MTN Do Not Disturb Code to Stop Mtn Messages

MTN Do Not Disturb Code to Stop Mtn Messages.

Tired of receiving unnecessary messages from MTN and you want to stop the nonsense? If yes, then continue reading this article as you will see the step-by-step guide on how you can do that all by yourself.

MTN Do Not Disturb Code to Stop Mtn Messages

Most at times, the messages may get you upset, especially when you do no longer recognize a way to prevent the SMS from coming in. But with the MTN do not disturb code, you can quickly stop unwanted SMS that you don’t want to receive.


The deactivating of unwanted messages and calls or “Do not disturb” (DND) service was mandated to all telecommunication providers in Nigeria by the Nigeria communication commission (NCC) on July 1, 2016.

Why you should use the MTN Do Not Disturb Code

A lot of times, customers are forced to use the MTN Do Not Disturb Code due to a lot of factors, which are:

  • Endless call to the customer service care agent without quick resolution of the issue at hand, which are spam messages.
  • These messages are useless to customers and occupy phone space, serving as bloatware.
  • A lot of customers complain unceasingly of airtime reduction due to some of these spam messages by MTN.

How to Stop Receiving Unwanted SMS From MTN

The means of stopping unsolicited, spam, or unwanted messages from MTN is widely known as MTN Do Not Disturb service.

To activate the “do not disturb” service only text STOP to 2442 on your MTN line to opt-out from all third parties, promotional, and IVR messages.

Once this message is sent to the shortcode, the customer will no longer receive calls or notices of any sort.

Promotional Messages and Code to Stop Mtn Messages

Below is some information for customers who want to opt-out of receiving some messages and still receive others.

  • Text OUT to 2442 to receive all SMS and IVR messages
  • To continue receiving SMS relating to banking, insurance, and financial products SMS 1 to 2442
  • If you want to continue receiving messages relating to real estate SMS 2 to 2442
  • To continue receiving SMS relating to education, send 3 to 2442
  • SMS 4 to 2442 for receiving SMS relating to health
  • If you want to continue receiving SMS relating to customer goods and automobiles, SMS 5 to 2442
  • To receive messages about communication, broadcasting, and entertainment, SMS 6 to 2442
  • To receive messages relating to tourism and leisure, send 7 to 2442
  • To receive SMS about sports, send 8 to 2442
  • SMS 9 to 2442, to continue receiving text messages relating to religion
  • To stop receiving all messages or enable full blocking mode by sending STOP to 2442
  • Send HELP to 2442 to see the list of applicable keywords, commands, and guides.

What happens after MTN Do Not Disturb Code activation

Two things happen after you successfully activate the MTN do not disturb code:

Fully block mode

In this deactivation mode, you are permitted to altogether opt-out of promotional messages and spam short message service or voice response.

Partially blocked mode

This deactivation package permits you to select the type of promotional messages category you will still like to receive. It does not block you from receiving all promotional messages, in direct contrast to the full block mode.

It is entirely free to activate or deactivate the MTN do not disturb code on your mobile devices. What you need is the major code to enable the activation or deactivation.


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