Nigerian Police Salary

Updated Nigerian Police Salary Structure 2021 – I just learned that sometime around April 2019 – Another review was made to the Salaries for Nigerian Police (formally the Nigerian Police Force.)

Let’s just get into it. Below are the estimated annual salaries in the Nigerian police arranged by ranks. The list range from non-sworn employees known as Police recruits all through the Inspector general of Police.

CONPOSS: this stands for Consolidated Police Salary Structure. It’s the equivalent of Nigeria Civil Service Grade Level. So, a Police recruit is in composs 1 which is similar to grade level 1.

STEPS is the number of years you’ve been on a particular rank. A Corporal in step 3 is the same as a 3rd-year corporal. The 3rd year corporal earns a little more than a 1st year corporal.

Steps in the police force stop at 10 which is supposed to be the 10th year. You’d likely be promoted to a new rank by your 5th year or earlier.

I’d like to keep this page simple. So I’ll just be dropping the step 1 salaries for the rank. Just know this is the bare minimum one would get a particular rank.

Police Recruit

Rank Police Recruit
Monthly Salary ₦10,114.00
Annual Salary ₦121,372.00


Police Constable II

Rank Constable II
Monthly Salary ₦41,496.00
Annual Salary ₦497,962.00


Police Constable I

Rank Constable I
Monthly Salary ₦42,264.00
Annual Salary ₦507,170.00



Rank Corporal
Monthly Salary ₦43,652.00
Annual Salary ₦523,826.00



Rank Sergeant
Monthly Salary ₦47,401.00
Annual Salary ₦568,812.00


Sergeant Major

Rank Sergeant Maj.
Monthly Salary ₦58,490.00
Annual Salary ₦701,881.00

Inspector II

Rank Inspector II
Monthly Salary ₦82,163.00
Annual Salary ₦985,965.00

Inspector I

Rank Inspector I
Monthly Salary ₦124,782.00
Annual Salary ₦1,497,387.00

Asst. Sup. of Police II

Monthly Salary ₦133,578.00
Annual Salary ₦1,602,942.00

Asst. Sup. of Police I

Rank ASP I
Monthly Salary ₦145,416.00
Annual Salary ₦1,744,999.00

Dep. Sup. of Police

Rank DSP
Monthly Salary ₦157,876.00
Annual Salary ₦1,894,514.00

Sup. of Police

Rank SP
Monthly Salary ₦168,242.00
Annual Salary ₦2,018,911.00

Chief Sup. of Police

Rank CSP
Monthly Salary ₦205,833.00
Annual Salary ₦2,470,000.00


Rank Asst. Compol
Monthly Salary ₦232,741.00
Annual Salary ₦2,792,903.00


Rank Dep. Compol
Monthly Salary ₦255,788.00
Annual Salary ₦3,069,463.00

Commissioner of Police

Rank Compol
Monthly Salary ₦516,703.00
Annual Salary ₦6,200,445.00


Asst. Inspector General

Rank AIG
Monthly Salary ₦527,387.00
Annual Salary ₦6,328,648.00

Dep. Inspector General

Rank DIG
Monthly Salary ₦854,272.00
Annual Salary ₦10,251,265.00

Inspector General of Police

Rank IG
Monthly Salary ₦938,578.00
Annual Salary ₦11,262,937.00


COMPOL: Commissioner of Police
Sup: Superintendent
CONPOSS: Consolidated Police Salary Structure

Arms of the Nigerian Police

The arms of the Nigerian police force are like the sections. You know how organisations are divided into various units for the effective running of the force. There are 14 arms at the moment;

  1. Administrative division
  2. Anti-Fraud Section
  3. The Central Criminal Registry
  4. Special Anti-Robbery Squad
  5. X-Squad, General Investigation
  6. Special Fraud Unit
  7. Legal Section
  8. Forensic Science Laboratory
  9. Interpol Liaison
  10. Homicide
  11. Police Mobile Force
  12. Anti-Human Trafficking Unit
  13. Force Intelligence Bureau
  14. DCI Kaduna Annex and Counter-Terrorism Unit.

Ranks in the Nigeria Police 

  1. Inspector General
  2. Deputy Inspector-General of Police
  3. Assistant Inspector-General of Police
  4. Commissioner of Police
  5. Deputy Commissioner of Police
  6. Assistant Commissioner of Police
  7. Chief Superintendent of Police
  8. Superintendent of Police
  9. Deputy Superintendent of Police
  10. Assistant Superintendent of Police
  11. Inspector of Police
  12. Sergeant Major
  13. Sergeant
  14. Corporal
  15. Constable

Nigeria Police Supervision

When it comes to the supervision and the control of the Nigeria police, there are three agencies responsible for that:

  1. The Police Service Commission (PSC)
  2. Nigerian Police Council
  3. Ministry of Interior.

Organizational Structure of the Nigeria Police Force

The corporate structure of the Nigeria Police Force is in line with the geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The structure aid the Nigerian police to function effectively within the internal territory of the country.

  1. Force Headquarters
  2. Zonal Headquarters
  3. State Commands Headquarters
  4. Divisional Police Headquarters
  5. Police Station
  6. Police Post
  7. Village Police Post.

What is on your mind? What do you think about the new salary structure of the Nigerian police force – The Nigeria police force salary?

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  1. The salary is not encouraging at all. I am a man in a family of five and my dad is also a police officer. An inspector in level 7(10).
    The salary is 😢😢 that’s why I never want to become one of them.
    I would rather join Network marketing or be an inventor rather than become a NP Officer.

  2. If en easy come collect am

    Yen yen yen, nonsense… All we see is the little they collect.. you know they can drag you to court and you’ll pay higher, let’s learn to appreciate the little money they collect on order to save us from bigger charges…. Besides make I give you 50naira make you go feed you family. ode

  3. It is God whom know’s wht NPF is undergoing on issues of salary but tank God for our father GCFR MOHAMMED BUHAER who is on top of the matter now ?

  4. It is quite unfortunate that the pay of these officers are peanuts, not enough to even take care of themselves how much more of their families. I think it’s high time Nigerian youths take actions on politicians, by doing drastic and hard tins to them, for me, soon Nigeria leaders will hear from me, cos it will be my life or theirs.

  5. by the special grace of GODi will be among the nigeria police force this year. lord this is what i ask for by your power and your mercy

  6. I applied for the nigeria constable police form online but my state of origin and local government is not indicated. please hope am free to go?

  7. Please let Nigeria do something over police and under force over they salary.salary is so poor . that why corruption can never finish in police force imagine family man receive 43thusand Nauru as no no let government do something better to Nigeria police

  8. The information is good but the taken home is not true.many command are paying so low.inspectors on level 7 step 1 are recieving #67,000 not even up to #73,000.i dont realy know where the deductions are coming from.

  9. The Nigerian Police Salary Structure is quite encouraging compared with other civil service members. I believe this is the basic salary as other allowances would follow.

  10. I need 2become a police man to investigate their criminal person in their various location i need 2pray fr u my respective brothrs

  11. I thank Almighty Allah for giving us a good leader that has the privilege of promoting our country may ALLAH help Mr president and

  12. I thank Almighty Allah for giving us a good leader that has the privilege of promoting our country may ALLAH help Mr president and Npf


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