GTBank 737 Codes


GTBank Nigeria *737# Codes. All GTbank transactions from a any phone. Check out the GTBank 737 Codes and what you can do with them. *737*6# shows your Account Balance…
You never know when these GTbank 737 short-codes will come in handy.
These 737 codes can be used to do the following:

Open a GTbank Account
Get GTbank Internet Banking Details
Purchase Airtime
Check your GTbank Account balance
Transfer Cash to other accounts

The table below summarizes GTbank Nigeria’s 737 short-codes and their uses.

GTBank *737# Short-Codes Summary

Function Code
Account Opening *737*0#
Internet Banking Details *737*6*5#
Check Account Balance *737*6#
Airtime Purchase for self *737*500#
Airtime Purchase for Friend *737*500*Number#
GTbank to GTbank Transfers *737*1*AMT*NUBAN#
GTbank to Other Banks *737*2*AMT*NUBAN#

AMT = Amount (ie Amount you want transfer)
NUBAN = Account number (Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number)

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