How to Reset GOtv After Payment (GOtv Resetting and Activation Guide)

Reset GOtv – How to activate your GOTV after it fails to activate automatically: Here’s how to activate GOtv after you’ve subscribed. You will also learn everything there is to know about the GOtv reset error code.


Reset GOTV After Payment

It is believed that once you subscribe to any GOTv decoder, your decoder will be automatically activated. But sometimes, it does not come that way due to system error, and the decoder will fail to be automatically activated.

It does occur that sometimes you may have errors like error E16 and error E30 after you’ve subscribed.  Seeing this kind of error simply means that you should restart your GOTV decoder.

Errors like error E30 mean that your Gotv decoder has no signal or has been off for a long time.

The E16 error code means that you lost connection because you did not pay your subscription or upgrade your decoder before it expired. To resolve this error, text “Reset” and your IUC number to 288.

If you have been facing problems in activating your GOtv decoder, worry less, for this article contains the necessary information you need to successfully activate your GOTV decoder if it fails to activate automatically.

How to reset GOtv with your mobile phone

Generally, you do not need to manually reset GOtv after purchase. Everything should work well if you pay your GOtv subscription while the decoder is turned on. But then, peradventure, everything didn’t work fine, and you got an error code…

You can get E16 and E30 errors after subscription. If that’s the case, all you need to do is restart your decoder, and everything should be good.

Send a text message to 288 (the default GOtv reset code) with the term “Reset” and your Identification User Code (IUC) number. For instance, “Reset 0123456789” to 288.

Your Identification User Code (IUC) is your decoder’s unique serial number located on a red sticker on the bottom panel of the decoder.

Alternatively, you can dial *288# from any cell phone network to reach Customer Service and speak with someone about your problem.

Better still, you can reset your GOtv with your mobile phone by sending an SMS that reads ‘‘Reset *your IUC number*’’ to the code 4688.

NOTE: Your IUC is an important code that identifies you and contains your personalized serial number that is on your decoder. You will find it either on the bottom end or somewhere around your decoder.

How to reset GOtv online

So resetting your GOTV is not only restricted to your phone, but you can also use the internet to automatically reset your GOtv online. Let’s show you how.

  • Visit the following URL
  • Ensure you choose your country of residence.
  • Fill in your accurate login details and log into your Eazy GOtv account (using your IU account number and surname).
  • Go to the GOtv self-service.
  • You will see a list of options; Click on the “Clear Error Code” dialogue box.
  • Enter your IUC number and then select GOtvE16.
  • Enter the error code displayed on your screen and click on “Clear Error”.
  • Then select ‘reset device now’.

This should reset your GOtv decoder.

How to restore all of your GOtv channels

GOtv channels can be reset via the menu on your remote control. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • On your remote, press the “Menu” button.
  • Select “Advanced Options”.
  • Then choose the “Installation” option.
  • Choose “Tuning”.
  • Then, choose “Automatic Scan” and click the “OK” button.
  • Once scanning is complete, press the exit button on the remote. This should get your subscribed channels back online.

Make sure you do not interrupt the scanning process while it is still running.

How to pay GOtv subscription

There are several ways to pay for your GOtv subscription. The options available include the following:

  • Quickteller
  • Bank USSD codes
  • GOtv App
  • VTpass
  • GlobalPay
  • Visiting a GOtv-authorised dealer near you.

Various Ways to Activate Your GOTv

Basically, there are three ways in which one can easily activate his/her Gotv decoder. which are;

Online Activation Method

This is a means of activating your GOTv right at the convenience of your home with a device that is capable of accessing the web.

Follow the guidelines below to successfully activate your GOTv decoder online;

  • Visit the Eazy GOTV website
  • Log into your GOTV account with your account number and surname
  • Click on the dialogue box “Clear your error”
  • Clear the E16 error
  • Click on the “Reset device now” tab’, and this will reset your GOTV decoder.

USSD Activation Using Phone

Just as you activate your GOTv decoder online, you can also do it using your mobile phone without internet access. Sound awesome, right?

Follow the guidelines below to successfully activate your GOTv decoder with your phone

  • Dial *288# on any network
  • Choose the “Activate new GOtv option”
  • Or select the “contact us” option to speak with a customer service representative

Multichoice Lagos Nigeria Contact Information

  • Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Tel: 012703232 / 08039003788
  • Email: [email protected]

Text Message Activation

This is similar to the USSD activation option, here all you need to do is send a text message to the designated number, as shown below;

To activate your decoder via text message;

  • Send “reset +Your GOTV number” to  288, and that is all.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that your GOTV IUC number is available when making this request.

NOTE: If after using any of the above-listed processes and your GOTv is not still activated, kindly reach out to GOTV  by following their thread on their Official X (Twitter) or Facebook page requesting the reset of your decoder.

If you run into any problems, the GOtv reset code guide above will come in handy. If you have any further difficulties, you can contact GOtv on their official website or visit their local offices.

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