MTN International Call Bundle in Nigeria (2022)

Activate the different MTN International Call Bundle in Nigeria…

Talking with family, friends, business clients, etc within Nigeria could be very cheap with fewer charges until you have to make an international call. This guide offers you the cheapest MTN international call bundle in Nigeria.

Cheapest MTN international call bundle in Nigeria
Cheapest MTN International Call Bundle in Nigeria

When a call beats across Nigeria to any other country, the call charge is obviously more than the normal “within Nigeria call. This has greatly discouraged people from making international calls.

Since the existence of MTN in Nigeria from the year 2001 to date, MTN has proven to be reliable. You would agree with me that it will definitely rank the second if not the first in the list of most reliable telecommunication networks in Nigeria.

Overtime, MTN keeps introducing different tariff plans that allow MTN users all throughout the nation Nigeria enjoys way more data and airtime than what they purchased for.

The various tariff plan aims at meeting every customer’s need per time. This need also includes making international calls at a very cheap rate. By this, you will not have to feel cut from your friends or family members outside Nigeria.

If you make calls outside the geographical region of the country, then you are making an international call.
There are two ways to make an International call on the MTN network: by migrating to international bundles and by using your tariff plan. You can also get the international call bundle for specific countries.

What Does MTN International Bundle mean?

MTN international bundle is a tariff plan that is purchased for international calls. Callers making international calls using MTN in Nigeria with MTN international bundle are given special discounts on their call charges as they make international calls.

The MTN international bundle user will enjoy cheap call charges to more than 20 countries worldwide.

MTN International Bundle Types

According to MTN, You can make cheap international calls in Nigeria via MTN, through these three International bundle types:

IDB Type Benefit Price Validity
IDB 300 20 International minutes N300 3 days
IDB 500 40 International minutes N500 7 days
IDB 1,500 150 International minutes N1500 30 days

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– International Calling Bundle 1

MTN international call bundle 1 provides more than 15 international voice minutes for a cheap cost of 300 Naira. The bundle lasts for three days only. To subscribe, send IDB300 to 131 in an SMS.

– International Calling Bundle 2

MTN international call bundle 2 provides more than 30 voice minutes for international calls for an affordable rate of 500 Naira. The bundle lasts for seven days. To subscribe, send IDB500 to 131 in an SMS.

– International Calling Bundle 3

MTN international call bundle 3 provides more than 100 international voice minutes for international calls for a less expensive price of 1500 Naira. It lasts for a month approximately. To subscribe, send IDB1500 to 131 in an SMS.

The MTN international call bundle is opened to every MTN users, as long as they have enough airtime at the point of activation.

The countries that the MTN international call bundle is targeted to include European countries like Ireland, Germany, Israel, United Kingdom, Malta, Sweeden, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Romania.

The bundle also covers North American countries like the United States and Canada. Other countries are Australia, Cyprus, South Korea, and South Africa.

What do I get when I buy the International Destinations Bundle?

A. When you purchase any of the bundles, you will receive the following international voice minutes for your international calls::

    • IDB 300 gives you 20 International minutes
    • IDB 500 gives you 40 International minutes
    • IDB 1,500 gives you 150 International minutes

Q. What international destinations can I call after buying the bundle?

A. You will be able to call ten (10) different foreign destinations.:

SN Destination
1 Canada
2 China
3 Denmark
4 Norway
5 India
6 Ireland
7 Malaysia
8 Romania
9 South Korea
10 United States

Q. After my bundle expires, what happens to my leftover minutes?

A. If you extend your bundle before it lapses, all of your leftover voice minutes will be carried over to the next bundle cycle.

Q. After cancelling the auto-renewal, will I be able to purchase the International Destinations Bundle again?

A. Yes, you can purchase the International Destinations Bundle by once again texting the bundle type’s keyword to 131.

Q. How do I check the balance of my bundle?

Simply dial *559*7# to get started.

Summary of the bundle

Bundle Type IDB300 IDB500 IDB1,500
Bundle price NGN 300 NGN 500 NGN 1,500
Subscription keyword IDB300 to 131 IDB500 to 131 IDB1500 to 131
Bundle Minutes 20 40 150
Validity days 3days 7days 30 days


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