NYSC Evaluation Form: Latest Guide for Foreign Graduates

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) may demand you upload an evaluation form during online enrollment if you are a foreign-trained graduate.

However, not all foreign graduates are required to post their evaluation letter; only those whose universities’ accreditation is in question are asked to do so.

What is the NYSC evaluation form?

It’s a letter that Nigerian foreign graduates need to get from the Federal Ministry of Education. This letter shows that the institution and course they studied abroad are duly accredited by the Govt of that country.

During NYSC online registration, if you see on your dashboard something like “you have not been evaluated yet“. It means you need to upload an evaluation letter.

The NYSC management has made evaluation compulsory for foreign graduates, especially those that studied in African countries.

Nigerian foreign graduates must obtain a letter from the Federal Ministry of Education. This letter certifies that the university and programme they studied in another country have been duly accredited by the government of that country.

If you see something on your dashboard during NYSC online registration that says “you have not been evaluated yet,” that means you haven’t been reviewed yet. It means you’ll have to attach an evaluation form.

For international graduates, particularly those who studied in African nations, the NYSC management has made evaluation mandatory.

Why is the NYSC evaluation form important?

Some tertiary institutions in Nigeria are barred from participating in the NYSC programme. Because the National University Commission (NUC) or any regulatory body has not accredited them.

As a result, there are plenty of similar institutions functioning unlawfully outside of Nigeria’s borders. As a result, the NYSC administration wants to restrict graduates from those fraudulent foreign universities

NYSC also double-checks the course or program’s licensure. This is due to the fact that some institutions are not permitted to provide certain courses or programmes.

Nigerians should avoid studying in Ghana, Niger, Togo, Benin Republic, and other African countries, according to the National University Commission (NUC). It’s possible that this is due to the fact that most of the institutions in those countries are without accreditation.

The ministry of education will check your institution’s accreditation status during the evaluation process. Before applying for NYSC, double-check that your institution is accredited; if in doubt, contact the Federal Ministry of Education for verification.

As soon as you get your evaluation form, ensure it is scanned and uploaded on the NYSC dashboard.

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 NYSC evaluation form requirements

The following are the requirements for receiving an evaluation form:

  • A certificate or a degree
  • Certificates of O’Level Transcript
  • Admission letter
  • International password
  • The amount that must be paid is only 500 Naira

How to get the NYSC evaluation form


Take the appropriate documentation to the Federal Ministry of Education in Abuja to obtain the NYSC evaluation form. They’ll take care of the rest.

If you have any problems, please contact via the following numbers 07033778053, 09069529414, or 08033071465.

However, gaining a direct evaluation from the Federal Ministry of Education can be difficult at times. They constantly ask you to return to your school, but most international students are unable to travel for the form. If this is the case, you can reach out to your school via e-mail or phone. They can scan your documents and transmit them to you. Money will almost certainly be involved in obtaining it directly from the ministry.

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