We have helped you sort through the multitude and compile some of the most prolific and impactful film schools in Nigeria.

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Top 5 film school in Nigeria

HD Film Academy

Best Film Schools

High Definition Film Academy was opened for business in 2011. It aims to become the leading film educator in the world and has become foremost in Nigeria for their practicality and hands-on approach in filmmaking and acting.

The film school thrives on practicals, as every student is expected to either shoot or act in a film before graduation.

Their learning environment is also conducive as it is based in the metropolitan town of Abuja; it boasts of top-notch facilities and equipment as well.

PEFTI Film Institute 

Best Film Schools

PEFTI film institute is a brainchild of WALE ADENUGA PRODUCTIONS (The makers of Superstory and Papa Ajasco).  It was established in 2004,  and has stood out as one of the highly regarded film school in Nigeria and has created opportunities for a lot of actors and actresses to showcase their talents. It has also groomed a lot of fantastic actors and actresses that have graced our screen in recent years.

Royal Art Academy

Best Film Schools

Established in 2010, this film school have educated a lot of actors and is well-respected in the entertainment industry. It also has a fine tranche of internationally accredited film educators that provide brilliant training to would-be actors.

The school also popular movies where their students are expected to star in, to build cinematic competence.  The film school has also created a culture where learning and support grows. More than 400 students have been trained at the Royal Arts Academy.

Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts

Best Film Schools

Created in 2009 by legendary actor, Olu Jacob, the film school has been a national success. It has strived to meet the demand of the movie industry in Nigeria.

It has also built the acting skills of professionals and has continued to provide quality training in cinematic production.

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Del-York Creative Academy

Best Film Schools

The Del-York Creative Academy is known across Africa for its effort in training a wide array of competent actors and media expert.

It is among the pioneers of the African creative market and has invited world-class film educators to train Africans to improve the quality of the movie industry.

Disciples Film and Television Institute

Disciples Film and Television Institute is a revamped film school in Lagos that offers services such as theatre, acting instruction, film classes, music, make-up, and film production.

J-World Music & Film Academy

The trainee studies movies and music creation, media production, instrumentation, and other skills through this academy. The J-World academy owns a dormitory where students can live for a year or more.

Yul Edochie Academy

Yul Edochie Academy is a division of Yul Edochie Arts World, a respected and acclaimed acting school that serves as a learning facility for actresses and actors with the goal of grooming the new generation of talent.

Brilliant Films Academy

Brilliant Films Academy is a great film school in Lagos that offers videography and cinematography, film making, image editing, creative writing, and film productions, among other things.

Film for Teens Africa Academy

Film for Teens Africa Academy is one of Lagos’ premier performance institutes, offering classes in filmmaking, screenwriting, video production, lighting, make-up, motion graphics, and much more.

Purpose Academy of Film and Photography

Purpose Academy of Film and Photography is a successful private film school that aims to provide a strong background in communications and creative arts with the goal of producing world-class actors and directors.

Reach World Art Academy

Reach World Art Academy offers drama lessons in a variety of areas, including musical, dancing, theatre, onstage comedy, MCing, creative writing, and more.

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