Jamb Fine Arts Question and Answer 2021 | Most Repeated Questions

2021 Jamb Fine Arts Question and Answer | Most Repeated Questions. 

Jamb Fine Arts Question 2021: Here in this post, you will see the 2021/2022 JAMB UTME examination Fine Arts questions and answers right here. 

I know that you will be glad to enter the examination hall with confidence, knowing very well that what you will meet on the system is already in your possession and that is the Question that is being set. Is it not true? Of course, it is.  

Jamb Fine Arts Question

Nevertheless, we are not just coming to you with the Fine Arts questions; you can as well see the 2021/2022 JAMB Brochure Here. Also if you wish you to see the JAMB Fine Arts Syllabus for the 2021 UTME Examination, you can CLICK HERE.  

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Below is a compiled list of the 2021/2022 JAMB UTME examination likely asked Fine Arts questions that you will certainly come across. 

How Many Questions Are You to Expect in the 2021 JAMB Fine Arts Exam? 

Some candidates have been messaging us to know how many questions they are to expect in the upcoming exam and that’s why I have just decided to settle their case here once and for all. 

Yes, you are not asking a bad question. You will be required to answer a maximum of 50 questions. Please try to work on your speed when practicing past questions. 

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JAMB Fine Arts Most Appearing Questions for 2021 

NOTE: Awajis.com is not giving out examination expo; we are here to get you prepared. 

Q1. The first tertiary institution in Nigeria to have an art curriculum was

  • A. Yaba College of Technology, Lagos
  • B. Institute of Management Technology, Enugu
  • C. University of Nigerua, Nsukka
  • D. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Q2. The glory of the Gothic Cathedrals is their

  • A. use of colour marbels
  • B. simple architectural rendering
  • C. use of magnificent stained glass
  • D. complex architectural rendering

Q3. In lettering one of the principles is that round characters are placed

  • A. apart
  • B. closely
  • C. at an angle
  • D. overhead

Q4. In computer graphics the name given to a device used in navigating the window environment is

  • A. pencil
  • B. ruling pen
  • C. keyboard
  • D. mouse

Q5. An armature is essential to the artists in executing large works in

  • A. ceramics
  • B. craft
  • C. sculpture
  • D. carving

Q6. Which of the following are characteristics of Egyptian arts?

  • A. Rigidity and frontality
  • B. use of bright and raw colors
  • C. short feet and small thighs
  • D. roundness of shoulder

Q7. Wood carving in Yorubaland was primarily meant for

  • A. royalty
  • B. economic purpose
  • C. ceremony
  • D. religious purpose

Q8. The Mbari artists were mainly based in

  • A. Esie
  • B. Oshogbo
  • C. Lagos
  • D. Ibadan

Q9. The Egyptian sculptural piece that is hald animal is the

  • A. Nefetiti
  • B. Masteba
  • C. Sphinx
  • D. Mummy

Q10. The starch used for designing in adire-eleko is boiled with

  • A. indigo dye and white alum
  • B. yellow dye and white alum
  • C. red dye and white alum
  • D. green dye and white alum

You don’t expect us to list all the questions and answers at once, do you? I know that you might say Yes, but I say NO.


Good Luck!!!

However, I beseech you to keep visiting this page every day or better still bookmark it on your browser if you want to get the full JAMB 2021 questions and answers for Fine Arts as we will be adding more questions and answers daily to this page.

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