AKTC Motors 2023: Online Booking Guide, Price List and Terminal Addresses

AKTC Motors 2023: Price List, Terminal Addresses, and Online Booking


AKTC Motors

Now headed by Mr. Johnny Nsikan, the owner of NSIK Motors, the Akwa Ibom Transport Company (AKTC) was state-owned before NSIK Motors took over in 2005.

Another exciting thing you need to know about AKTC Transport is that Jinbei Automobile Company incredibly makes its company buses, as Nsik Motors is the sole distributor of Jinbei’s buses and spare parts in Nigeria.

However, AKTC Motors operates not only in Akwa-Ibom but also in many other states within the shores of Nigeria.

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AKTC Motors Routes and Price List

Below is the price list for all AKTC Motors available routes, according to the company’s web page. But you have to know that transport fares can change anytime when the need arises.

Current Fare from June 12, 2023

# From To Bus Type Fare To-Fro
1 Uyo/Eket/Oron Lagos/Ibadan/Abuja Non-AC ₦16,500 Yes
2 Uyo/Eket/Oron Lagos/Ibadan/Abuja AC ₦18,500 Yes
3 Uyo/Eket/Oron Jos/Kaduna Non-AC ₦18,000 Yes
4 Lagos Calabar Non-AC ₦16,600 Yes
5 Calabar Lagos AC ₦18,600 Yes
6 Uyo/Eket/Oron Benin Non-AC ₦9,000 Yes
7 Uyo/Eket/Oron Warri Non-AC ₦8,500 Yes
8 Warri Calabar Non-AC ₦10,000 Yes
9 Bayelsa Uyo Non-AC ₦6,000 Yes
10 Bayelsa Calabar Non-AC ₦8,000 Yes
11 Uyo Enugu Non-AC ₦6,000 Yes
13 Calabar Benin Non-AC ₦10,500 Yes
14 Calabar Enugu Non-AC ₦7,000 Yes
15 Uyo Calabar Non-AC ₦3,100 Yes
16 Uyo Port Harcourt Non-AC ₦3,500 Yes
17 Port Harcourt Calabar Non-AC ₦5,500 Yes
18 Uyo Umuahia Non-AC ₦3,000 Yes
19 Uyo Owerri Non-AC ₦3,000 Yes
20 Uyo Aba Non-AC ₦1,600 Yes
21 Uyo Ariaria Non-AC ₦1,700 Yes
22 Uyo Nnewi Non-AC ₦4,000 Yes
23 Uyo Kwara Non-AC ₦16,050 Yes
24 Uyo Illorin Non-AC ₦16,050 Yes
25 Uyo Onitsha Non-AC ₦5,050 Yes
26 Uyo Akure Non-AC ₦10,550 Yes
27 Uyo Awka Non-AC ₦4,250 Yes
28 Uyo Abakiliki Non-AC ₦6,000 Yes
29 Uyo Asaba Non-AC ₦6,500 Yes
30 Uyo Ikom Non-AC ₦4,500 Yes

Visit the company’s official price list web page to confirm: VISIT HERE

AKTC Motors Terminal Locations & Phone Numbers

According to the company’s official website, here is a comprehensive listing of the AKTC terminals.

Other Services Offered By AKTC Limited

AKTC Limited offers a wide range of other transport-related services. They include:

  • Direct Transport to NYSC Camps

The company provides transportation for corp members traveling from the South to other parts of the country at highly subsidized rates. This helps reduce corp members’ stress while traveling to various orientation camps. The safety of corp members is also guaranteed during the trip.

  • AKTC Logistics

AKTC operates as a logistic service provider. It helps deliver luggage to all cities within the transport company’s travel route.

How to Book with AKTC

Booking at the Bus Park/Terminal

Booking of bus spaces at AKTC is made at any of the AKTC bus park/terminals, and it’s the easiest way of booking a seat. By using this particular option, you’ll have to go down to the terminal location, and sometimes you might spend a whole day in a queue without a successful booking.

However, it’s still the best option for some people who want to book AKTC services directly at their office.

AKTC Motors Website and Customer Care Contact Information

Have questions? Need advice? Call or send an email to;

Customer Care Agent: 08127737631 OR email [email protected].

Why Choose AKTC Motors?

Members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) can purchase transport services from AKTC at reduced rates. Nigerian university grads must serve the country for at least a year after graduation.

Students have to carry out the service in a different state or location than their own, resulting in them needing to travel great distances.

AKTC Motors offers a special rate to this group of people. They show that they operate in the country’s best interests by providing discounts to these young people who are travelling to serve their country.

AKTC Drivers undertake regular evaluations and receive in-depth training in order to ensure that all traffic laws are followed. The drivers are normally people who have gone through intensive training to prevent risking the lives of the passengers.

The organisation also ensures that drivers are informed of Nigerian traffic laws and regulations in order to prevent accidents and disputes with traffic officers.

How committed AKTC Motors is to customer safety is demonstrated by establishing a speed limit applicable to its drivers. The company has set a speed limit that all drivers must not exceed in order to lessen the number of transportation issues.

Additionally, AKTC Transport also cares about its customers’ comfort and satisfaction. The transportation company’s buses are equipped with air conditioners for the comfort of the passengers. The value of air conditioning cannot be overstated, particularly during daytime car trips. AKTC Transport has recognised this need and met it for its customers.

For travellers who prefer not to carry cash with them, there is a platform for safe payment via POS while making a reservation at the various terminals. The business is good since it considers its customers’ demands.


About AKTC Motors

Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited (AKTC) was founded in 2001. Due to its poor financial circumstances and imminent bankruptcy, Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited partnered with Nsik Motors Limited in 2004. Nsik Motors Limited quickly restored and rebuilt the pride and prestige of Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited.

As a result, Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited’s initial lease with Nsik Motors Ltd ended, and a new lease for simply the goodwill was created (The Name and Insignia). Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited has bus stations in 17 states of the federation as well as the Federal Capital Territory. AKTC Ltd aims to build its bus station in every Nigerian state.


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