Cost of Genotype Test in Nigeria in 2023

A genotype is a set of genes that are heritable and can be passed down from parents to their children. It is the whole genetic makeup of an individual, i.e. an organism’s genetic constitution with reference to a single trait, set of traits, or an entire complex of traits. to be put simply: your genotype is your complete heritable genetic identity; the sum total of genes passed on from your parents to you.

These genes are what determine characteristics such as hair colour, height, etc that can be seen in an organism.

There are basically 4 types of genotype in humans. They are:

  1. AA
  2. AS
  3. AC
  4. SS

While AA and AS are normal, SS and AC are abnormal ones.

Before getting married, it is required that both the male and female counterparts do a genotype test to determine if they are compatible before getting married.

Knowing the cost of a Genotype test in Nigeria will help you know how much you will budget for before going to do a Genotype test.

If you wish to learn how to do a Genotype test in Nigeria, this article is designed just for you.

In this article, I will show you the cost of a Genotype test in Nigeria and how to go about it.

The Genotype Test As It Is

According to Biology, every human cell has twenty-three pairs of chromosomes, making it a total of forty-six chromosomes.

Out of the twenty_three pairs of chromosomes, twenty-two is called autosomes, while the remaining one pair is known as sex chromosome.

In reproduction, each of both parents involved gives out half of their own chromosomes, which will be twenty-three, so that, the individual that will be produced comes with forty chromosomes contributed by both his/her parent.

This, therefore, implies that every trait a person has or exhibits traces back to his/her parent. any child with sickle cell anemia entails that the child’s parent was not genotypically compatible.

The genotype is just the genetic composition that you inherited from your parents. It is attributed to Haemoglobin which is simply the oxygen_carrying molecule in the red blood cell.

There are four genotypes in humans: AA, AS, AC, and, SS. The AA genotype is everybody’s prayer because it is the most perfect match for all other genotypes.

The AS is good but can only match with an AA; otherwise, on production, it is certain that a child with sickle cell will be given birth to.

Both AC and SS genotypes are abnormal, problem-bringing genotypes; if you have stayed with a couple or you are a parent or sibling to a with SS genotype, you will indeed understand what I mean.

The perfect match for someone with AC and SS genotypes in order to correct the genotype in the child that will be produced by this person with SS is just to pair with someone with an AA genotype.

Why do a Genotype Test in Nigeria?

It is highly important for everyone to know their genotype before picking a potential spouse. Failure to do that may create serious compatibility problems in the future that might create a health crisis for your kids.

People living with sickle cell anaemia often suffer from blood oxygen abnormalities, which starts before the age of one. They may experience pains, anaemia, infection, swelling in parts of the body and even stroke.

  • AA can marry anybody
  • AS is better off with AA
  • AS and AS, AS and AC are too risky
  • Two sickle cells = avoid conception

Amount of Genotype Tests in Nigeria

Churches these days have added genotype test to the things intending couples are to provide before they can be joined in marriage.

This reduces the rate at which SS genotype surfaces in the population in order to save the parent the stress of managing a child with SS and also avoid giving birth t a child who would live his/her life in the stigma of being a sickle cell anaemia victim

Across the country, a genotype test is quite cheap. The standard cost of genotype test in Nigeria is between one thousand Naira (N1,000) and two thousand Naira (N2,000).

Although, these may vary in some cities and laboratories.

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Knowing what your genotype is will help you a whole lot to guard the kind of person you should not end up within marriage.

What is a Blood Group and Type?

To identify blood, antibodies and hereditary antigenic compounds on the surface are analyzed.

There are four main blood GROUPS:

  • Type A (marker A)
  • Type B (marker B)
  • Type AB (blood cells have both A and B markers)
  • Type O (blood cells have neither A or B markers)

Blood Types

  • O-     No A or B Marker
  • O+    No A or B Marker + Rhesus factor (One of the Two Most Common Types)
  • A-      A Marker Only
  • A+     A Marker but No B Marker + Rhesus factor (One of the Two Most Common Types)
  • B-      B Marker Only
  • B+     B Marker but No A maker + Rhesus factor
  • AB-    A and B Markers Only
  • AB+   All 3 Types of Markers: A, B and Rhesus factor

Why It’s Critical to Know Your Blood Group Compatibility

If you wish to donate blood or if you require a life-sustaining treatment, it’s critical to know your blood group. It also aids in the process of establishing paternity. Before a blood donation occurs, it must be proven that the donor’s blood group is compatible with the recipient’s blood group.


That’s all on the cost of Genotype in Nigeria.

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