Important Advice As JAMB UTME Begins Today


JAMB 2018 starts today on Friday, 9th of March as scheduled and we wish you the best of examination success, and for the purpose of preventing or curtailing disappointments on the day that was allotted for you to write your examination, we want to give you a few important information.

1.  Make sure you arrive at your center an hour before the commencement of the exam.  

Arriving an hour before the exam will be of great help simply because you will have to do your thumb print which will take a whole lot of time due to the number of candidates.

2. Take the original copy of your printed slip to your examination hall and give it to the invigilators in charge.

Make sure you give the original copy of your JAMB slip to the invigilators in charge else it “might” be recorded that you were absent for the exam.

3.  As stated by JAMB,  do not take any pen/biro to the exam hall, only pencil will be allowed.

Make sure you do not bring any pen or biro to the hall but you are free to bring only your pencil to calculate anything in the hall.

4. Do not bring any electronic devices like Mobile phone, wristwatch etc. 

5. Make sure you verify your biometric by thumb printing.

If you do not verify your biometric before entering the hall,  then you will be considered absent for the exam.

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