Jamb 2020 English Language Question and Answer


Jamb English Language Question 2020 Here in this post, you will see the 2020/2021 JAMB UTME examination English language questions and answers right here.  

I know that you will be glad to enter the examination hall with confidence, knowing very well that what you will meet on the system is already in your possession and that is the Question that is being set. Is it not true? Of course, it is.   

Jamb English Language Question

Nevertheless, we are not just coming to you with the English language questions; you can as well see the 2020/2021 JAMB Brochure Here. Also if you wish you to see the JAMB English language Syllabus for the 2020 UTME Examination, you can CLICK HERE.   

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Below is a compiled list of the 2020/2021 JAMB UTME examination likely asked English language questions that you will certainly come across.  

How Many Questions Are You to Expect in the 2020 JAMB English Language Exam?  

Some candidates have been messaging us to know how many questions they are to expect in the upcoming exam and that’s why I have just decided to settle their case here once and for all.  

Yes, you are not asking a bad question. You will be required to answer a maximum of 50 questions. Please try to work on your speed when practicing past questions.  

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JAMB English Language Most Appearing Questions for 2020  

NOTE: Awajis.com is not giving out examination expo; we are here to get you prepared. 

Q1. From the ways my friend talks, you can see he is such a bore
  • A. rude
  • B. brilliant
  • C. uninteresting
  • D. overbearing
  • E. humorous
Q2. He had just entered the office …. the telephone rang
  • A. as
  • B. before
  • C. since
  • D. when
  • E. until

Q3. There is some obvious symmetry  in the whole presentation

  • A. confusion
  • B. hesitation
  • C. excitement
  • D. orderliness
  • E. dissatisfaction

Q4. Walking down the street ….

  • A. the boy was knocked down by a car
  • B. a car knocked the boy down
  • C. the boy was knocked down by car
  • D. a car collided with the boy
  • E. a serious accident happened
Q5. His suggestion are completely …. the point and cannot be accepted
  • A. to
  • B. about
  • C. beside
  • D. on
  • E. under

Q6. The chairman of the company was very sympathetic …. his staff

  • A. to
  • B. at
  • C. for
  • D. from
  • E. on

Q7. He spoke with his heart in his mouth

  • A. courageously
  • B. with such unusual cowardice
  • C. with a lot of confusion in his speech
  • D. without being able to make up his mind
  • E. with fright and agitation
Q8. Isn’t it high time you …. your office?
  • A. are leaving
  • B. do leave
  • C. leave
  • D. left
  • E. did leave
Q9. The project which seemed very near realization …. because of lack of funds
  • A. fell over
  • B. fell through
  • C. fell off
  • D. fell in
  • E. fell down
Q10. He went abroad with a view …. a business partner
  • A. to find
  • B. to be finding
  • C. to have found
  • D. to finding
  • E. he will find

You don’t expect us to list all the questions and answers at once, do you? I know that you might say Yes, but I say NO.


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