How to Pass JAMB in 2021: Pass in One Sitting Assured

How to Pass JAMB in 2021: Pass in One Sitting Assured.

In life, there are some basic things that if you know them early, it will help you to avoid making mistakes in your journey here on earth.

In your academic pursuit, believe me, this article is contain the fundamental skills on how to pass your JAMB exam in just one sitting.

Yes, you heard me right! This article will act as an helper to you. It’s really your #1 Jamb preparatory guide in 2021 to pass at one sitting without stress.

To know how to prepare for JAMB and pass, i will advise you to diligently follow the guide below and see yourself get admission in 2021.

How to Pass JAMB in 2020: Pass in One Sitting Assured

My earnest wish is to see you get admitted in 2021 even if you might have laboured in vain for the past years. Believe me, following this guideline today will light your path and you will definitely make it in JAMB come 2021.

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However, some JAMB candidates do take what is not as important during their preparatory time for the exam as it is? But in this article, I will show you the best secrets to passing this exam with flying colors.

How to Pass JAMB 2021

1. Scheme of Study

Making a scheme of study for yourself is one of the key factors to your success in any examination and the Jamb exam won’t be exempted from this. You need to make a scheme of study for yourself while anticipating the examination.

2. Dedication to Schemes Studying

After you might have created a studying scheme for yourself, the next thing you must do is to be dedicated to it. I know for sure that sometimes you may need to rest or see movies but when it clashes with your reading time, please choose reading because reading is life.

3. Have Confidence in Yourself That You Will Succeed

Don’t depend on some other person, or indulge in malpractices as an aid to your success.

4. Avoid key points

key points do not contain full details of the information you need concerning a particular topic. So I advise you to be making use of textbooks with detailed information alongside past questions and answers.

5. Periodical Self Testing

Testing yourself is another way of checking if you are ready for the examination. you can test yourself weekly, as an aid in covering certain topics and in order to prepare you for the actual exams.

6. Study According to the Syllables and the Topics

You should endeavor to study according to the syllables and the topics contained in the syllable in order to avoid reading without precision.

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7. Avoid Much Leisure Activities

Yes, it is in our nature to hang out with friends, see movies, and chats on social media/networking. But during this period that you are preparing for your exam, kindly disconnect yourself from some of this. Don’t spend most of your time on leisure activities.

8. Apply for Jamb Yourself

You are advised to apply for jamb yourself, so as to boldly stand for the subject combination selected on the day of the exam.

9. Get Yourself Engage With C. B. T Practices

Do you know that getting yourself indulge With C. B. T training will definitely improve your dexterity skills? Sure it can and as such, you need to enroll yourself in one of the JAMB CBT training centers nearest to you.

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10. Revisit  Topics From Any Subject You Don’t Really Understand

Revisiting any topic from a subject that is not yet clear for you to understand is also a major factor that determines your success in the examination, and you can have a group of people to brainstorm /share possible solutions with/. Remember, no man is perfect.

11. Attend Jamb Tutorials

Go for your jamb lesson in a good jamb lesson center. Not a place where the teachers are unserious. That is very important.

12. Hard Working

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work,  so you need to Work as if it all depends on you and don’t forget to pray because God is always at the center of it all.

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