Korean Boy Names and their Meanings

Korean boy names are highly distinctive and far different from traditional western names. Before, Korean boy names were etymologically traced to the Chinese, but today, boy names from Korea are a result of the stylish writing system of their culture.

Korean Boy Names and Meanings

Names play a great role in people’s personalities, and they determine every other person’s view of the person bearing the name. So, you should pay keen attention to the kind of name you choose for your boy child.

It is believed that the name a male child bears is the easiest introduction to the kind of person he would likely grow up to be and a male child’s name should depict strength and intelligence.

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Korean names are good names to give your male child because they are very spectacular and rich with meaning. Adopting Korean names for your child will be highly inspirational.

Korean male names utilize the Hanja. So selecting a Korean name for your boy will mean you should understand what the name implies in Hanja. Below is a list of unique Korean boy names you will like, accompanied by their meaning.

Unique Korean Boy Names and Meanings


Korean Boy Names


1 Arang Colour
2 Baek-hyeon Virtuous brother
3 Baek-hyun Baek means white, and hyun means clever
4 Beom seok Pattern of a rock
5 Bitgaram Shining river
6 Bon-hwa One who is glorious.
7 Bong A mythical bird, probably phoenix
8 Byung-ho Luminous, vast, and great
9 Chan-yeol Vehement, ardent, and fiery
10 Chin-hae Truth
11 Chin-hwa The most prosperous and wealthiest of all
12 Chin-mae A person who always speaks the truth
13 Chul Firm; something that is neither soft nor very hard
14 Chul-moo The weapon of iron
15 Chung ae Noble and love
16 Dae-ho A great personality
17 Dae-hyun Great and shine
18 Dae-jung Great, high, and middle
19 Dae-seong Vast, great, and succeeded
20 Daeshim Greatest mind
21 Dal Moon
22 Dong-geun East, foundation, and root
23 Dong-sun Goodness of the east
24 Dong-yul One having the passion of the east
25 Do-yun Road, way, and consent
26 Du-ho Head and goodness
27 Duck-hwan Return of the Virtue
28 Duck-young The virtue is unchanging and everlasting
29 Duri Two
30 Eun Charity, mercy, or flourishing
31 Ga-eul Autumn, fall
32 Ga-ram River
33 Gook Nation
34 Ha-da To do
35 Hak-kun One with literate roots
36 Haneul Sky
37 Han-wool Heavenly
38 Ha-ru Day
39 Him-chan Strong
40 Ho Tiger, abundant, or heroic
41 Hoon Teaching
42 Ho-seok Abundant with stone or tin
43 Hwan Bright
44 Hye A birght and intelligent man
45 Hyuk Radiant
46 Hyun Worthy, virtuous, and shine
47 Hyun-woo To manifest and protect
48 Hyun-ki The foundation of wisdom
49 Hyun-shik The roots of wisdom
50 Il Superiority
51 Il-sung Sun, day with finished
52 In Humanity or wise
53 In-su Preserving wisdom
54 Iseul Dew
55 Jae Talent, wealth, and riches
56 Jae-sung Sincere, honest
57 Jeong-ho Jeong meaning tablet and ho meaning to like
58 Jeong-hui Glorious, bright, or splendid
59 Jeong-hun Right with rank, meritorious deed
60 Ji Wisdom
61 Ji-hu Intellect, wisdom, and thick
62 Ji-hun Purpose, rank, and meritorious deed
63 Ji-min Wisdom with clever, sharp, or jade
64 Ji-su To arrive, or paper, and beautiful
65 Ji-won First, primary, or beauty
66 Jong-dae Bell, clock, and large
67 Jong-in Quiet, gentle, or chaste
68 Jong-soo Jong means ancestry and soo means elegant
69 Jun Talented, obey, deep, and army
70 Jung Gentle, quiet, still, and virtuous
71 Jung-hee Beauty, bright, or glorious
72 Jung-ho Correct, proper, and vast
73 Jung-kook King, ruler, and nation
74 Jun-myeon Jun means handsome and Myeon means famous
75 Ju-won Circumference and origin
76 Kang-dae One who is mighty and strong
77 Ki The One who has Arisen
78 Korain One who is luminous and glorious
79 Kwan Kwan means One who is Strong
80 Kwang-sun Wide goodness
81 Kyong Brightness
82 Kyung Respect
83 Mal-chin Persists to end
84 Man-shik Deeply rooted into something
85 Man-young Ten thousand years of prosperity
86 Min Jade, sight, and trickling water
87 Min-jun Clever, sharp, or affable
88 Min-seok Jade-like stone and confer, bestow
89 Min-su Citizens, people, or gentle
90 Mi-reu Dragon
91 Myeong Bright and clear
92 Myung-dae Great righteousness
93 Myung-suck Foundation of ages
94 Nam-gil My way
95 Nam-joon Nam means man and joon means ruler
96 Na-moo Wood, firewood
97 Na-ra Kingdom, country
98 Noo-ri Hail
99 Pu-reum Blue
100 Ryung Brightness
101 Saem Fountain, spring
102 Sang Auspicious, frost, and elephant
103 Sang-hun Yet, still, and rank
104 Sang-ook One who is always well and healthy
105 Se-hun World, generation, and mysterious deed
106 Seo-jun Auspicious, comfortable, or unfold
107 Seok Divide, interpret, and stone
108 Seok-jin Stone with treasure
109 Seong Holy, victory, or library
110 Seong-ho Abundant, and daybreak
111 Seong-jin Planet, completed, and excitement
112 Seong-min Quick, sharp, and clever
113 Seong-su Shore, water, or sacred
114 Seul-ki Wisdom
115 Seung Ascent, victory, or inherit
116 Si-u Si means beginning and u means divine intervention
117 Sol Pine
118 Su-bin Elegant, beautiful, and refined
119 Su-jin Su means gather and jin means precious
120 Sung-hyun Able, virtuous, and worthy
121 Tae Exalted, dangerous, and to trample
122 Tae-hyun Highest, greatest, and good
123 Tae-hyung Good, worthy, or virtuous
124 U-jin U means protect and jin means genuine
125 U-ram Vigorous, robust, and imposing
126 U-ri We
127 Won-shik Head or the root, the head of the family
128 Ye-jun Art, talented, and handsome
129 Yeong Forever unchanging
130 Yeong-cheol Perpetual, eternal, and wise
131 Yeong-gi Honor, prosper, and begin
132 Yeong-ho Hero with numerous
133 Yeong-su Yeong means perpetual and su means long life
134 Yong Dragon
135 Yoon-gi Gloss or shine

Korean Celebrity Names for Male Children

Popular Korean celebrities, musicians, and movie stars can provide inspiration for male children. You can name your child these wonderful Korean celebrities or politicians names.

Here are some:

  1. Eric – music star and songwriter
  2. Hyun – movie star Bin
  3. Jae/Jay – musician Jae Park from Day6 or Rapper Jay Park
  4. Jae-in – current political leader of South Korea
  5. Jimin – a member of the boy band BTS
  6. Joon – K-Pop music star and actor
  7. Jungkook – a member of the boy band BTS
  8. Heong-min – record-setting footballer
  9. Ken – movie star Jeong
  10. Kevin – singer/host Woo
  11. Lee Min-ho – movie star (popular k-drama movie: Boys Over Flowers)
  12. Peniel – boy group BtoB member Shin
  13. Song Joong-ki – movie star (popular k-drama movie: Descendants of the Sun)
  14. Suga – a member of the boy band BTS
  15. Syngman – first President of South Korea Rhee
  16. Tae-hwan – Olympic gold medal swimmer Park

Korean names have uniquely distinct from Western culture. They earlier cropped their names from Chinese characters.

It is a different thing in modern Korean names because the names are now based on the use of a unique national writing system.

They are names that depict strength, and beauty and as well bring great inspiration to your child.

I hope you find this article helpful? Thanks for sticking with us all the way end to the post. If you have any questions on this, feel free to drop them in the comment section below and do well to share this post.

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