Plan in Hand

It is difficult to build anything tangible without a plan. Failure to plan means planning to fail. Pick your subject combination and sequence to start them when you enter the hall.

We recommend you begin with the subject you can easily answer questions on and those with less calculation. Tackle those ones first, then use the remaining time and tackle the most difficult ones.

Don’t forget that each question in the UTME carries almost the same marks. So answer the ones you know better. Your plan must also include knowing your center, how to beat traffic and arrive there on time before accreditation start. Use the JAMB syllabus to read

Don’t Forget the Statistics

Realistic, chances of an average candidate passing JAMB and gaining admission is less than 40 percent, Recent data have revealed that more than one million candidates seats for the UTME across the country. So this should inspire hard work and seriousness from you.

Past Question is Essential

The examination is no more in paper format, it’s strictly CBT. So it is unadvisable to use the conventional paperback past question.

If you are to practice, use either a computer or at-least a phoneonline or offline. This will increase your chances of succeeding in the examination.

Time Management is Essential

Yes, you need to keep track of it. the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) will set 250 hot questions for you to tackle in 3 hours.

You need to master the use of time and know how to stick without slipping off. And how do you go about this if not by starting a free CBT test here?

Should You Borrow a Computer?

Brilliant! If you no one in your house has a computer you can use to install the practice software and revise at will, borrow from a trusted neighborhood, or school mates. They will be glad to help, and this is the time you need them most. No more computer games and the likes. It’s time to study dear!

What if I Can’t Get a Computer?

It’s simple, you have a phone that can browse. Channel the time you (waste) spend to chat with friends to free online CBT practice. We have one here that is easy to use and with real JAMB past questions and answers. Help yourself!

Keep Documents Handy

You will need your exam print out, and a few other things as listed in the photo card. Get all of them ahead of time and try to memorize your registration number. Make photocopies where the need is and make sure you are lacking nothing. Eat and read each day till the D day. Do this once and for all, and with prestige.

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