The new JAMB CAP system have had it own share of buzz of questions and issues. This article will clarify the issues about admission and bickering in aspect of JAMB CAP system and we will try as much as possible to give a comprehensive and qualitative answer to the questions.

This article has no affiliation with bb, but it doesn’t by anyway diminish the authenticity of the answers. So let’s talk about checking your JAMB CAP status and your admission.

Question: Sir pls wen i logged in to my jamb profile i saw not admitted whereas the school i chose has not yet released admission list.

Answer: If the school you picked has not released admission list and has not sent the names of those admitted to Jamb, your admission status would show not admitted in Jamb caps. The admission process is still on. Keep checking.

Question 2: Why is the institution and course blank.

Answer: You may want to check this with another browser. If the issue persists, then it could either be from Jamb or that you course wasn’t properly registered. Just keep checking back.

Question 3: Please sir My AAU, UNIBEN, UI, UNILORIN, ABU ZARIA, OAU, UNILAG is Showing Admitted, and my Jamb CAp is showing not Admitted, and I mistakenly Accepted it please what should I do?

Answer: It could be that Jamb has not sent the list to Jamb. Also, the list would have already been sent and Jamb is yet to fully upload it.


Question 4: Pls the website is telling me invalid login credentials..y please?

Answer: You don’t have to login. Click here for what to do

Question 5: When i check my admission status with caps i meets NOT ADMITTED due to my browser fault i mistakenly click on Accept. Hope without affect my admission and any help or enlightenment please.

I mistakenly click on accept in d jamb caps while my admission status says not admitted.

Answer: It won’t affect you.

Question 6: Sir I was offered admission via CAPs bt my admission status display not yet admitted…. nd my school had release there admission list nd I was admitted I’m just confused.

Question 7:

1..Pls abt de deadline…my own deadline of 72hrs is today…is they chance for me to accept tomorrow?
2..after the deadline they will cancel my admission?

Answer: You can accept tomorrow. Yes, you admission would be terminated after 24 hours.

Question 8: i saw approved and my details are intact, am offered d institution and course om my choice and av accepted it….how about dat? mine didn’t show any details Wat should I do pls my admission status bbbis showing proposed,what does it means ?

Answer: Congratulations! You have been offered admission.

Question 9: In the caps portal i saw my credentials and my school of choice including my selected course, admission status showed approved and my schools list is not yet out what does it mean. Please I’m seeing recommended in my caps admission status. Should i accept?

Answer: You are eligible for admission

Question 10: I open the link I types my ref number everything came out perfect I tried loading to accept.. it only loads and stop and doesn’t show any other page.. does that mean that have accepted the admission??…

Answer: Try using another browser and get back to me if the issue continues.


  1. On my jamb caps is physics and I put in for elect/elect and it was still not admitted. Then later it brings out admission in progress. What is wrong please?

  2. Pls I checked caps my details are intact but they changed my course and from animal production to plant breeding and seed technology and yet my admission status was – not admitted? Please am confused! Help me

  3. I checked my admission status on caps in the morning it was recommended I checked again in d afternoon it was accepted and I went to check so I could accept it was showing me not admitted why

  4. Please sir, my caps portal is showing "congratulations, you have been offered admission"
    But my chosen institution has not released their list, what should I do please I need reply before the deadline the acceptance ends.

  5. please my course and my school is not showing in the profile but i dont if because i mistakenly click on accept when i have notbeenadmitted

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