Full Navy Barracks & Command Bases in Nigeria

In this article, we will explore the various navy barracks in Nigeria. They are quite a handful of them across the country.

List of Navy Barracks in Nigeria

Here are the Navy Barracks in Nigeria:

Nigeria Navy Barracks, PortHarcourt

Address: 89 Victoria St, Port Harcourt 500101, Port Harcourt

Nigerian Navy Barracks, Ojo

Address: Olute 102102, Lagos

Navy Barracks, Calabar

Address: NPA Express Rd, Tori 540281, Calabar

Navy Barracks, Lagos

Address: Navy Rd, Badia 102103, Lagos

Nigerian Navy Barracks, Markurdi

Address: Navy Road, 970101, Kanshio, Makurdi

Nigeria Navy Barracks, Abuja

Address: Pegni 900105, Kuje, Abuja

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About Nigerian Navy Barracks

The Nigerian Navy barrack is generally a network of accommodation facilities erected to shelter naval officials and men across the country. The word “barracks,” which originally meant “soldier’s tent,” was first used in the French and Italian dialects in the seventeenth century. However, in Nigeria today, barracks are often long-term housing complexes used for military housing.

In many Nigerian military units, both non-commissioned officers and senior non-commissioned officers are regularly accommodated in barracks for service or training. Officers are usually in charge of maintaining order in the barracks and among the men. Senior NCOs and officers can rent or be given their own quarters; however, junior enlisted naval officers and occasionally junior NCOs may generally get less room. Junior Naval officers are often in charge of maintaining the barracks’ cleanliness.

Complete List of Naval Command Centres IN Nigeria

The Western Naval Command (WNC)

The head office of the Western Naval Command can be found in Apapa in Lagos State. It stretches the maritime and seaside areas from the Nigeria/Benin boundary at Longitude 002 degrees 49’ East to Longitude 006 degrees East in Delta State, from the Nigerian shoreline to the boundary of the country’s exclusive trade area.

The following units are among those controlled by the Western Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy in the country:

  • Headquarters Western Naval Command
  • Western Fleet at Apapa
  • NNS BEECROFT, an operations base at Apapa
  • Naval Air Base, Ojo, Lagos
  • Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital, Ojo, Lagos
  • Fleet Support Group (West) at Apapa
  • NNS WEY, a maintenance unit at Navy Town, Ojo
  • Forward Operating Bases (FOB) IGBOKODA and BADAGRY in Ondo and Lagos States, respectively
  • Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Abeokuta
  • Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo
  • Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ogbomoso.

The Eastern Naval Command

The Eastern Naval Command is the 2nd operational center of the Nigerian Navy, with its head office located in Calabar, the capital of Cross River State.

The ENC covers the whole marine area from Longitude 006 degrees East in Delta State to the Nigeria/Cameroon boundary at Longitude 008 degrees 30’ East, extending from the Nigerian shoreline to the boundary of the country’s exclusive trade area.

  • NNS VICTORY, an operations base at Calabar.
  • NNS PATHFINDER, an operations base at Port Harcourt.
  • NNS JUBILEE, an operations base at Ikot Abasi.
  • Eastern Fleet at Calabar.
  • Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) BONNY, FORMOSO and IBAKA in Rivers, Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom States, respectively.
  • Fleet Support Group (East) at Calabar.
  • Navy Hospitals at Calabar and Port Harcourt.
  • Nigerian Navy Secondary Schools at Calabar and Port Harcourt.

The Central Naval Command

The Nigerian Navy’s 3rd operational command, the Central Naval Command (CNC), was formed in February 2012 and has its head office in Brass, Bayelsa State.

Since it is a new command with no office buildings or spaces on the ground in Brass, a command’s temporary headquarters began operating as an HQ (Annex) CNC at Yenagoa in March 2012 with the 1st stream of officers and ratings.

  • NNS DELTA, an operations base in Warri, Delta State
  • Naval Air Station, Effurun-Warri, Delta State
  • Navy Hospital, Warri, Delta State
  • Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) ESCRAVOS and FORMOSO in Delta and Bayelsa States, respectively
  • NNS LUGARD, an inland operations base on the River Niger at Lokoja, Kogi State.
  • Nigerian Navy Secondary School Okura-Olafia, Kogi State

The autonomous units

The autonomous units are those navy departments that need careful administration and high management that should not be duplicated or depicted in the lower hierarchy.

These units assist in maintaining the ships and manpower of the Nigerian Navy, and it takes orders from the Chief of Naval Staff.

  • Naval Dockyard Limited (NDL)
  • Naval Shipyard Limited (NSYL)
  • Naval Building & Construction Company Limited (NBCCL)
  • Navy Hotels & Suites Limited (NHSL)
  • Navy Micro Finance Bank Limited (NMFBL)
  • Navy Maritime Services Limited (NMSL)
  • Naval Exchange (NAVEX)
  • Naval Engineering Services Limited (NESL)
  • Navy Clearing and Forwarding Services Limited (NCFSL).

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