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A-Z List of Korean Boy Names and their Meanings

A-Z List of Korean Boy Names and their Meanings.

Korean boy names are highly distinctive and far different from traditional western names. Before, Korean boy names were etymologically traced to the Chinese, but today boy names from Korean are as a result of the stylish writing system of their culture.

The names are very spectacular and rich with meaning. Adopting Korean names for your child will be highly inspirational.

Korean Boy Names and Meanings

Korean male names utilized the Hanja. So selecting a Korean name for your boy will mean you should understand what the name implies in Hanja. Below is the list of some of the unique Korean boy names you will like.

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Unique Korean Boy Names and Meanings

Do Hyun (도현)Do means Path Hyun means virtuous, ableBoy
Do Yoon ( 윤도)Do means Path, Yoon means Allow or ConsentBoy
Joo Won (주원)Joo means Around or Circumference, Won means First of OriginBoy
Joon Woo (준우)Joon means Handsome Woo means Divine intervention, Protection or RainBoy
Min Joon (민준)Min means Quick, Clever, Sharp, Joon means talented or handsomeBoy
Seo Joon (서준)Seo means auspicious, Joon means handsomeBoy
Si Woo (시우)Si means begin or start, Woo, means divine intervention, protection or rainBoy
Ye Joon (예준)Ye means Art, Talent, or Craft, Yoon means HandsomeBoy
Yoo Joon (유준)Yoo is a variant of Yu or Yuu, meaning Tenderness, Evening, Friend, Qualified, Courage, Help, and Yoon means HandsomeBoy
Baek Hyeon (백현)Baek means older brother and Hyeon means worthy and virtuous. Hence, the name means noble brotherBoy
Beom Seok (범석)Beom means model, rule or pattern and Seok means like a rock. Hence, the name means the pattern of a rock.Boy

Influential Korean Boy Names and Meanings

Bitgaram (비트 가람)Light riverBoy
Bon-Hwa (봉화)Glorious one.Boy
Bong (봉)A mythical bird, probably phoenixBoy
BoraSnow; Excellent; BraveBoy
Chin-Hae (친해)Truth or depth of the ocean.Boy
Chin-Hwa (친화)The most prosperous and wealthiest of all.Boy
Chin-Mae (친매)Truth, a person who always speaks the truth.Boy
Chul (쿨)Firm; something that is neither soft nor very hardBoy
Chul-Moo (철무)The weapon of ironBoy
Chung Ae (청애)Noble and loveBoy
Chung-Hee (정희)One who is righteous and dutiful.Boy
Chung-Ho (정호)A righteous lakeBoy
Da (다)To attainUnisex
Dae (대)The great one; shiningUnisex
Dae-Ho (대호)A great personality, greatBoy
Dae-Hyun (대현)Great and honourBoy
Dae-Jung (대정)Great and righteous, honest.Boy
Daeshim (대심)Greatest mindBoy
Dong (동)It means EastBoy
Dong-Min (동민)East and clevernessBoy
Dong-Sun (동선)The goodness of the east.Boy
Dong-Yul (동율)One is having the passion of the east.Boy
Du-Ho (뒤호)Head and goodnessBoy
Duck-Hwan (오리 환)Return of the virtueBoy
Duck-Young (오리 영)The virtue is unchanging and everlastingBoy
Ha Joon (하준)Ha means Summer, Talented, Joon means HandsomeBoy
Hak-Kun (학쿤)One with literate roots.Boy
Haneul (하늘)HeavenlyBoy
Hoon (훈)TeachingBoy
Hwan (환)BrightBoy
Hye (혜)A bright and intelligent manBoy
Hyuk (혁)RadiantBoy
Hyun (현)“Bright” or “intelligent” in Korean; Variant transcription of HYEON meaning virtuousUnisex
Hyun Ki (현기)Wise; Astute; Intelligent; Shrewd; Expert; CleverBoy
Hyun Shik (현식)Korean – Clever; Smart; BrilliantBoy
Hyun-Ki (현기)The foundation of wisdom.Boy
Hyun-Shik (현식)The roots of wisdom.Boy
Il (일)SuperiorityBoy
In (에서)Humanity or wiseBoy

Inspiring Korean Boy Names and Meanings

In-Su (인수)Preserving wisdomBoy
Jee (지)To know or the wisdomUnisex
Ji ( 지)The name Ji is Korean and means Wisdom and Intellect.Unisex
JiiJii means wisdom. Or a sign of intelligence.Boy
JoonAn exceptionally talented manBoy
JumJum means King, RulerBoy
JungA righteous manBoy
Jung-HwaOne who is rich and righteous.Boy
Kang-DaeOne who is mighty and strong.Boy
Ki (기)Ki means The One who has ArisenUnisex

Memorable Korean Boy Names

Mal-ChinPersists to endBoy
Man-ShikDeeply rooted in something.Boy
Man-YoungTen thousand years of prosperity.Boy
MyungBright and clearBoy
Myung-DaeGreat righteousnessBoy
Myung-SuckFoundation of agesBoy
Sang-OokOne who is always well and healthy.Boy
SeokLike a rockBoy
SeungSuccessor or winningBoy
Suck-ChinAn unshakeable rock.Boy
SukA variation of Seok, meaning like a rock.Boy
TaeOne who is a great personBoy
Won-ShikHead or the root, the head of the family.Boy
Yong-sunThe dragon in the first position.Boy
Young-JaeOne who is destined to be ever prosperous.Boy
Young-SooKeeping prosperityBoy

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