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See Ethio telecom data packages, price and activation instruction. Ethio Telecom data plans and activation codes 2019.

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Mobile Internet Package


  • Ethio mobile internet service is available in 2G, 3G & 4G LTE options.  You can get the service either in pay as you go or package mode with Daily, Weekly & Monthly options.

Benefits of the Service          

  • Convenient to Browse Internet on the move.
  • Affordable tailor made packages designed based on your needs
  • 24/7 Internet service on your mobile/tablet.


The Mobile Internet Package offer is presented to you in two forms.

Pay as you go Mobile Internet:

  • This is a mobile Internet service which allows you to pay for what you have used in real time.
  • The tariff is 0.20 Birr per MB and works in 2G (GPRS) and 3G ( HSPA ) technologies.

Mobile Internet packages:

Ethio presents different mobile internet packages based on its customers’ needs

  • Mobile internet packages is available in two ways. Internet on mobile package (daily, night, weekly, weekend and monthly) and internet only package (monthly package).
  • Internet package on Mobile:

      Daily internet package:

Valid for 24 Hours

Package TypePackage Price
Daily Internet 25MBBr.3
Daily Internet 45MBBr.5
Daily Internet 100MBBr.10
Daily Internet 200MBBr.15
Daily Internet 500MBBr.35

Dail *999# to Activate

Weekly internet package:

Valid for 7 Days…

Package TypePackage Price
Weekly Internet 500MBBr.50
Weekly Internet 700MBBr.60
Weekly Internet 1GBBr.80

Dail *999# to Activate


Weekend Internet Package:

Valid 7pm Friday to 7 am Monday

Package TypePackage Price
Weekend Internet 500MBBr.35
Weekend Internet 1GBBr.60
Weekend Internet 2GBBr.110

Dail *999# to Activate


Night internet package:

You prefer fast and cheap internet access? Then Dail *999# to Activate the Night internet Package.

Package TypePackage Price
Night Internet 50MBBr.3
Night Internet 100MBBr.5
Night Internet 160MBBr.7


Monthly internet package:

Valid for 30 Days

Package TypePackage Price
Monthly Internet 1GBBr.100
Monthly Internet 2GBBr.190
Monthly Internet 4GBBr.350
Monthly Internet 8GBBr.600
Monthly Internet 10GBBr.700
Monthly Internet 20GBBr.1300
Monthly Internet 30GBBr.1800
Monthly unlimitedBr.4900

Note: Terms and conditions will apply for unlimited package

Dail *999# to Activate


Monthly Internet Only Package

Also Available for 30 days

Package TypePackage Price
Monthly Internet 1GBBr.100
Monthly Internet 2GBBr.190
Monthly Internet 4GBBr.350
Monthly Internet 8GBBr.600
Monthly Internet 10GBBr.700
Monthly Internet 20GBBr.1300
Monthly Internet 30GBBr.1800
Monthly unlimitedBr.4900

Terms and conditions will apply for unlimited package

To Buy Package Offer: Dail *999#

Note that: All prices are 15% VAT inclusive.

Steps on how to purchase ethio telecom data

Use the following step to buy mobile internet packages

  • Dial *999#
  • Enter 1 for package offer
  • Enter 1 for yourself
  • Enter 2 for internet package —-> package type
  • Enter 1 for daily, 2 for weekly or 3 for monthly
  • Then select your preferable package offer.

Unlimited Fixed Broadband Internet Tariff for Business Customers

SpeedMonthly fee (Br)
1 Mbps1,368.50
2 Mbps2,475.39
3 Mbps3,843.90
4 Mbps4,467.77
5 Mbps5,082.75
6 Mbps 5,697.75
7 Mbps6,312.75
8 Mbps6,927.75
9 Mbps7,542.75
10 Mbps8,157.75
11 Mbps8,772.75
12 Mbps9,387.75
15 Mbps11,232.75
16 Mbps11,847.75
20 Mbps14,307.75
24 Mbps16,767.75
25 Mbps17,382.75
30 Mbps20,457.75
31 Mbps21,072.75
35 Mbps23,532.75
40 Mbps26,607.75
43 Mbps28,452.75
45 Mbps29,682.75
50 Mbps32,757.75
54 Mbps35,217.75
60 Mbps38,907.75
65 Mbps41,982.75
77 Mbps49,362.75
80 Mbps51,207.75
88 Mbps56,127.75
90 Mbps57,357.75
99 Mbps62,892 75
100 Mbps63,507.75
110 Mbps69,657.75
111 Mbps70,272.75
120 Mbps75,807.75
133 Mbps83,802.75
140 Mbps88,107.75
150 Mbps94,257.75
160 Mbps100,407.75
178 Mbps111,477.75
180 Mbps112,707.75
200 Mbps125,007.75
223 Mbps139,152.75
246 Mbps153,297.75
250 Mbps155,757.75
260 Mbps161,907.75
269 Mbps167,442.75
300 Mbps186,507.75
314 Mbps195,117.75
336 Mbps208,647.75
400 Mbps248,007.75
449 Mbps278,142.75
450 Mbps278,757.75
500 Mbps309,507.75
550 Mbps340,257.74
562 Mbps347,637.74
585 Mbps361,782.74
600 Mbps371,007.75
675 Mbps417,132.74
800 Mbps494,007.74
900 Mbps555,507.74
901 Mbps556,122.74
1014 Mbps625,617.74
1024 Mbps631,767.74
1127 Mbps695,112.74
1353 Mbps834,102.74
2048 Mbps1,261,527.73
2311 Mbps1,423,272.73


  • Regardless of your usage, you will pay only the subscribed monthly fee.
  • Subscription fee: Birr 400
  •  Existing fixed line service customers are free from subscription fee
  • Higher speed options are also available as per your preference
  • Based on your speed preference, price for ADSL modem is Birr 1,349 & price for EPON modem is Birr 2,230
  • Both modems have 6 months of Guarantee
  • To get the services, please visit the nearest ethio telecom shop

Unlimited Fixed Broadband Internet


Monthly Fee (Birr)

512 Kbps546
1 Mbps978
2 Mbps1,768
3 Mbps2,746
4 Mbps3,191
5 Mbps3,886
6 Mbps4,580
8 Mbps5,970
10 Mbps7,359


  •  Regardless of your unlimited usage, you will pay only for your monthly subscription .
  • Subscription fee: Birr 280
  •  Existing fixed line service customers are free from subscription fee
  •  A modem that enables you to use the service is now available for Birr 1,349 with 6 months Guarantee
  •  To get the services, please visit the nearest ethio telecom shop.

3G Internet Package

3G Internet data only Package

Ethio telecom’s 3G Internet Package Service is a tailor-made mobile broadband Internet Service. The package is designed to meet the demand of both residential and enterprise customers.

Benefits of the service

  • High speed broadband Internet
  • Flexible and affordable packages
  • You can upgrade/downgrade at any time based on your needs

3G Internet Package 

Monthly Package

Above bundle usage tariff

Out  of
package usage

1 GB




35 cents/MB

2 GB


4 GB


8 GB


10 GB


20 GB


30 GB


50 GB


80 GB


100 GB


Note:-All prices are VAT inclusive
Where can I find the service?

  • The service is for now available in Addis Ababa and regional main cities where the 3G network is available.
  • You can buy the service from any ethio telecom shop in Addis with dongle for only Birr 699 or with Wi-Fi router for only Birr 1,559.
  • If you have your own dongle or Wi-Fi router you will only pay Birr 30 for subscription.

EVDO Packages


  • EVDO is a Broadband mobile Internet service with high speed using CDMA technology.
  • The service works wherever CDMA network is available.
  • The service is available in Addis Ababa and more than 200 cities and town throughout the  country.
  • It is provided in three alternative packages: 1GB, 2GB and 4GB for  both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Benefits of the service

  • Mobile – Enjoy browsing the web wherever you are.
  • Ease configuration  i.e Plug & Play
  • Easy to handle.
  • You can choose the packages based on your usage plan.
  • You can upgrade/downgrade at any time based on your  needs.
  •  You will only pay for what you have subscribed.


Monthly Charge
in Birr
Usage above the Bundle
in Birr per MB
Fee in Birr
 1 GB
 2 GB
 4 GB


  • All prices are  VAT inclusive.
  • The Price does not include EVDO Modem fee.
  • The Modem fee bundled with EVDO service is Birr 739.
  • EVDO sales is only for regions where 3G deployment is not finalized.

Ethio telecom Wifi

Unlimited Fixed Wired Broadband


  • Fixed Wired Broadband Internet is an internet service with unlimited usage.
  • Different speeds options starting from 256 Kbps are available.

Benefits of the service

  •  Affordable fixed monthly price (Flat rate).
  •  You don’t have to worry about the volume used.
  •  High-speed Internet access.
  •  24/7 access.



Monthly usage fee in Birr

Subscription Fee

256 Kbps




512 Kbps


1 Mbps


2 Mbps


3 Mbps


4 Mbps


Terms and conditions

  • Access speed options up to 100Mbps and more are available based on your request.
  • Monthly usage fee doesn’t include cost of Modem.
  • The Modem tariff is one-off payment that is 300 Birr & 600 Birr for copper & fiber respectively.
  • No installation fee will be requested within 500 Meter from the connection point to the customer. Beyond 500 Meter additional payment will be requested.
  • All prices are VAT inclusive
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