The Best Job Sites in Nigeria 2021

Even though Nigeria is one of the countries with the highest unemployment rate recorded, there are over one hundred job adverts per day. We will be providing you with the best job sites in Nigeria in 2021.

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The Best Job Sites in Nigeria 2021

As of the second quarter of 2020, the unemployment rate in Nigeria was 27.1%, which implies that about  21,764,614 (21.7 million) Nigerians are yet to be employed. Its combination with underemployment (28.6%) rate amounted to 55.7%.

As much as this is alarming, you should consider that most people in this category are unemployed because they lack information vacancies and recruitments per time.

In times past, companies advertised vacancies in newspapers, TV stations, or radio channels. Although these methods are still employed, the internet is the most prevailing means by which advertisements are made these days.

Unemployment is therefore caused by so many things example; poverty, corruption, rapid population, immigration. Nigeria is a mono-economy that depends so much on the oil industry. This might be another reason or the high unemployment rate.

There are no new industries that are being built. And some existing industries are already relocating to different countries due to the social cost of operating in Nigeria.

How To Find Jobs on the website.

As earlier said, newspapers, TV and radio channel for the job advertisement has been replaced by the internet. Therefore, websites should be the first stop by point for anyone in search of a job.

Most companies prefer using their official sites to do their advertisement. Whatever the case may be, you should save yourself the stress of toiling in search of job vacancies. Because they reliable at all times.

So, all you need do is be sure of the site and then insert in site name on the google search bar. This will take you to the net page, which would give definitely give you a clue as to find recent job adverts.

Top Best Job sites in Nigeria 2021

Seeking a job of your choice in Nigeria is usually very challenging. Most times,  the random job adverts on billboards in the street might not actually align with the kind of job you need.

Nonetheless, hunting for job vacancies on websites is a straightforward thing to do. It comes with; the location of the company recruiting, eligibility, etc.

Let us quickly take a list on such a site you can check out for adverts.

Below are the Top 7 Job Sites in Nigeria…

s/n site name URL
1 Jobberman
2 Hot Nigerian Jobs
3 Job List Nigeria
4 Naija Hot Jobs
5 Ngcareers
6 Latest Nigerian Jobs
7 gblcareers

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Jobberman began as a recruitment and job hunt website in 2009, but since then, it has evolved to become one of Nigeria’s biggest and most trusted career platforms. It does not only provide career tip and training for job seekers but personalised Human resource management gig for big organisations and individuals. Ringier One Africa Media acquired Jobberman in 2015. 
Every year, over a million persons, interact with the site in seeking ways to succeed in their careers, grow professionally and win their dream jobs.

Job List Nigeria

Joblist Nigeria is a major job-seeking website dedicated to linking job seekers with potential employers.
Joblist Nigeria aims to assist Nigerians who are on the hunt for employment, fresh career opportunities or a new direction in life. The site has a 24/7 job update.


Hot Nigerian jobs is more than your everyday job site; it is a collaborative and engaging online destination for Nigerian people worldwide to partner, connect, stay updated and share ideas on matters that revolve around career and job. 



More Nigerian Job Sites To Also Consider

S/N Site Name URL
1 Job Seekers
2 My Job Mag
3 Job Gurus
4 Nigeria Best Jobs
5 Career NGR
6 Career 24
7 Job zilla
8 Naira career
9 jobspire

Others include;


This a foreign site that has, over time, gained access to the Nigerian market. The problem with this site is that it seldom meets local needs, like many indigenous job sites.


Delon Jobs provides not only job updates but also free weekly live webinars used in teaching Nigerian students, Pre-NYSC, NYSC, and recent graduates about finding jobs in Nigeria and career development.


It is not an African site but falls amongst the first result page when searching for job sites in Nigeria. Was acquired by the Japanese firm Recruit Holdings for US$1.2 billion in 2018.
This site does not only make it possible for people to search and apply for jobs, but there is also a provision where people can either view or submit their salary.

That will be all for now. Be rest assured that you can trust any of the sites listed above to give you the necessary updates you need about a job.

However, if you think any site should be here, which is really not here, you can use the comment section down below, and upon confirmation, we will add them.

If you have any questions on this, please drop it at the comment section below and do well to share this using any of our share buttons –  Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp, Instagram. Thanks!

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