A UK Masters Degree: Is it really worth it?


Yemi resigned from his job yesterday to pursue a Masters degree in the UK. 
He left a lucrative job with prospects just to get an MBA from the UK.
Did he make the right decision?
Yemi is not alone in this. Every year, thousands of Nigerians leave their jobs to pursue a Masters degree abroad. Those who cannot afford to travel take on one of the available online UK MBA courses.
Whether they choose to travel or take an online degree, the experience leaves a lot of them exhausted, broke and confused.
So is it really worth it?
Many people have the illusion that an MBA (especially a UK one) is a golden ticket that will create a halo over their heads that will make employers fall over themselves to give them the job of their dreams.
Unfortunately, a lot of them find out at the end of the day that this is just a pipe dream that is only true in dreamland.
So what is the real truth about getting a UK Masters degree?
There are so many benefits for getting a UK masters degree!
A UK Masters degree is very  highly regarded and will most likely give you a slight edge over other job seekers that don’t have it.
It will give you deeper insights into your chosen field and helps you think more analytically. It will may earn you a promotion and put you on the fast track of your organisation. It would definitely give you the leeway to compete in the international job market if you wish to work outside Nigeria.
Other benefits include….
You specialize in a particular area.
A master’s degree will allow you to develop expertise in a specific field that will give your expert status. This sets you apart from your peers without a UK Masters degree
You have demonstrated you can take on more complex responsibilities.
Holding a UK master’s degree is definite proof that you can move beyond technical knowledge into solving more complex problems and handling complicated projects. It shows your current and prospective employers that you’re committed to developing higher level skills and competencies, and will give them more confidence in giving you higher responsibilities
These and so many other benefits would more than cover the costs and discomforts of getting that Masters degree from the UK.
Yet, despite all these advantages, a Masters study is only valuable if it’s complemented by relevant work experience. If you have not gained any work experience, your employability even with a UK Masters degree will be seriously weakened and you’ll only have a certificate that may just be useless to you (sorry to say).

Employers frown at recent graduate Masters Degree holders who present themselves with a sense of entitlement because they have done a masters degree in the UK.
So if you are a recent graduate, it may be advisable to get some work experience in your kitty before vying into the ‘masters degree world’. That way you have something to offer your prospective employer rather than your certificate.
So would I advise you to go after a UK Masters degree?
A UK Masters degree would definitely set you apart but you need to count the costs before dropping off your resignation letter.
If you think it is worth it for you, by all mean go for it!

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