Most Recommended Job Sites in Nigeria 2021 for Job Seekers

Job Sites in Nigeria;- In Nigeria today, it is no longer news that there are thousands and probably millions of unemployed people seeking jobs on a daily basis.

Although, majority of these unemployed job seekers possess the skills most companies are looking for, however, they many times are not aware that such companies are even available, or are looking for staff with their skills.

Job Sites in Nigerian

In other to bridge the cabs, many sites have arisen to publish job vacancies, thereby standing as a gap between job seekers and employers.

In Nigeria, there are thousands of job sites. Many are still popping up on a daily basis. However, there are few that have stood out over the years because they have been able to help many to get their dream jobs.

Hence, you can now be in the comfort of your homes and have access to the thousands of organizations and employers seeking to employ job seekers.

If you are currently looking for a good job and don’t know where to find, then this article is just for you.

This article contains a list of trusted Job Sites for Nigerian Job Seekers. Truly, these sites are more than just platforms to see vacancies, as they provide useful resources and information.

Below are 13 job sites for job seekers in Nigeria, that you could check often for job vacancies.

1. Jobberman –

Jobberman is one of the oldest job sites for job seekers in Nigeria. Jobberman is concerned with solving the problem of unemployment in Nigeria by providing practical solutions to the issues.

Jobberman happened to be the preferred choice for job seekers in Nigeria because they offer more than just publishing job vacancies in Nigeria.

They also review CVs for free, give career advice, etc. They are definitely a platform every job seeker should have at their fingers on. If you require more information about them.


2. My Job mag –

This site for job seekers in Nigeria was established in 2010, My Jobmag provides top-notch job services to the recruitment market in Nigeria.

My Job Mag provides a platform that makes it easy for job seekers to search for available job positions across the country.

Their site is very easy to use, and it hosts hundreds of companies, including name brands like Unilever. One other outstanding thing about MyJobMag is that they also provide job tips, CV revies, and shortlisting service for employers.


3. Ngcareers –

Ngcareers is a popular site among Nigerian job seekers and employers. Just like the two listed above they provide a platform for organizations to advertise vacancies to a large audience thereby bridging the gap between the unemployed and employers.

They also provide complementary services such as CV review, training courses, and company reviews. You can find them at


4. Job list Nigeria –

Job list Nigeria is a provider of recruitment resources committed to connecting individuals (Job Seekers) to organizations (employers).

They also provide information on scholarship opportunities, internships (for both undergraduate and graduate), training, etc. You can contact them on


5. Job gurus Services –

Job gurus Services is an online Job portal based in Port Harcourt that helps employers find the right candidate for the vacancies in their company.

The online job portal advertises new Job opportunities in Nigeria that range from SMEs to multinationals.

Their platform also provides employers or recruiters the means to advertise vacancies, receive applications and track and sort them.


6. Jobzilla –

Jobzilla is one of the tops and known job sites for job seekers in Nigeria. Jobzilla publishes the latest job vacancies on a daily basis on their site.

One unique thing about Jobzilla is that they assure their users that they go the extra mile to ensure job seekers don’t get defrauded by cross-checking vacancies to avoid scams.


7. Hot Nigerian Jobs –

No different from the ones above, hot Nigerian jobs leverages technology to connect the unemployed and employers.

Hot Nigerian Jobs pride themselves in providing timely information to job seekers. You can find Hot Nigerian Jobs portal on


8. Nigeria(NGR) –

NGR jobs sis another job portal in Nigeria that regularly publishes daily and latest job vacancies in Nigeria.


The company publishes job opportunities ranging from graduate, experience and internship positions. The job portal post both recent and featured jobs, which normally requires little or no experience. Learn more on their official site now.


9. YBLNigeria –

YBLNigeria was established with the main goal of reducing the rate of youth unemployment by 3% by December 2016 and 25% in the year 2020.

YBLN or the Young Business Leaders of Nigeria host employers, employees, and entrepreneurs creating a platform for interaction between the three and an opportunity for the unemployed to get in contact with employers who need their services.

They also seek to do more than advertise jobs, they also provide opportunities for job seekers to develop themselves thereby making themselves more employable.

They also use their social media platforms such as twitter to push vacancies to thousands of people across Nigeria.

10. Jobrapido –

Jobrapido is one of the world’s top Job site. Jobrapido which was established in 2006, has over the years, gain global popularity both among Job seekers and employers.

Jobrapido gathers job listings from all over the internet, so that job candidates will find it easy to search for jobs from one site.

This Jobsite employs the use of innovation and technology to ensure that employers find the right candidate of their choice, and vice versa.

Jobrapido is currently in 58 countries, Nigeria inclusive.


11. Employment Nigeria –

Employment Nigeria is a recommended and top job site in Nigeria. Employment Nigeria makes it easy for job seekers to find latest Jobs and recruitment in Nigeria.

By allowing employers to advertise their current Jobs on their platform, Employment Nigeria is able to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers.


12. LatestNigerianJobs –

LatesNigerianJobs is a job site for Nigerians. This job site publishes current job vacancies on a daily basis.

Though not quite different from most of the job sites listed above, Latest Nigerian Jobs promises to ensure timely updates of available jobs in Nigeria.


13. TipTopJob –

TipTopJob is a recommended job site for Nigerians. TipTopJob is an independent job network platform that provides daily job updates to not only job seekers in Nigeria but all over the world.

TipTopJob has a network of job sites, and allows employers to advertise job vacancies over their various networks.

One thing that makes this platform unique is their outstanding account manager, and customer service support.

Aside from just searching for jobs in Nigeria, you can also search for jobs in any country on TipTop.


That is all on the job sites for job seekers in Nigeria

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