How Does a Day in NYSC CDS Group Meeting Looks Like? Environmental CDS Group

A Day in an NYSC CDS Group Meeting: Environmental CDS Group

It is another beautiful day here in and today we would be writing on another Community Development Service (CDS) Group. That would be the environmental CDS group. What it is the CDS group about and how does it fit into the totality of the aims of the CDS aims?

The environmental CDS group as part of the service rendered to the host community to either develop or contribute to its growth, the environmental CDS group fine ways to improve the environs of their host community and by this way contribute in their little way to develop the community.

The CDS group is usually available in the rural areas or less developed areas. I think the reason is because they are more opportunities for them to contribute to these communities even without much financial demands.

If you find yourself in the environmental CDS group this is what you might be expecting in a typical week day.


Environmental CDS Group:

Mission Statement:   to contribute to the sanitization and esthetic look of its host community in significant ways that improves the awareness to the value of a green and clean society.


Meeting Process

I don’t know about others but in my environmental CDS group we start by 10.00am. We are about of us that are usually around for the meetings. There are about 30 other ghost corpers who do not come.

After the singing of the national anthem followed by the NYSC anthem the secretary would be asked to read the minutes of the last meeting. After that the CLO ask the house if there is any reaction to the minute that is read. If anybody in the group feels that something was not right about the minute read then the floor is given to the objector. After consideration of the points raised and making necessary changes and there is no further changes to be made to meeting, someone then moves for the adoption of the minutes read. Another member of the club then seconds the minute read.

The CLO then goes on with the activities laid down for the day.




During the meeting hours in my CDS group there is basically nothing we do than talk about matters affecting our CDS, talk about finance, expenditure, plans, and things like that. These more or less bring lots of arguments during the meeting period.

Apart from that we just have to plan the outdoor activities that we have to engage in. So generally, it is all a lot of talking and talking and talking in the meetings with a lot of people unashamedly showcasing their crude, meager or polished borrowed British English, and honing their public speaking skills as well (it’s funny and irritating to watch sometimes).



Our outdoor activities are directed into improving the community. The environmental sanitization would include sweeping of roads, clearing of dirty surroundings in the community, filling of pot holes, planting of trees, and any activity that can improve the cleanliness and esthetic beauty of the host community.

Other outdoor activities include seminars and talks to schools. The group is divided into groups and distributed in batches in different schools for these seminars especially if the CDS group number is large. The seminar topics vary ranging from sensitizing the host community on essential parts of cleanliness matters, career talks to young ones, health talks and other similar subject. Our target is to ensure that these young ones, adults and the community are clean in their minds, body and environment which constitute healthy living.


Closure of Meeting

When there is a unanimous agreement that there is nothing to talk about, or under the decision of the CLO every other pending agenda would be adjourned to a later meeting.



The following are officials that are unique to our environmental CDS group.

Corpers Liason Officer (CLO)/President: takes charge during meeting and every other affairs of the group.

Vice CLO/President: assists the president and replaces him when he is not available or late to the meeting.

Secretary: writes the minutes of the meeting and call the attendees and the permission of absentees.

Vice Secretary: assists the secretary in his duties and replaces him when he is absent.

Treasurer: collects and keeps financial records

Director of Socials (D.O.S): takes charge of all social activities of the CDS group. That involves taking care of all the parties, get together and any merry kind of event.

Assistant D.O.S: assists the D.O.S in his duties

PROVOST: ensures that there is serenity and security during the meeting and bringing to book anyone that offends the constitution of the group.



In my CDS group payment of dues and fines were taken seriously. Any breach in the constitution would instigate a payment of fine. What constitute payment of fines and what are the necessary dues?

Every member in group is expected to pay a total of N1000 for the year as club dues and a N500 for registration into the club, making it a compulsory N1500 for every corp member in my CDS group.

Here let me give you a list of the fines in my CDS group:

  • Ringing of phone during CDS meeting– N50
  • Misconduct or abusive actions – N50
  • Lateness to CDS – N100
  • Absenteeism from CDS meeting – N200
  • Absenteeism from outdoor activities – N300

It is hard to avoid this fines or dues because in my group the officials are very serious about it and no matter what you do you must pay. They would always be a way for them to make you pay. So to cut the stress you just have to count the money and give it to them.


I believe there are more creative things that can be done in this group if some thinking goes into the activities in the group. Maybe when you get there you could let out better ideas. For now I have done my job to give you a better idea of what the environmental CDS group looks like in my area and which is nearly similar to all other places.

Have a good time in Be blessed!

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