You have being issued your call up letter. you are among the newest “Otondo” in town.

Next, you might be wondering what are the following months is going to be like in your new state of service.

Well, those worries are not new; they are every corp member’s worries at the first time, with time it would subside.

You know it is said that the beginning of anything is the hardest.

In our today’s article we have decided to ease that worry of going to serve by helping you out with the first six months of your national service.

So what are these six things you must achieve in your six months in NYSC? The following are vital points you need to take note.


Orientation camp registration

Every Corp member who arrives at the camp realizes that the first thing he must do is to follow through some initial compulsory registrations. The registration process would include things like submitting your call up letter, original and photocopies of your certificate, and other documents; going  through certain verifications and registration of personal details and others.

You would not be recognized as a Corp member in the camp without passing through this process. It is after this process that you can be fully included into the activities, rights and privileges of a Corp member in the camp.


This book of life is a very prominent book in the orientation camp. You would likely hear your platoon officer or anyone responsible for it placing so much emphasis on you filling your details in this book.

This Book of Life is the registrar containing all the Corp members in the orientation camp. It is assumed that anyone whose name is not in this book did not come to camp. That is to say you did not come for NYSC and thus cannot be issued certificate at the end of the service year.

Most platoon officers who are responsible to oversee the registering of all Corp members in their platoon usually do this during the days when it is the platoons turn to cook or clean up the environment. They tend to threaten anyone who did not participate in the scheduled work of the platoon with the punishment of not registering their names into the Book of Life.

So while in the camp be observant and keep your ears to the ground to the period when the registration into the Book of Life would begin and make sure you register your name.



On your marching out parade every Corp member is posted to a particular local government area where he/she would have to perform his primary assignment.

Most often provisions are usually available to convey every Corp members to their various local government areas.

At their new community Corpers are warmly welcomed by former Corp members and others in the community. Immediately after that day all the new Corp members are expected to make certain registration in the local government secretariat to truly identify themselves as Corp members posted to this local government.

This registration in their local government is an important part of all Corp members, so if you are a new Corp member try to take note and follow along.



Serve or Go Ghost Mode

Some Corp members choose to serve their father land while some other Corp members instead of serving their father land may choose to go on a ghost mode.

The word Ghost mode refers to where a Corp member leaves his place of assignment to cater for his personal affairs and still remain eligible to take his certificate after the period of his service year.

Corp members who choose to go ghost mode, usually arrange with their local government Inspector to share their allowance with them. The sharing of the allowance between the parties might be 50/50 or 70/30 against the Corp member. A solid arrangement has to be made to enter this agreement. If the Corp member is not sharp the LGI might even take all the 100% of the money.

Reporting to your PPA

It is expected that you move to your place of assignment or as it is popularly referred to as PPA. There you will hand your posting letter to them. They may choose to accept or reject you. Most times however PPA’s usually accept Corp members posted to them, and likely would have already been anticipating their arrival.

Failure of a PPA to accept a Corp member may well result in NYSC not sending Corp members to that PPA. If in the case that you are rejected you have to meet your Local Government Inspector to handle it. He may likely find a new posting for you or might ask you to find a new PPA where you would like to be posted.

If you should succeed you can now settle down and find house where you would be living.


Setting a Year Goal

After finally settling down most Corp members go back to their home after due permission from their LGI, to go and get ready for their yearlong service period. Getting ready usually involves going to get clothing, useful utensil or materials and whatever they might need in their new place of residence.

One important thing that most Corp members fail to do is to set a goal for the next one year that they would be serving. Why is setting a goal vital?

It is important you establish what you want to achieve in your one year because  age must be telling on you now and you have to making plans to enter another phase of life full of responsibility for your family, your siblings and to the society. The one year gives you enough time to plan how you want the rest your life to be. Where do you want to settle? Where do you want to work? What skills do I need to develop to succeed? Who do you want to marry? Where would you settle?

All these are important questions every serving Corp member has to ask him or herself at least within the first six months of his service.

Do you feel a certain amount of relieve from these eye opening article? I am glad you took your time to read it. I guess you are now more prepared to face your national service at least for the first six months.

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