Best Free Album Download Websites


There are many websites on the internet today that promises free album download, however,, many of such sites are full of spam, and a complete waste of time.

Hence, it seems it becomes somewhat difficult of find a legit free album download sites. If you are searching for a free album download website, you are in the right place.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best free album download websites, where you can safely access and download legit free albums.

List of The Best Free Album Download Websites

If you a lover of music, and you are looking for best sites to download free album, this section will help with that.

Here are 6 best free album download sites compiled for you.

1. Free Music Archive

Best Free Album Download Websites


Free Music Archive is an authentic website where you can download albums for free. It is a project of free music radio, WFMU, based in New Jersey, US.

Apart from free album downloads, you can create an account and interact with other web visitors and post your opinion on a personal blog.

It is a full-fledged entertainment website, one of the few licensed under creative commons. So if you are a fan of all types of music genres, you will genuinely enjoy the vast catalog of free albums.

The site is organized, and you will find it easy to search for whatever music album you may want to download.

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2. Jamendo


Best Free Album Download Websites

Jamendo started a platform to connect musicians and lovers of good music. Now it is a hub for downloading albums for free.

There are an estimated 490,000 individual songs and 37,000 artists sharing their music album for free on Jamendo.

These music albums can be streamed, downloaded for free, without paying a dime.

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3. mp3Juices

Best Free Album Download Websites


Mp3Juice is among the most favorite music download websites in the world.

Though it has a different functionality compared to the ones we earlier listed out, you can download albums on this website for free.

MP3jUICE works as a search engine, where you search for the album you want, and boom! Download it within seconds. It is as easy as that.

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4. Public domain 4U

Best Free Album Download Websites


Are you looking for a website where you have the chance to explore a full catalog of hundreds of thousands of albums for free?

Then Public Domain 4U is your solution. This website has a lot of music in stock for the general public.

It is a well-organized website, and it shouldn’t take you time to start downloading some of the latest albums without paying a dime or wasting your time.

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5. Stereokiller

Best Free Album Download Websites


Stereokiller started in the early 2000s, and till today, it remains a go-to source for quality album download.

It caters to mostly unsigned musicians and undiscovered artists. It allows you to stream and download music for free while communicating with other music listeners and studying album reviews.

There is also a portal for reading the latest music news.

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6. BeeMP3s

Best Free Album Download Websites


This website revolves around free album download for music lovers. Every music on this website is free, and it has emerged as one of the most visited music websites of 2020.

You can easily download free songs and audiobook without the need to sign up. It is filled with famous and trendy music, from the top 10 weekly to the greatest of all time songs.

The website encompasses all genres, from hip hop to reggae to EDM, you don’t have to keep searching for other websites.

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Final thoughts

So you have seen the list of the Best Free Album Download Websites, and let us know in the comment section below how many albums you have succeeded in downloading.

We have vetted each website and understood that none of them is having any issues at the moment.

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