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Can someone partake in the MMPI test online? Yes, that is a fact.


This article will explain the easy way to conduct your MMPI test online.

Before we proceed further, what is the meaning of the MMPI test?

What is the MMPI Test Online all about?

The MMPI Test is a psychology assessment developed by neuropsychiatrist John Charnley McKinley and psychologist Starke R. Hathaway at the University of Minnesota.

It was formulated to help psychologists and mental health professionals identify mental disorders and illnesses.

Since it was first published in the early 1940s, the test has undergone different updates and revisions to get rid of prejudice based on race and gender and increase its accuracy.

The MMPI test is based on research from the University of Minnesota.

The Multiphasic Personality Test, MMPI, is a psychological test that assesses personality traits and pathologies. It is primarily intended to diagnose people suspected of having mental health issues but can also be used to discern whether psychologically healthy people have surprising personality characteristics.

The updated MMPI-2 test has been adapted for use in more than 40 countries.

Therefore, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) test is a multi-stage psychological test.

It is an adult psychological test that aims to examine various personality aspects of an individual.

The MMPI is a compulsory test mandated for various employment and career opportunities and favourable credibility for many types of court appearances.

This test is used by many companies when hiring key personnel.

This test examines candidates’ various personal characteristics and is used for several purposes:

  • Distinguishing between psychiatric diagnoses
  • Examining the candidates’ credibility and personality.
  • Assist in the selection of candidates for various key positions.

The test is currently regarded as the most valid and widely used personality test for examination and standardisation by employers.

MMPI is a questionnaire that includes over 500 different statements.

You can perform this test online, either individually or as part of a group, at any time.

Where can I do the MMPI Test Online?

1. You can do the MMPI Online at

With the platform, you don’t need to pay $800-1000 plus for a Psychologist to discover who you are. ‘Know Thyself’ yourself for the price of a Big Mac or cup of coffee. has provided the MMPI-2 Test Online for over ten years for only $3.99.

With the MMPI Test Online, you can obtain your personality analysis.

Practice the MMPI Online before you need to take it for a Job application or other Government-mandated requirement – or just because it is the most powerful self-analysis tool available.

Get the Test and Results, with Instructions for self-analysis or interpretation provided with our MMPI Online Test.

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2. Take the IDRlabs Multiphasic Personality Test

IDRlabs International developed the IDRlabs Multiphasic Personality Test.

This online multiphasic personality test is based on the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) scales (though not the equivalent of the official MMPI-2) and is delivered to you at no cost. Absolutely free!

Furthermore, the test is valid and comprehensive. Experienced professionals in psychological research and personality testing made these tests.

Their MMPI-2 scales are recognised as classic and well-researched scales that have undergone wide validation since they were first developed by Starke R. Hathaway and J. C. McKinley at the University of Minnesota.

Take the Test Here.

3. ellagotthardt’s free MMPI practice test

This MMPI-2 practice test is made up of 567 true-false questions. You have to invest about 60 to 90 minutes to finish the test.

Take the Test Here.


4. Idrlab’s Multiphasic Personality Test

This online multiphasic personality test is centered on the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) scales (although it is not an exact copy of the official MMPI-2), and you can partake in the test for free.

It allows you to get your scores on psychological criteria, which could possibly be present based on the standard multiphasic personality scales.

Take the Test Here.

5.’s  official updated MMPI Test Practice Test 2023

The Updated Official MMPI Test Practice Test 2023 was created to be implemented by students preparing for exams and job applications. It should never replace the advise and diagnosis of real psychologists and mental health experts.

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These products are not intended to be a precise substitute for an MMPI test administered by a registered practitioner.


How to Interpret the MMPI Test

Learn how to interpret the MMPI test result here.

Know how to understand and define the scales accurately when you click here.

Other Scales Tested in the MMPI Test Online

Other scales tested in the MMPI Test online are:

1. Scales that examine the extent to which the person responded to the questionnaire honestly

These scales examine variables as a tendency to respond in a way that presents them in a positive light, a tendency of the subject to respond in a way that presents them in a negative light or a tendency to avoid questions on certain subjects.

2. Valid scales

These scales assess how the respondent answered the questionnaire based on honesty, positive or negative presentation, or refraining from answering questions.

Definitions of MMPI Test Content Scales

1. ANX: Anxiety

General symptoms of anxiety, somatic problems, nervousness or worry

2. FRS: Fears

Specific fears and general fearfulness

3. OBS: Obsessiveness

Difficulty in making decisions, excessive rumination and dislike of change

4. DEP

Low mood, lack of energy, suicidal ideation and other depressive features

5. HEA: Health Concerns

Concerns about illness and physical symptoms

6. BIZ: Bizarre Mentation

The presence of psychotic thought processes

7. ANG: Anger

Feelings and expressions of anger

8. CYN: Cynicism

Distrust and suspiciousness of other people and their motives

9. ASP: Antisocial Practices

Expression of nonconforming attitudes and possible issues with authority

10. TPA: Type A Behavior

Irritability, impatience and competitiveness

11. LSE: Low Self Esteem

Negative attitudes about self, own ability and submissiveness

12. SOD: Social Discomfort

Preferring to be alone and discomfort when meeting new people

13. FAM: Family Problems

Resentment, anger and perceived lack of support from family members

14. WRK: Work Interference

Attitudes that contribute to poor work performance

15. TRT: Negative Treatment Indicators

Feelings of pessimism and unwillingness to reveal personal information to others


Why should you take the MMPI online?

1. Opportunities for Employment

The MMPI Test is required for almost all government job opportunities. The MMPI test is designed to reveal a person’s mental health and ability to handle specific roles relevant to key positions.

2. Court Cases

Specifically for Child Custody, but widely used to provide evidence on one of the parties involved in the case’s psychological instability. The scales of justice can tip in your favor.

3. Self Development Assessment

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is a popular personality test in mental health. Trained professionals use the test to aid in identifying personality structure and psychopathology.

Clinical Scales Tested in the MMPI Test Online

The ten clinical scales tested in MMPI are:

  1. Hs – Hypochondria, hyperactivity in the body, fear of diseases (32 items).
  2. D – Depression, evaluation of depressive symptoms, poor mood and hopelessness (57 items).
  3. Hy – Hysteria in stressful situations, there is abnormal behaviour, which is accompanied, among other things, by physical symptoms (60 items).
  4. Pd – Rebellious, nonconforming; may have family problems and poor work history. Often creative, but also impulsive, irritable and dissatisfied (50 items).
  5. Mf – Masculine masculinity – female behavior in men (56 items).
  6. Pa – Paranoia, with suspicious symptoms and persecution thoughts (40 items).
  7. Pt – Psychatenia – one’s inability to resist behaviors or thoughts that are harmful to him (48 items).
  8. Sc – Schizophrenia, clear psychotic symptoms, social alienation and bizarre thinking (78 items).
  9. Ma – Hypomania, high spirits, speech and accelerated actions, irritability and short periods of depression (46 items).
  10. Si – Problems in social relationships; A scale developed later to assess one’s tendency to withdraw from social ties and commitments (69 items).

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