Korean Boy Names and their Meanings


A-Z List of Korean Boy Names and their Meanings.

Korean boy names are highly distinctive and far different from traditional western names. Before, Korean boy names were etymologically traced to the Chinese, but today boy names from Korean are a result of the stylish writing system of their culture.

Korean Boy Names and Meanings
Korean Boy Names and their Meanings

Names play a great role in people’s personality and it determines every other person’s view of the person bearing the name. So, you should pay keen attention to the kind of name you choose for your boy child.

It is believed that the name a male child bears are the easiest introduction of his kind of person he would likely grow up to be and, a male child’s name should depict strength and intelligence.

Korean names are good names to give your boy because they are very spectacular and rich with meaning. Adopting Korean names for your child will be highly inspirational.

Korean male names utilized the Hanja. So selecting a Korean name for your boy will mean you should understand what the name implies in Hanja. Below is the list of some of the unique Korean boy names you will like accompanied by their meaning.

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Unique Korean Boy Names and Meanings

Do Hyun (도현) Do means Path Hyun means virtuous, able Boy
Do Yoon ( 윤도) Do means Path, Yoon means Allow or Consent Boy
Joo Won (주원) Joo means Around or Circumference, Won means First of Origin Boy
Joon Woo (준우) Joon means Handsome Woo means Divine intervention, Protection or Rain Boy
Min Joon (민준) Min means Quick, Clever, Sharp, Joon means talented or handsome Boy
Seo Joon (서준) Seo means auspicious, Joon means handsome Boy
Si Woo (시우) Si means begin or start, Woo, means divine intervention, protection or rain Boy
Ye Joon (예준) Ye means Art, Talent, or Craft, Yoon means Handsome Boy
Yoo Joon (유준) Yoo is a variant of Yu or Yuu, meaning Tenderness, Evening, Friend, Qualified, Courage, Help, and Yoon means Handsome Boy
Baek Hyeon (백현) Baek means older brother and Hyeon means worthy and virtuous. Hence, the name means noble brother Boy
Beom Seok (범석) Beom means model, rule or pattern and Seok means like a rock. Hence, the name means the pattern of a rock. Boy

Influential Korean Boy Names and Meanings

Bitgaram (비트 가람) Light river Boy
Bon-Hwa (봉화) Glorious one. Boy
Bong (봉) A mythical bird, probable phoenix Boy
Bora Snow; Excellent; Brave Boy
Chin-Hae (친해) Truth or depth of the ocean. Boy
Chin-Hwa (친화) The most prosperous and wealthiest of all. Boy
Chin-Mae (친매) Truth, a person who always speaks the truth. Boy
Chul (쿨) Firm; something that is neither soft nor very hard Boy
Chul-Moo (철무) The weapon of iron Boy
Chung Ae (청애) Noble and love Boy
Chung-Hee (정희) One who is righteous and dutiful. Boy
Chung-Ho (정호) A righteous lake Boy
Da (다) To attain Unisex
Dae (대) The great one; shining Unisex
Dae-Ho (대호) A great personality, great Boy
Dae-Hyun (대현) Great and honour Boy
Dae-Jung (대정) Great and righteous, honest. Boy
Daeshim (대심) Greatest mind Boy
Dong (동) It means East Boy
Dong-Min (동민) East and cleverness Boy
Dong-Sun (동선) The goodness of the east. Boy
Dong-Yul (동율) One is having the passion of the east. Boy
Du-Ho (뒤호) Head and goodness Boy
Duck-Hwan (오리 환) Return of the virtue Boy
Duck-Young (오리 영) The virtue is unchanging and everlasting Boy
Ha Joon (하준) Ha means Summer, Talented, Joon means Handsome Boy
Hak-Kun (학쿤) One with literate roots. Boy
Haneul (하늘) Heavenly Boy
Hoon (훈) Teaching Boy
Hwan (환) Bright Boy
Hye (혜) A bright and intelligent man Boy
Hyuk (혁) Radiant Boy
Hyun (현) “Bright” or “intelligent” in Korean; Variant transcription of HYEON meaning virtuous Unisex
Hyun Ki (현기) Wise; Astute; Intelligent; Shrewd; Expert; Clever Boy
Hyun Shik (현식) Korean – Clever; Smart; Brilliant Boy
Hyun-Ki (현기) The foundation of wisdom. Boy
Hyun-Shik (현식) The roots of wisdom. Boy
Il (일) Superiority Boy
In (에서) Humanity or wise Boy

Inspiring Korean Boy Names and Meanings

In-Su (인수) Preserving wisdom Boy
Iseul Dew Boy
Jee (지) To know or the wisdom Unisex
Ji ( 지) The name Ji is Korean and means Wisdom and Intellect. Unisex
Jii Jii means wisdom. Or a sign of intelligence. Boy
Joon An exceptionally talented man Boy
Jum Jum means King, Ruler Boy
Jung A righteous man Boy
Jung-Hwa One who is rich and righteous. Boy
Kang-Dae One who is mighty and strong. Boy
Ki (기) Ki means The One who has Arisen Unisex

Memorable Korean Boy Names

Mal-Chin Persists to end Boy
Man-Shik Deeply rooted in something. Boy
Man-Young Ten thousand years of prosperity. Boy
Myung Bright and clear Boy
Myung-Dae Great righteousness Boy
Myung-Suck Foundation of ages Boy
Ryung Brightness Boy
Sang-Ook One who is always well and healthy. Boy
Seok Like a rock Boy
Seung Successor or winning Boy
Shik Planting Boy
So Smile Boy
Suck Hardness Boy
Suck-Chin An unshakeable rock. Boy
Suk A variation of Seok, meaning like a rock. Boy
Tae One who is a great person Boy
Won-Shik Head or the root, the head of the family. Boy
Yong-sun The dragon in the first position. Boy
Young-Jae One who is destined to be ever prosperous. Boy
Young-Soo Keeping prosperity Boy


Korean Celebrity Names for Male Children

Popular Korean celebrities, musicians and movie stars can provide inspiration for male children. You can name your child these wonderful Korean celebrities or politician names.

Here are some:

  • Eric – music star/songwriter Nam
  • Hyun – movie star Bin
  • Jae/Jay – musician Jae Park from Day6 or Rapper Jay Park
  • Jae-in – current political leader of South Korea
  • Jimin –  member of boy band BTS
  • Joon – K-Pop music star and actor Park
  • Jungkook – member of boy band BTS
  • Heong-min – record-setting footballer
  • Ken – movie star Jeong
  • Kevin – singer/host Woo
  • Peniel – boy group BtoB member Shin
  • Suga – member of boy band BTS
  • Syngman – first President of South Korea Rhee
  • Tae-hwan – Olympic gold medal swimmer Park

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Korean names have uniquely distinct from Western culture. They earlier cropped their names from Chinese characters.

It is a different thing in modern Korean names because the names are now based on the use of a unique national writing system.

They are names that depict strength, beauty and as well bring you great inspiration for your child.

Let us know what you think about these names in the comment session, also share these beautiful names to your friends and loved ones so that they too can give their male babies beautiful names.