Where to Fill up Balloon with Helium for Free

Balloons are one of the essential elements of any amazing party.

Without a doubt, helium-filled balloons typically have a longer lifespan than air-filled balloons.

That is because helium is thinner than air.

The helium will cause the balloon to rise so long as the balloon you are using is likewise relatively light.

The normal weight of helium per litre is 0.1785 grams.

In contrast to nitrogen, which has a weight per liter of 1.2506 grams.

When you blow into a balloon, nitrogen exits from your lungs.

Your own breathed air weighs more than helium. Thus, it won’t cause balloons to fly as high.

If you would like the perfect balloons, then you should get them filled with helium.

Below are some places where you can fill up your balloons with helium for free.


Not all Walmart outlets have helium services.

The ones that do seem to be the bigger Superstore types.

If there is a Walmart Superstore in your neighborhood, then there’s a high likelihood you can get helium services.

Plus, Walmart has a range of balloons.

You can find numerous balloons with various designs in their party department.

Even some retailers pre-inflate some balloons.

This lets you purchase the inflated balloon effectively without needing to stand in line for helium service.

Walmart will fill up your balloon regardless if it is foil or latex.

They won’t, however, fill a balloon if it was bought from another shop.

For a helium fill-up, you’ll need to provide your receipt at the customer care counter as proof that you purchased it from their facility.

You may buy an assortment of helium tanks at Walmart.

This lets you inflate the balloons at home and may result in longer-term financial savings.

The helium service they provide is affordable.

Each balloon costs at least 25 cents.

However, the cost may vary based on the quantity and size of the balloons.

Depending on the kind of balloon you choose, it may cost you more.

For instance, you can pay more to fill latex balloons than foil ones.

While Walmart outlets won’t fill balloons bought from other retailers, they will do so if the balloon is bought at another Walmart outlet.

The receipt serves merely as evidence of the sale.

Furthermore, you can get balloons online from Walmart and bring them in for filling.

Once again, you must have your receipt on hand.

Call your local Walmart to find out if they offer the service because helium services are only offered at a tiny percentage of Walmart locations.

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Along with offering basic first aid, a little food shopping, and serving as an excellent store for prescription drugs, CVS also boasts a party department.

In that party department, you can access a small variety of balloons.

CVS offers helium services as well as selling balloons.

CVS has added party supplies in a bid to be more than just a drugstore.

They want to serve as a one-stop shop for all your needs.

But not all CVS stores are the same.

Smaller CVS outlets, for instance, might primarily sell pharmaceuticals and not much else.

These stores most definitely do not have a party department, so they can’t offer helium services either.

Bigger stores with different departments, such as a party section, are likely to have helium services.

There is no extra cost for CVS’s helium service.

The price is in the cost of the balloon since CVS expects you to fill the balloon within their store.

Although it’s worth verifying, most of them don’t fill balloons bought from other stores.

If anyone agrees to fill your balloon from another retailer, they’ll probably charge you a modest fee for the service.


Most locations have Kroger grocery stores, even though they do not carry the Kroger name.

Kroger is known for selling top-notch food and other goods.

Helium balloon filling is another service offered by Kroger.

One benefit of using filling your balloon at Kroger is that they take balloons from any store.

For instance, Kroger will still fill balloons even if you purchased them from Walmart.

The reason for this is that the helium service at Kroger is not free.

This means you have to pay to helium fill the balloon, regardless of where you purchase it (Kroger or elsewhere).

There are various kinds of balloons available for sale at Kroger.

Latex and foil are the most popular types.

They also sell different sizes of balloons.

The cost of a helium service depends on several factors, including quantity, type, and size.

The average cost to use Kroger’s helium services ranges from $3 to $8.

A typical latex balloon can be purchased for as little as $1.

Helium fees for larger balloons range from $7 to $15 when their length is 12 or 15 inches.

Kroger can also assist you if you wish to get pre-filled helium balloons.

In their flower department, you’ll find a variety of helium balloons that are already filled and available for purchase.

Although there are less expensive ways to fill your balloon, you can always take it to Kroger if you are in a hurry.


Even though Meijer is a local supermarket, many people in Midwest states shop there as their primary food store.

Meijer also has a big party department that is stocked with all the party essentials.

Since Meijer sells balloons, you may be curious to know if they also offer helium services.

Other grocery shops don’t offer many of the services that Meijer provides, such as filling balloons.

At Meijer, you can even place an order via phone for a lot of balloons.

This way, they resemble a party supply store.

You can contact Meijer and ask them to fill up 20 or so balloons with helium for you.

Meijer will then provide you with a projected delivery date for your item.

Since the Meijer staff have to carry out their other duties as well, it will probably take more time than a party store.

For bulk orders, you can typically estimate your order to be delivered within three to four hours.

This process will go faster if you only have a few balloons.

You can sometimes get pre-filled helium balloons from Meijer at their shop as well.

It is advisable to contact your nearest Meijer store to find out if they would fill balloons purchased from another retailer because every store acts differently.

Meijer is more convenient and efficient than other stores when it comes to purchasing and filling balloons.


Another retail outlet that refills balloons with helium is Publix, another local grocery store chain based in the Southeast United States.

You will have to pay to fill balloons at Helium, just like other supermarkets do.

Even if you purchased the balloon from Publix, there will still be a modest charge to fill it.

The good news is that there is no limit to the number of balloons you can inflate at Publix.

Publix can fill all 202 balloons you bought for a particular event if you desire them all to be filled with helium.

Just know that you’ll be spending a lot of cash on this.

Party City

If there is a Party City in your town, you can most definitely get helium services from the store.

Since Party City sells about everything you could possibly need for your party, it’s the perfect place to get helium for your balloons.

This covers all balloon types.

There are numerous ways to access helium services via Party City.

One of the most popular ways is to just purchase balloons that have been helium-filled.

Day after day, Party City fills up a few balloons with helium.

The only thing left to do is buy these inflated balloons.

Choose the balloons that most closely align with your party theme.

Party City also sells uninflated balloons in case you’d prefer to inflate them yourself.

They provide a no-cost helium fill-up service with a few of their balloons.

However, some of them don’t do this, so it’s crucial to check the exact balloon.

Just buy your balloons and let the cashier blow them with helium when you’re ready.

Balloons are simple to buy and fill with helium at Party City.

For this reason, they also offer home delivery.

You can buy balloons via their website and let them fill them at the retail outlet on your behalf.

Then, you have the option of having them delivered right to your house or driving to the shop to collect them.

Alternatively, you can purchase balloons somewhere and take them to Party City to have them inflated.

The balloons will still be filled at Party City, but there will be a nominal charge for the service.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is yet another facility where helium balloons can be filled.

Similar to Party City, Dollar Tree offers a range of options for using its services.

The first option is to purchase helium-filled balloons straight from them.

Dollar Tree is equipped with its own party department. However, it is not as large as Party City.

There are multiple balloons in that party department.

Several of these balloons are available pre-inflated.

You can buy them as-is without the need to be scared about helium service.

You can also purchase a balloon and have them fill it for you.

This service is limited to foil balloons.

At their outlets, they don’t offer helium filling for latex balloons.

Also, they won’t fill up balloons that you got from another retailer.

For instance, if you purchase a foil balloon from Party City, you can’t helium fill it at Dollar Tree.

Alternatively, you can purchase foil balloons from the Dollar Tree website and have them inflated.

Carry along your receipt as proof that you purchased the balloon from their online store.

You won’t be paying extra to use this service.

Dollar General

If there is no Dollar Tree nearby, a Dollar General might be available.

Since Dollar Tree and Dollar General are owned by the same corporation, you may get similar products or services from both.

You can buy helium-filled balloons from Dollar General.

You can get them straight from the shop.

Furthermore, they offer helium filling, but only to customers who purchase their balloons from their store.

They will refuse to fill any balloons that were purchased from another store.

You can also buy an 8.9-cubic-foot helium tank at about $35.

You have the option of buying this tank and filling your own balloons at home.



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