NYSC SAED: Different SKILL Acquision Programs in NYSC Camp

The Nysc Skills Acquisition & Entrepreneurship Department was birthed as a result of the giant step our government took in 2012 in an attempt to reverse the crippling hands of unemployment in Nigeria by introducing the Skill and Entrepreneurship Acquisition (SAED) program in the NYSC.

However, the core aim of this idea was supposed to build the concept of entrepreneurship in the youth and thus build their skills and business sense.

Since its introduction, the SAED program has left an immense impact in the lives of some corp members. There are experiences of corp members who started a living with this, others who do not have to spend money on buying certain products but can now produce them on their own, and have helped to save some expenses in their family budget since they can produce these things at home. Many have learned a lot of valuable skills that remain with them forever.

There are different categories of these skills offered in this SAED program. You can do well to consider them in the list below.

NYSC SAED: Agro-allied

This section of the SAED program partners with organizations involved in large-scale production, processing, and packaging of food using modern equipment and methods. They are usually involved in education and training interested corp members in the skills in processing and packaging of food.

It can really be an invaluable skill to acquire with the recent trend toward food processing and packaging.

NYSC SAED: Automobile

In the section of automobile, organizations such as driving schools can be contacted within the state to help corp members learn the skills of driving. A lot of corp members find themselves interested in this section which I feel it is very useful for every graduate to learn.

NYSC SAED: Beautification

In a large sense, beautification involves making visual improvements to a person, place, or thing. With the SAED program in the orientation camp, it is common to see beauticians who would teach corp members preliminary phases of embellishing pictures, artworks, and the sort.

NYSC SAED: Construction

This is more of the building and construction sector. Some of the training in this section might include bricklaying, the building of houses, the building of roads, and others like it. It can really be an interesting course for some corp members.

NYSC SAED: Cosmetology

The SAED works hand in hand with experts involved in the care of hair and makeup as well as skincare and products.

This training may include services such as coloring, extensions, and straightening. Interested corp members can learn useful skills in improving and perfecting the hairstyle of clients.

With the new knowledge of the corp members can make a business out of styling hair for weddings, proms, and other special events in addition to routine hair styling.

NYSC SAED: Culture and tourism

The culture and tourism section is interested in educating students on how to make a business from culture and tourism.

Culture and tourism happen to be placing importance on the artworks, relics and attractive centers of a community that raise the interest of the tourist. Good knowledge of the business is vital if a person wants to embark on it.

NYSC SAED: Education

In the education sector, organizations involved usually are into educating corp members who have a passion for education in seeing the various opportunities in the education sector and how to make a business out of it.

NYSC SAED: Environment

In the environment section, a lot of teachings on the dangers facing the environment are highlighted and training on environmentally ecology and economics are taught which is vital for most businesses today.

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NYSC SAED: Film and photography

In the film and photography section, the organization involved is usually into teaching corp members how to operate video cameras and photo cameras. To be able to produce excellent film and videos requires an art that needs to be acquired and that is what these bodies are interested in teaching corp members

NYSC SAED: Food Processing/Preservation

This section covers technologies involved in food processing and preservation. Corp members interested in this are taught by organizations on the modern technologies, and ways to use them in food processing and preservation and how to make a business out of it.


In the ICT sector, you can find organizations that are ready to give out knowledge on computer skills to students. Some of these skills would include skills in Microsoft Office, web design, graphic design, program management, and any other related skills.

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NYSC SAED: Power & Energy

In this section, you can find organizations that can teach corp members certain ways to generate power and energy. The training includes training mostly on how to build solar power. Knowledge of this can be a big source of revenue for corp members when taken seriously.


Depending on the state you are serving the categories can come in different forms with consideration of the available establishment in the area.

Generally, though, they are almost the same everywhere. You would be expected to join one so try as much as possible to know what would be easier for you, one that you have passion in and one that can help in the long run in your future career choices.’

Learn more about NYSC saed @ https://www.nysc.gov.ng/saed.html

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