Jamb Mathematics Question 2021 | Frequently Asked Questions

Jamb Mathematics Question 2021 | Frequently Asked Questions.

Jamb Mathematics Question: See the 2021/2022 JAMB UTME examination mathematics questions and answers here.

Jamb Mathematics Questions

In a couple of days from now, you’ll be participating in the 2021 JAMB UTME examination. How prepared are you for this? Have you been able to meet up with the JAMB mathematic syllabus for the year? I know that your answer will be No.

It’s already an established fact that you will be glad to enter the examination hall with confidence, knowing very well that what you will meet on the system is already in your possession and that is the Question that is being set. Is it not true? Of course, it is.

Nonetheless, we are not just coming to you with the mathematics questions; you can as well see the 2021/2022 JAMB Brochure Here. Also if you wish to see the JAMB Mathematics Syllabus for the 2021 UTME Examination, you can CLICK HERE.

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Below is a compiled list of the 2021/2022 JAMB UTME examination likely asked mathematics questions that you will certainly see.

Topics to Expect the 2021 JAMB Mathematics Question From

From our research on the previous year’s question, we have come to understand the JAMB questions area of concentration for all years. Check them here.

Candidates are to expect questions from the following areas:

  1. Business Mathematics
  2. AP and GP
  3. Variation
  4. Quadratic and Simultaneous equations
  5. Simple differentiation and Integration Plus their applications.
  6. Indices
  7. Logarithm

How Many Questions is JAMB to Set?

Some candidates have been messaging us to know how many questions they are to expect in the upcoming exam and that’s why I have just decided to settle their case here.

Yes, you are not asking a bad question. You will be required to answer a maximum of 50 questions. Please try to work on your speed when practicing past questions.

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Jamb Most Asked Mathematics Questions that Will Appear in 2021 UTME Exam

  1. A carpenter charges #40.00 per day for himself and #10.00 per day for his assistant. If a fleet of cars were painted for #2,000.00 and the painter worked 10 days more than his assistant, how much did the assistant receive?
    A. #32.00
    B. #320.00
    C: #500.00
  1. Find the sum of the first 18 terms of the progression 3, 6, 12………..
    A. 3(217 – 1)
    B. 3(218) – 1)
    C. 3(218 + 1)
    D. 3(218 – 1)
  2. The angle of a sector of a circle, radius 10.5cm, is 480. calculate the perimeter of the sector
    A. 8.8cm
    B. 25.4cm
    C. 25.6cm
    D. 29.8cm
  3. Find the length of a side of a rhombus whose diagonals are 6cm and 8cm.
    A. 8cm
    B. 5cm
    C. 4cm
    D. 3cm
  4. Each of the interior angles of a regular polygon is 1400. How many sides has the polygon?
    A. 9 B. 8 C. 7 D. 516. A cylindrical pipe, made of metal is 3cm, thick if the internal radius of the pipe is 10cm. Find the volume of metal used in making 3m of the pipe
    A. 153πcm3
    B. 207πcm3
    C. 15,300πcm3
    D. 20,700πcm3
  5. If the height of two circular cylinders are in the ratio 2:3 and their base radii are in the ratio 9. What is the ratio of their volume?
    A. 27:32
    B. 27:23
    C. 23:32
    D. 21:27
  6. The locus of a point which moves so that it is equidistant from two intersecting straight lines is the
    A. perpendicular bisector of the two lines
    B. angle bisector of the two lines
    C. bisector of the two lines
    D. line parallel to the two lines
  7. 4, 16, 30, 20, 10, 14 and 26 are represented on a pie chart. Find the sum of the angles of the sectors representing all numbers equal to or greater than 16.
    A. 480
    B. 840
    C. 920
    D. 2760
  8. The mean of ten positive numbers is 16. when another number is added, the mean becomes 18. find the eleventh number.
    A. 3
    B. 16
    C. 18
    D. 30
  9. Factorize m3 – m2 – m + 2
    A. (m2 + 1)(m – 2)
    B. (m + 1)(m + 1)(m + 2)
    C. (m + 1)(m + 1)(m – 2)
    D. (m2 + 2)(m – 1)
  10. Correct 241.34 (3 x 10-3)2 to 4 significant figures
    A. 0.0014
    B. 0.001448
    C. 0.0022
    D. 0.002172
  11.  At what rate would a sum of #100.00 deposited for 5 years raise interest of #7.50?
    A. 11/2%
    B. 21/2%
    C. 15%
    D. 25%
  12. Three children shared a basket of mangoes in such a way that the first child took ¼ of the mangoes and the second ¾ of the remainder. What fraction of the mangoes did the third child take?
    A. 3/16
    B. 7/16
    C. 9/16
    D. 13/16
  13. Simplify and express in standard form (0.00275 x 0.00640/( 0.025 x 0.08)
    A. 8.8 x 10-1
    B. 8.8 x 102
    C. 8.8 x 10-3
    D. 8.8 x 103
  14. Three brothers in a business deal share the profit at the end of contract. The first received 1/3 of the profit and the second 2/3 of the remainder. If the third received the remaining #12.000.00, how much profit did they share?
    A. #60,000.00
    B. #54,000.00
    C. #48,000.00
    D. #42,000.00
  15. If the binary operation * is defined by m*n = mn + m + n for any real number m and n, find the identity element under this operation.
    A. e = 1
    B. e = -1
    C. e = -2
    D. e = 0
  16. When PT is the transpose of P, calculate [PT] when x = 0, y = 1 and z = 2
    A. 48
    B. 24
    C. –24
    D. –48
  17. PQ is equivalent to
    A. PPT
    B. PP-T
    C. QP
    D. PP
  18. Three brothers in a business deal share the profit at the end of the contract. The first received 1/3 of the profit and the second 2/3 of the remainder. If the third received the remaining #12.000.00, how much profit did they share?
    A. #60,000.00
    B. #54,000.00
    C. #48,000.00
    D. #42,000.00
  19. Simplify 3Log69 + Log612 + Log664 – Log672
    A. 5 B. 7776 C. Log631 D. (7776)69. Simplify (1 + 1)-1
    x-1     y-1¬¬

Yes, that’s the gap we are able to bridge for now. Keep visiting this page daily as this page will be updated every day.

Good luck!!!

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