Meaning Of Alaye

Alaye – What’s the meaning? how, when, and where is the word Alaye originated from? Is Alaye one of the most trending slangs in Nigeria? let’s find out everything you need to know about this below.

Yes, language is one thing people would give their time to learn especially if their kind of job brings them hem daily to people with different tribes, cultures and as well, languages.

Getting adapted to an entirely new environment with a way of life that you have never experienced is really not a child’s play.

Most times, it gets frustrating being in the midst of people speaking in a language you do not understand, the village of being the subject of the discussion will so overwhelm you that you might want to beg that they switch to an official language.

Why worry over a language that is giving you a hard time when you could find its translation on the net?.

Meaning of Alaye

Places inhabited by the Yorubas especially Lagos gets the main heat of the Yoruba language.

Alaye has its origin from the Yoruba ethnic group.

It is used on occasions which are:

  1. When asking for an explanation: Alaye means “explanation” in Yoruba. For instance the sentence; e se alaye fun mi  (with the “e” pronounced as the e in elephant). e shalaye funmi means “explain to me”.
  2. when calling a guy your brother: When conversing with someone, an event could demand that you exclaim; my brother!. in Yoruba, alaye is also used as a slang to say “brother”, it could be interchanged with egbon which also means brother.
  3. Used in place of  calling someone a tout or agbero: The touts in parks that loads vehicles could take it upon themselves to deal with anyone that calls them tout or agbero, so a better way to call without offense is “alaye”

Other meanings of alaye include:


An “Alaye” is a career thug. The concept is that if you’re a thug, you’re likely to be quite aggressive. Breaking and entering people’s homes, as well as attacking others.

As a thug, you’ll frequently be placed in situations where you can terminate someone’s life. As a result, thugs are frequently referred to as “owners of life.” Because when you possess something, you have the right to destroy it whenever you choose.

This can be stated by one thug to some other thug. It’s meant as a complement when used in this context. When an elderly Nigerian lady refers to you as a thug, though, you’ve done something terribly wrong.

Powerful Person

Alaye can also imply “powerful person.”

The word “Alaye” can also refer to a very powerful man.

It’s often meant as a complement when “Alaye” is used in this way.

The concept behind this term is that you are so powerful that you can transform and better someone’s life. Alternatively, you may be so prosperous that you are able to relax and enjoy everyday without needing to worry about anything.

This word is frequently used in a sarcastic or bantering style among friends.

Why is Alaye an English slang?

You might be asking why a word from a Nigerian language is uttered by English speakers at this moment. There are two primary causes for this. Immigration and the internet.

We can contact with anyone from all across the world due to the internet. Many Nigerians are increasingly obtaining internet access as the country is becoming more wealthy. We have much to learn about these people’s cultures and ethnicities now that we can communicate with them.

Second, many Nigerians leave the country and relocate in English-speaking countries. They will frequently share their background with their friends as they integrate into their English communities.



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