Meaning of Rainbow Kiss

Rainbow Kiss – One of the most romantic-sounding kisses is really a lot more confusing and “disgusting” for many people than you might assume. The kiss includes the 69 sexual position, period blood, sperm, and plenty of kissing. Now, if you’re thinking about how these components are connected, let us explain how the Rainbow kiss is performed and whether it’s healthy or not. Many people have found this repulsive, but others enjoy it! Learn more about this 69-position kiss, which includes combining period blood with sperm in the mouth.

Meaning of Rainbow Kiss

What exactly is a Rainbow Kiss?

When a man kisses a woman when she is on her menstrual period in the 69 positions and the woman blows on the guy, it is known as a rainbow kiss. Now, as the male’s mouth floods with menstrual blood and the man ejaculates within the woman’s mouth, they kiss, forming a mixture inside of the mouth that they call the “Rainbow”. A rainbow kiss, as per, is defined as: “When a male gives his head to a girl during her period and puts all of her blood in his mouth. A girl also gives a guy the head, resulting in sperm in her mouth. They smooch each other now when the male or girl has blood/cum in their mouth.” This is frequently used interchangeably with “Snowballing” a sex act in which a guy ejaculates the semen from the lady’s mouth and then kisses her to swallow the sperm back into his mouth. They keep exchanging semen.

Is it safe to Rainbow Kiss?

Because both sperm and menstrual blood can include potentially harmful germs that can transmit HIV, herpes, cirrhosis, and other diseases, a rainbow kiss would not be the healthiest thing to be doing with your lover, particularly if you do not even know them enough, specifically their sexual wellbeing.

If you wish to conduct a rainbow kiss, make sure you and your lover are both in perfect health. STDs and STIs are particularly easy to spread this way. Consent is also necessary because not everyone can manage the entire semen, menstrual blood combination in the mouth.

How do I persuade my partner to give this a try?

When it comes to trying out a new kink or curiosity, picturing it in your bedroom is one thing; asking your lover to join you is quite another. Almost everyone will agree that the most difficult element of trying something new in the bedroom is asking.

Is it possible to take something from our imaginations and make it real? It’s sometimes easier to keep our wishes hidden in the realm of fiction.

Just as you don’t know what sexy thoughts are racing through the mind of your lover, you shouldn’t write them off before you inquire about an exciting new kink. You never know if your partner read the same story and was as surprised as you were. Without inquiring, there’s no way for you to find out.

In spite of how much we might want something like a rainbow kiss, sending a sequence of waggled eyebrows to your lover won’t get you very far. The only thing that will get you started on the path to better sex life is a simple conversation.

If you and your partner regularly discuss sex and fantasies, bridging the gap is as simple as cuddling up in bed and suggesting attempting something new. However, if you’re not into discussing sex with your significant other, these intimate chats may be more difficult to come by. Nonetheless, it’s certainly within your grasp.

Set the mood first to have a pleasant sex discussion about your fantasies. Get comfortable and unwind. Make absolutely sure you’re all completely absorbed in one other and focused solely on one another — no cooking or watching a TV show in the background is permitted. And, most essentially, make sure you and your spouse are both sober and not having sex right now. Asking them about their own fantasies is a nice approach to start the conversation. Even if they’re shy, getting the conversation started by keeping the door open will benefit you both. Allow the dialogue to flow after you’ve listened to their fantasies. As you settle in, bring up the new act you heard about.

A good strategy is to tell them they have time to mull over whether or not they’re open to the idea of sex before making a decision. Giving your partner space allows them to move past their knee-jerk reaction. Build up to the event in small doses to let them become more amenable to the idea. There are a lot of moving parts here (oral during a period, kissing with a bleeding mouth, eating sperm, licking after a blowjob and then before swallowing), so start with one of these four aspects. Adding one aspect at a time over numerous steamy sessions may help you both get used to the concept before going all in.

It’s never okay to do something like this to a partner in the middle of a lovemaking. A unexpected rainbow kiss (even if you only offer them one part of the equation) breaches their limits because you’re sharing fluid.

So make your voice heard! Tell your companion about your fantasy while maintaining an open mind during the conversation. Remember that no matter how unusual your method of getting hot is or how many vanilla Twitter users turn their middle finger up at it, there’s no guilt in it. You’re doing everything right as long as you and your lover converse about sex from beginning to conclusion.

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