Quincy Jones Children: Biography and Career


Quincy Jones is widely recognized in the American entertainment industry. He is a music producer and composer. He has worked with many musicians and has been active in the entertainment scene for more than 50 years. He has been honored and recognized numerous times.

Quincy Jones Children

In fact, he paved the way for most Black American singers today, and he is a source of inspiration for singers across the world.  He is known for his work with Michael Jackson.

What about Quincy Jone’s children? How many are they? Are Quincy Jones’ children as successful as he is?

Quincy Jones has seven children

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Quincy Jones has seven children as he has been married thrice but has had relationships with many women. His first wife was Jeri Caldwell, whom he married in 1957. His first marriage resulted in the birth of Jolie Jones.

He had a short romantic fling with a lady named Carol Reynolds, which led to the birth of Rachel Jones.

Quincy Jones, in 1967 got married to an actress from Sweeden, Ulla Andersson, with whom he got his third and fourth child named Martina and Quincy, respectively.

He got married to Peggy Lipton in 1975, and the marriage produced Kidada and Rashida Jones.

From 1991, Quincy Jones had a romantic relationship with Nastassja Kinski for five years, and the relationship led to the birth of Kenya Jones. 

Brief Biography of Quincy Jones Children

Here’s what you should know about Quincy Jones children:

Quincy Jones III

Quincy Jones Children

Quincy Jones III is the son of Quincy Jones from his marriage to Ulla Andersson. He spent his childhood days in Sweeden. He was born on 23 December 1968  and is currently an entertainment executive. He owns his own movie production firm named QD3 Entertainment. He is also a disc jockey. He released an album entitled Soundlab in 1991. He also owns a lifestyle company Feel Rich, inc., and an internet networking company, WeMash. 

Jolie Jones

Jolie Jones is the first child of Quincy Jones and the eldest of his children. She is a music producer and an actress. She has added her creativity to works such as Outliving Castro and hUNK. She is also a painter and sculptor.

Rachel Jones

Quincy Jones Children

Rachel Jones is the product of the romantic relationship between Quincy Jones and Carol Reynold. She chose a life away from the limelight, so not much is known about her.

Rachel Jones is an alumnus of the Tuskegee School of Veterinary Medicine and is a veterinary doctor in Los Angeles.

Martina Jones

Martina Jones is one of Quincy Jones’ children. Her mother is Ulla Andersson. She is a sister to Quincy Jones III. She spent her childhood days in Sweden and took residence with her dad. She is a dancer and a model.

Kidada Jones

Kidada Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones. She is a fashion designer currently associated with Walt Disney, where she is in charge of a clothing line called Kidada for Disney Couture. She has styled Michael Jackson and worked with Tommy Hilfiger and Snoop Dogg. She has modeled for several fashion magazines.

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is a popular actress and director. She has starred in television series such as Boston Public, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Angie Tribeca. She has starred in movies such as I love you, ManOur Idiot Brother, and The Muppets. 

Kenya Jones

Kenya is one of the children of Quincy Jones. She is a professional model and has worked with Bruce Weber. She kickstarted her modelling career at Ford Models and has done a runaway gig with Chanel, Stella McCartney, Nasty Gal, and Calvin Klein

Final note

In 2018, the Netflix-produced documentary, Quincy, was produced. The movie revolved around the life of Quincy Jones and his achievement. It was directed by his daughter, the movie star, Rashida Jones. This article has dispelled the notion that Rashida Jones is the only child or daughter of Quincy Jones. Yes, Rashida Jones is the most popular child of the veteran musician and songwriter, she has sisters and brothers many are unaware about. Similar to other music stars, Quincy Jones has beautiful and talented offsprings which he loves.


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