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Yahoo Mail SignUp | How to create a Yahoomail Account

Creating a new Yahoo Mail account is quite easy. This post provides a step-by-step guide anyone can follow to sign up for a mail account: – yahoo mail registration form

Below is how to register for yahoo mail

  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet.
  2. Then, visit or Click Here
  3.  On the new page that loads up, click on the Create Account button on the right-hand side of the page
  4. Correctly fill in your information on the next page
  5. NB: Submissions will only be successful if the data in the yahoo sign up form is entered correctly. The error made on the yahoo registration page will be highlighted in red ink while users are prompted to correct them.
  6. Once all the entered details are verified to be as it should(correct). Your Yahoo Mail email address has successfully been created. You login into your mailbox now.
  7. Your new YahooMail includes Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mail chat, Yahoo Email, Yahoo

Yahoo Mail Login | How to Login to Yahoomail Account

So, you’ve now got yourself a new yahoo mail account. The next step is signing in (ie logging into your account). Here is how to sign in to the Yahoo Mail Account.

  1. Enter in your browser address bar; this should take you to yahoo email login page
  2. Enter your password and your Yahoo Id in the boxes provided.
  3. Click on the sign-in or log-in button below
  4. You are good to go. Get into your inbox and connect with the word.

How to Delete YahooMail ( Account

  1. Log on to
  2. Enter your password in the space provided and click on “terminate this account” button.  After 90 days, the account will permanently be terminated. Also, before implementing this. you may decide to transfer your data to elsewhere. YahooMail ( will delete all links associated with the YahooMail account.

Yahoo Registration

Let’s reiterate how to open a Yahoo mail account. Yahoo registration is not as complicated as most people would want you to believe. Here is the simplest guide on how to create a yahoo account:

Here are a few things you must know before proceeding:

  • Create your email with an ID you can always remember
  • Create your new mail account with the password you will always remember
  • Create a strong password, to protect your account
  • You can use an alternative email during the registration, to enable you to remember your account if in case there is any problem in future
  • Use an active mobile number for the registration so that you can verify your Yahoo Registration

How To Create New Yahoo Mail Account – Yahoo Registration

  1. Visit the yahoo mail sign up page(yahoo com register)
  2. fill the form
  3. submit your new yahoo mail application form
  4. use your phone number to verify your yahoo mail registration
  5. now you can log in and send or receive mail messages

How to Format and Send Yahoo Mail

  • Begin by selecting “New” in the top left corner of your home page to send a message. Then, on the next screen, hit “E-mail Message,” Here’s how to put your message together.
  • After “To:” input the e-mail address of your recipient. If you’re delivering the e-mail to two or more person, separate each name with a comma and a space, except for the last.
  • Insert the email addresses of everyone who should get a copy of the e-mail to the “Cc:” line. To include names of persons who will get the mail without the rest of the group knowing or even seeing their e-mail addresses, select the letters “Show BCC” at the end of the “To” line.
  • After “Subject,” put a few sentences to describe the subject of your e-mail. To avoid looking like spam, be very precise when contacting someone you don’t know well (“Agenda for HR meeting 2-21,” “Thursday’s U-12 soccer game”).
  • In the big Compose box, write your mail. You can design the message with features from the area below the subject line, such as font, size, and colour, or include hyperlinks or emojis.
  • Click “Spelling” on the line above “To:,” to double-check your spelling, then “Send” to deliver your mail. You’ll receive notification that the message was delivered, and it’ll be stored in your Sent folder automatically. You can save a partially typed message in your Draft folder to complete and send afterwards by clicking “Save Draft,” You can add a file by clicking “Attach”

Other Yahoo Services

Owning that yahoo account automatically gives you access to so many other useful services rendered by Yahoo…Some of which I have listed below.

  • Yahoo Advertising: This service informs people about new products and services and uses as its mailing service.
  • Yahoo Answers: this one I use personally. It’s a service that provides questions and answers and it makes use of as it mailing service, you can sign up to yahoo to get full access to this service 
  • Yahoo Autos: is concerned with automobiles. It is a service for buying, selling, maintaining and searching for cars. if you are registered to this service is also available for you automatically.
  • Yahoo Developer Network this is a yahoo service for esteemed developers of yahoo applications and make it also uses as its official mailing service, you can sign up to Yahoomail to get full access to this service.
  • Yahoo Finance: this is for the business enthusiast. It’s is a stock market news site owned by yahoo. It is an information-only website.
  • Yahoo GeoPlanet: not a very popular one but gives information to developers on how Yahoo functions and how to go about yahoo for geeks.  It showcases the difference between the real and digital worlds and makes use of as its mailing service as you’d expect.
  • Yahoo Groups: just like a social network. This one helps to communicate with folks or friends it’s like you creating a topic and inviting a friend for group talk just like the group on facebook. Whatever your interests or hobbies are, there is a Yahoo Group for you or you can create a new group and it makes use of as it mailing service, you can sign up to Yahoomail to get full access to this service 
  • Yahoo Local show you details of where you can find a business in your local area.  it shows featured landmarks and event information from a particular area. you do not need to be a registered user to to use this service, however, you must register to write a review or comment 
  • Yahoo Maps: as the name implies, is a free online mapping service that shows Smart View of the location provided  if you have signed up to you can store a list of commonly used street addresses icons 
  • Yahoo Messenger:  is an Instant Messaging service by yahoo for Sending text messages in real-time it Shares photos from your computer or Flicker. Not as popular as it used to be. Also makes use of as its mailing service. 
  • Yahoo News this is an information service by yahoo that gives you live news update on Top Stories, Business, Entertainment, Science, Health, Weather etc it is a news service like, CBC News, Seven News, and BBC News and it allows comments for news articles if you sign up to 
  • Yahoo OMG is an entertainment hub owned by yahoo in Yahoo OMG you can get celebrity news, celebrity photos, gossip, Top Stories and so on you are allowed to drop comments only if you sign up to 
  • Yahoo Pipes is a web-enabled application. It uses a graphical user interface for creating data mashups that heap up web feeds, web pages, and other services by getting it information from different sources you must sign up to to use this service

Features of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail has tremendously improved in value, aesthetic features and design. This will surely meet your expectations. Let’s explore some of them:


As a way of combating the sharp rise in email-related internet scam and due to the fact that a lot of email users have, in recent times, fallen victim to malware and scam, Yahoo has improved its security technology to make sure that users are safe. Yahoo mail utilises SSL encryption to ensure that file transmission and exchange is safe and secure. It means all the content in your Yahoomail is totally encrypted and secured.

Spam Policy

Spam is referred to as unsolicited mails to more than one users. Spam can also take the form of advertisement.

Yahoo mail filters spam and immediately block them. Other mails which have questionable source are pre-tagged as spam and sent your spam folder, separate from your inbox. If the emails in the files are legit, then you can move them to your inbox or delete them, but as a policy, yahoo mail will ultimately delete files at the spam folders after a particular time. This helps keep your email spam-free and lessen the likelihood of getting a virus into your computer.

Mobile Access

The use of mobile devices has started to take a huge chunk of the internet. For ease and convenience, yahoo mail has a mobile application to allow users to send and receive emails directly from their phone. It is in the play store. The app also allows yahoo mail users to be notified whenever there is a new mail.


With life on the go and our busy schedules, it is easy to lose track of our many appointments and events. Yahoo Calendar is a tool you need to help manage and organize your busy schedule. You do not have to worry about forgetting important events like anniversaries and birthdays, appointments and meetings if you have Yahoo Calendar. Simply make an entry and set a time and day and Yahoo Mail will make sure you get a reminder email as prescribed.

The calendar entry can have a specific title, locations and other details that you would like to add. If you have a pending report, you can also add an alert reminder. Yahoo gives you the option to invite other people. Simply go to the calendar and click on other options.

Yahoo Mail Android App

The android app for yahoo mail sure makes life a lot easier and boost productivity to a whole new level.

You could just use your google play store application and search for “Yahoo Mail”. Download and enter your email username and password. Then click on login.

Here is a direct URL to play store page for Yahoomail android app.

YahooMail On Social Media

Here are direct links to Social media pages

Yahoo on Facebook

Yahoo on twitter

Yahoo tv on Instagram

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