Glo Mobile Wifi

The Glo mobile wifi aka Glo mifi will let you connect up to 10 wifi enable devices at the same time.

Devices like smartphones, tablet computers, game consoles and computers will work smoothly with this device.

It has a 1.45 inches TFT-LCD display.

Booting speed is about 5 seconds.

The mifi device is portable – smaller than smallest phone you’ve got.

This is my post the Glo Mobile Wifi / Mifi device.

The device will work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

On the MAC side. It starts with the MAC OS X 10.7


Price of Glo Nigeria Mobile Wifi

It device cost just N15,000.

Logging into Glo Wifi Web Management Page

1. Make sure the connection between the mobile wifi and the Wi-Fi device or computer is working normally.
2. Open the web browser and enter
3. Enter the username and password to login. The default username and password are both admin

Glo Wifi Extender

How to Turn the Wi-Fi Extender On or Off

1. press the flat button on top of the Mobile Wifi
2. Press the button again to scroll to the Wifi extender.
3. Hit the power button beside the screen to turn the Extender on/off

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